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    OnePlus Nord: A Budget End Flagship Killer

    New York – OnePlus is officially set to unveil to the world the new OnePlus Nord. OnePlus is back to its roots of producing the best bang for your buck product available. The OnePlus Nord promises to be crowned the new king of the mid-range market, as the new smart phone boasts a cutting edge Snapdragon 765G processor combined with a 6.4 inch 90hz display, 6 cameras and a price tag of just under 500$. But that’s not all.

    Due to the extraordinary circumstances laid out by the ongoing pandemic, the launch event is set to be hosted virtually on the OnePlus website as well as the YouTube channel “Unbox Therapy”. The launch event is also the world’s first ever live launch event that is being broadcasted in Augmented Reality. Audience with an AR supported device will be able to view the spectacular new piece of hardware in Augmented Reality from the comforts of their living room.

    The company has already been gathering hype for the new phone launch with the launch of a new Instagram page named “Oneplus.Nord”. The official countdown for the OnePlus Nord has begun on Instagram and can be followed by everyone at their convenience. OnePlus has often targeted power hungry users who are looking to pay less for more. The Instagram page has been aimed to lure in millennials via the social media platform as OnePlus looks to expand its user-base by going back to the budget end philosophy and producing a phone so good for the price range that it almost sounds fake.

    The live event is set to go online at 9:30 AM ET on the 21st of July, 2020. The OnePlus Nord is also now available to be pre-ordered online from the OnePlus official website.