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    Berlin Packaging Wins Big at NACD Awards

    Chicago – 2nd june, 2020

    The 2020 edition of the National Association of Container Distributers (NACD) packaging awards that was held virtually for the first time ever saw Berlin Packaging sweep 13 medals. Berlin Packaging is a market leading supplier of glass, metal, plastic, and metal containers.

    Berlin Packaging was honored with medals for winning two awards in the best use of custom packaging category, and one award each for the drug and pharmaceutical, food, general industrial, beverage spirits, beverage non-spirits, pet and vet, novelty, automotive, and household chemicals categories. A total of three gold, five silver, and five bronze medals spread across 9 categories.

    Berlin Packaging’s Vice President of Innovation and Design was indebted to all loyal customers who enabled the company to reach soaring heights, saying “A special thanks to our customers for trusting us to deliver amazing brand experiences and to sway the most important judges of all – consumers.”

    The three distinct gold medals that Berlin Packaging bagged were Blackland Spirits (Beverage spirits category) a 750ml glass bottle designed for Texas Distillery that was both aesthetic and functional, Michael David Winery (Beverage non-spirits category) another glass based bottle to encapsulate fine wine, and Well & Good Pet Balm Stick (Pet and Vet category) which was a well functional designed container to embody Well & Good’s product for pets.

    With most of the awards credited to Berlin Packaging’s in-house design agency Studio One Eleven, a company that offers free branding in exchange for packaging services and loyalty, Berlin Packaging’s future seems to be promising and inspiring. The company felt highly thankful to all customers who have been loyal throughout the journey and aspire to keep up the good work and stay a market leader.