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    Chris Mosby

    Mobile Application Developer

    To: The Hiring Manager

    My degree in Computer Science from the University of Chicago has enabled me to seek an interest in the vacant “Mobile Application Developer” role your respected company currently holds. As a fresh graduate, I may not possess a handsome amount of experience in a professional working environment, but I am confident that my experiences within the classroom added to the experiences I have gained from several internships, making me a highly feasible candidate for the role.

    During my freshman year at UChicago, I made the coherent decision to pursue mobile application as a professional career as it was the field that intrigued my interests the most. Hence, I applied for a summer course online via Coursera to delve deep into the art of application designing. The course was primarily based on android applications and hence forced me to work on versatile android environments such as Android Studio. My study deeply revolved around transforming a small pocket-sized device into an efficient, powerful device that has a huge potential. I was able to pick the basics considerably early which made me even keener on learning advanced techniques.

    By the time I started my final year, I was required to submit a final year project. We were given the freedom to choose any domain within computer science to come up with a project that defined our 4 years’ curriculum at UChicago. My project was to develop a mobile-based application, that could hail car mechanics in case of a potential car breakdown. The application is integrated with Google Maps so that it can give the nearest available mechanic the users exact location fluently and efficiently. It also alerts the mechanic with an outline of the problem the car is facing so that the expert can come prepared to fix the car. The fruitfulness of this endeavor further motivated me to design mobile applications as I feel that this is the skill I possess that I can share with the world.

    For me, I consider your firm an industry leader in terms of providing software, especially in terms of mobile application software. I feel highly confident that my skills would cluster a high contribution to your application development team, and that I would be a perfect fit when it comes to this role.

    I appreciate your consideration and look forward to hearing from you soon.


     Chris Mosby