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    Major League Baseball is Back

    Washington DC – Wednesday 23rd July 2020

    Baseball season returns as the world is recovers and gets ready to rid itself of the Corona Virus Pandemic. Commissioner of Baseball Robert D. Manfred, Jr. announced earlier last month that a newly adjusted Major League Baseball fixture list will be enforced for the 2020 Season. The New York Yankees are all set to play the Washington Nationals in a star studded lineup that is certain to get excitement levels high for the opening day. The game is set to take place behind closed doors at National Park with slightly new adjusted rules tweaked to cater the post-lockdown safety protocols.

    Nationals star Sean Doolittle had this to say prior to the extraordinary season ahead of us: “I think this whole season is kind of an example of the kind of measures that it takes to resume a lot of things during the pandemic,” Doolittle said. “I think it will be an important and kind of powerful statement [Thursday] when people are watching the game and there’s guys in the dugouts wearing masks and people are social distancing and players have fully bought in to all these protocols because we want to play and we know this is what it’s going to take to be able to have a chance to continue to resume the season safely.”

    A new adjusted 60 game season sees every team play 10 games against each of the 4 other teams in their respective divisions. All teams will also play 20 interleague games against their corresponding divisions. Opening day promises to be a blockbuster as the Washington Nationals aim to become the first team to win back to back championships since the 1998-2000 season. The New York Yankees however will be doing their best to get their season underway with a win as the look to win their 28th title.

    The Yankees are set to face the Nationals at National Park with first pitch scheduled at 7:08 p.m ET. The game will be broadcasted live nationwide on ESPN so you can stay safe at home and make sure you don’t miss a single pitch.