Angelica Mathers

Attorney – Junior Partner

To: The hiring manager

I have been a legally practicing lawyer for the better part of ten years. My time as an attorney has made me able to acknowledge that compassion, skill, and temperament are important skills whilst judging a lawyer. My decade long experience has also made me better understand that there is indeed no substitute for experience; especially when it comes to the law. My resume as a competent lawyer, my degree in Law from Rutgers, and my work experience as an associate attorney has allowed me to apply for the vacant job of “Junior Partner” at your firm.

My specialization and area of interest has often been corporate law, and this is where I believe I shine the brightest. I have many big-name corporate firms under my belt as clients, which I would be gladly bringing over to your firm as soon as I am employed. Corporate clients are often demanding and require a sharp eye for detail. I believe my ability to research extensively, my understanding of the discipline, and my cunningness towards corporate endeavors makes me a great fit to promote the already existing corporate clients at your firm.

My ability to lead aspiring attorneys is highlighted by the fact that I have taken the first chair on many high profile cases, all whilst working collectively with a team of highly skilled lawyers. I believe that as a partner at a highly reputed firm, leadership is one of the most vital qualities a candidate must possess to be able to succeed. I have been in leading roles ever since college, and my professional resume also highlights that I can motivate teams to the best of their potential. I am confident that all young attorneys at your respectable firm will be able to learn from me, just as I am confident that fresh lawyers will be able to help me think outside of the box.

Your repute as a leading law firm in New York City is one that stands out, and for all the right reasons. You have an image of caring for your clients and ensuring an impressively high satisfaction rate with them. It is your excellent market position that makes me excited to be applying for the position of “Junior Partner” at your firm.

I thank you for your interest and hope that we will be in touch soon.


 Angelica Mathers.