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    1. A Little About Fusion

    We are Immigration, Multinational business model, Entrepreneurship career advancement consultancy that encourages undergraduates, postgraduates, apprentices, executives, and professionals to achieve their objectives and huge prospect. FUSION is a modern breed of Consultancy. Fusion has its corporate headquarters in Leicester, UK. Our district office in Karachi-Pakistan has an official residence. Furthermore, our corporate office encompasses the UK, Europe, and South Africa region, and regional office takes up Pakistan, the Gulf continent, United Arab Emirates, and overall geographic regions covering all the interconnected regions and dimensions of Saudi Arabia.

    We specialize in business and career counseling and share expertise through our well-trained accredited training and development capabilities. Our methodological approach is budget-friendly that covers all the aspects of your predicaments and challenges regarding immigration, international career development, Student Visa, etc.

    FUSION family is comprised of accredited and OISC qualified legal practitioners, a trained counselor, English language instructors, and educational mentors inspiring students to knock the doors of potential opportunities in a multicultural paradigm.

    2. Career Counseling

    We believe that choosing an appropriate career is indeed one of the crucial decisions in the life of a student. It can lead to remorse for life, frustration, and anxiety if it is not properly represented. At FUSION our goal is to provide a comprehensive and extensive approach to career counseling at every stage of an individual’s life. Our core competency is to assist those who are embarking on an oversea career journey. Moreover, our professionals pragmatically deal and prepare students for career development and coaching, convenient electronic application and process, interview preparation for UK student visa.

    3. Our promise

    Being highly competent and experienced in solving challenges and obstacles during the integration of immigrants we promise to serve you with quality and legitimate immigration services and create doors of golden opportunities in this competitive, fast-moving, and multicultural world.  We are here to accommodate your dreams that your kids will obtain the outstanding teaching/training or migration in the world with a budget-friendly immigration plan.

    4. Why choose Fusion

    We have broad expertise in the field of immigration and consulting. Choosing the relevant course and university is a hassle for many students. We at FUSION will work closely with constructive feedback throughout your university selection criteria, the application process, visa approval, accommodation, and residence.

    We will advise you throughout each element of your journey. We will concentrate on your satisfaction, needs of newcomers, and build a massive-term working relationship for you.

    Immigration Consultancy

    We focus on providing study and immigration consultancy services in the UK.  We are reliable, up-to-date, and trustworthy visa and immigration consultants who counsel our clients who are interested in studying internationally, visiting or actively migrating internationally, and therefore need to acquire a valid visa for this purpose.

    We thoroughly examine your application and instruct you in selecting the most appropriate form of visas based on your background and planning your visa application to get excellent outcomes. As educational consultants, we expand our experience upon you to ensure you at comfortable in the phase and aim to liberate you from the complex procedures. If you need educational consultants from foreign countries then approach us for services of the highest standard.

    We work as a full-time counseling service to accomplish our goals. Our primary objective is to ensure that our applicants acquire comprehensive professional support and recommendations on the different measures and processes, and eventually processing their visa applications.

    Education Consultancy

    Fusion strives to deliver facilities to students by making academic avenues open to them internationally. We also focus on establishing connections with the world’s top colleges, universities, and organizations. It’s quite critical to clarify what necessities, requirements and objectives students expect.

    We strive to generate overall satisfaction for the university that we serve, and for the candidates that we sent around the world. We adhere to this ideology completely. Our mission statement is to provide students with incredibly simple access to adequate international education and to make their working and living viewpoints relatively easy in their desired country.

    By using our strong network with international colleges and institutions, we are also credited with blurring the lines between highly developed education and students. Fusion also imparts exceptional education and consultation through customized programs and innovative methods to overcome obstacles to the latest knowledge for pupils and other customers.

    With both the help of the resourceful team and strong resources, we produce the best study package practicable in line with your preferences, both financially and in terms of curriculum and course.

    Appeal Visa Refusal

    Once you have spent time, energy, and resources in applying for a visa, obtaining a letter of rejection will sound like the end of the road. Our highly competitive team will guide you if you are facing failure to demonstrate the availability of adequate means of living, as well as for the expected period of the visit also for the return home of provenance or residence or for transit to a foreign state where admission is ensured;

    Application Filling

    You’ve done your homework; got the best course and venue, now it’s necessary to gather out your international study form!  That might seem a daunting task at first, but it is not too difficult to accomplish your application overseas for study. The study abroad application process is difficult and requires candidates to begin planning well in order to proceed with their expected start date. It is very essential to initiate the admission procedure early, as application deadlines are in so many cases well ahead of the beginning of the semester. Our personnel will assist you to provide time to schedule any standardized test scores required for entry, and then submit the performance of the models to universities. There is no standardized network of software around the world. Moreover, they will also make sure to connect you early on in your preparation and application process with your desired university. Each college or university sets its specific policies.

    Student Visa Support

    Fusion support consultants are willing to interview with you and offer tips and guidance regarding student visas for advice and information, as well as many other immigration problems that impact students. Consultants offer professional recommendations and can enable you to start looking for a new UK student visa. Not only this, but there are also certain other factors we will be working on. These are:

    • Guidelines during your chosen research program
    • Advisory programs tailored for foreign students
    • References to important contacts within the institution and outside it
    • Suggestion and assistance in aspects of registration and proof of registration
    • Individual queries
    • Troubles with studying
    • Budgetary complications

    University Selection

    The university application process’s main challenge is to identify what colleges to apply to. You can randomly pick your college choices, or you could just spend several hours making a decision on the top choices. You have to ensure that you are satisfied with all of them anyway. All students applying for a particular course or program, and meeting the generic and unique entry criteria, compete for the available spots.

    At Fusion we fully assist students in picking the right university in regards to location, ranking, and courses that are offered. We provide all the relevant data that students would need including existing resources, accommodations, and hostel and transport infrastructure to encourage them to identify the best college/degree based on their investment, capacity, and extra cash.

    We help students to choose the right college, as it can modify their entire life! To this end, we often recommend to our students the best universities’ choice to study overseas. Considering that our expert advisors have the latest knowledge on all levels, we support them with all of the questions they have in their minds.

    UK Pre-Departure Guide

    It’s important to have effective planning so that your arrival goes as expected. You should be spending some time making preparations for your studies once you’ve been accepted to a UK university and accepted an offer. Fusion will provide you a comprehensive pre-departure guide for the UK. The guide will be focusing on:

    • Financial aid and scholarships
    • Visa recommendation
    • Accommodation and hostels after your arrival
    • Institution’s website and academic calendar
    • Britain culture
    • Transportation costs and emergency expenses
    • Baggage Allowance

    IELTS Preparation

    The IELTS exam is the international English language test which is most widely used. At Fusion we work for our students at IELTS on strategy-based learning and pragmatic understanding. Our agenda is to develop an understanding of speech acts, conversational implications, abilities that are receptive and productive.

    At Fusion, our IELTS program is designed to prepare you to coherently take the IELTS Academic tests. You will also have instant access to more than 80 hours of immersive training core and support each of the four competencies: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Our carefully designed IELTS course will make you achieve the desired results. Because of the course‚Äôs versatile nature, students can tailor their degree of effort to match their requirements. As the program is self-paced, you can either execute all the course units sequentially or choose only the aspects you want to concentrate on to practice for the IELTS Academic exams. Then, if you’re able, you can test oneself for each ability using an IELTS-style practice exam. You’ll feel truly ready to pass the IELTS Academic exams after completion of the course.