David Maguire

Economics Instructor

To: Whom it may concern

By possessing a doctorate in Economics from the University of Southern New Hampshire and being in the field of teaching for almost 7 years now, I feel confident whilst applying for the role of “Economics Instructor” at your well established University.

I started my career as an educationist whilst I was still enrolled in my undergraduate studies. I knew that I had absorbed intellect from some of the best in the business and that it was my responsibility to further share that wisdom amongst seekers of education. Economics is often a misunderstood subject; I take pride in being able to simplify it for others to learn. The ability to polish and educate future economists excites me and motivates me to learn more myself.

By the time I had completed my post-graduate studies, I had established my career as an instructor who was teaching economics to students of all ages. Convincing a student to opt for economics as a professional career by educating them on the subject makes me feel accomplished. My educational experiences allow me to be able to deal with students of all domains, and make them feel comfortable in a healthy learning environment that they can actively participate in.

On completion of my doctorate, I am determined to start teaching to a crowd of undergraduate students, as they are in my opinion the best class to educate. Undergraduate students are fresh open minds with huge potentials, and I feel it to be my duty to ensure that they are on the right path as far as their educational career is concerned.

My exceptional command on economics as a subject and my interpersonal skills amongst students and peers excites me to start a new chapter in my career. Your university is regarded as one of the best alma matters a student can currently graduate from, and it motivates me to do my best to play a role in getting the university to an even higher ranking.

I hope we can be in touch soon to further discuss the role.

David Maguire.