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    Naked Ultraviolet by Urban Decay

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    Say hello to the 8th palette in the most loved Naked series of Urban Decay. Keeping up with prevalent purple trends in the beauty industry, this palette includes 12 versatile shades with matte, metallic, and holographic finishes. The palette remains consistent with Naked line’s promise of neutral and everyday wearable makeup while providing a pop of color to play with magnetic violets and achieve soft as well as bold eye looks. The shades are a perfect mix of peachy, warm browns, and iridescent purple hues to ensure one does not need to reach another product for a complete look. The cruelty-free palette also comes with a vegan dual-sided brush that picks up the right amount of product and blends seamlessly. Just like the rest of the collection, Ultraviolet has also included a full-size mirror with tin packaging and compact closure to make the palette travel friendly and durable.

    Clinique’s Moisture Surge Hydrator

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    It’s time to part ways with your dry, damaged skin and start living your dream of radiant and smooth skin. The dermatologically developed skin care line introduces its lightweight gel cream moisturizer to replenish hydration levels of skin and keep it moisturized for 72 hours. The instant finish is plump and dewy skin that appears as a healthy glow. Its moisture inducing technology helps skin to rejuvenate its natural hydrating system to enable long term skin benefits of concealing fine lines, wrinkles and redness. This fragrance and parabens free product is an ideal match for consumers with sensitive skin. Moisturizers being the first and prime products your face is exposed to call for investment in the right product to make sure your skin feels like skin but just healthier and more youthful.

    Casio Baby – G Shock

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    Bold yet feminine, tough yet sexy; Baby – G series has continued to inspire and empower lifestyle choices of active girls to professional women. The timeless piece reveals intersection of fashion and function, class and purpose. The shock and water resistant properties of the watch make sure nothing can hold women back from playing and enjoying the craziest of sports. Designed with the same features of multiple alarms and stopwatch, the watch is your comrade in shape your athletic routine and tracking your progress. The inclusion of both analogue and digital displays with a wide screen permit quick view of time in your proactive life. The watches are equipped to never hinder your hustle and hence, come with glow option of making time comprehendible in dark. The unique, vibrant bands paired with class and style make these watches not merely your sports companion but also your party essentials.

    Kate Spade Louise Medium Dome Satchel

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    Let’s celebrate holiday season with the newest release of this iconic dome from the Satchel line of trending Kate Spade. The dome shaped bags are essential accessories to complement your dress, your personality and your style. The exterior of saffiano leather with spade logo completes your sleek and classy vibe as well as ensure a luxurious and comfortable user experience. The exterior of scratch proof and heat proof allows Kate Spade Satchels to be carried across generations and perceived as prodigy of durability and timelessness. The bag includes an optional and adjustable shoulder strap so that it can be carried on multiple occasions in multiple ways. The 24/7 rush of our generation has necessitated convenience in use of handbags that is ideally catered by magnetic closure pockets for quick access to phone and cards. At the same time, the protection of belongings is warranted by the exterior zip closure.

    Razer Blade 15

    For many years now, the world of tech has been divided into 2 types of laptop users: those who crave portability, and those who crave power. Razer has finally ended this argument once and for all with the new 15-inch Razer Blade laptop. This beast of a device boasts a 10th gen 8 core intel i7 processor with a whopping 16GB DDR4 ram, and Nvidia’s Geforce RTX 2080 SUPER, all packaged into an unbelievably thin laptop.

    Razer has been dominating the gaming scene ever since its inception, and the new Razer Blade 15 satisfies the needs of a power-hungry user who can also take advantage of the Razer Blade’s performance on the go. Razer has somehow managed to confine the latest cutting edge technology in a laptop that measures at a highly impressive 0.7-inch thickness and weighs in at 4.5 pounds. Extremely portable, extremely powerful, and extremely satisfying.

    Nike Mercurial Vapor 13

    Nike’s Mercurial Vapor 13 builds on the already innovative flyknit technology that the predecessors of this stunning piece of footwear have already been banking on. In this year’s rendition of the shoe that athletes like Cristiano Ronaldo choose to wear professional, Nike has added a new aerotrak zone to the forefoot and increased the sturdiness of the chassis to provide athletes with supercharged traction.

    The latest NikeGrip technology enables footballers to be quick, agile, and comfortable in a shoe that fits perfectly onto the foot of the athlete wearing it. This means the new Nike Mercurial Vapor 13 can improve your game in departments that the common athlete doesn’t even think about because the engineers at Nike have already thought of it for you. Nike is chosen by top athletes around the world including Rafael Nadal, LeBron James, and Neymar JR, and it is the cutting edge technology of Nike products that satisfies the cravings of these top athletes.

    iPhone 11 Pro Max

    Our mobile phones have become part of our lives, ever since Apple introduced the very first iPhone, the world as we knew it back in 2007 has changed forever. We have reimagined our lives by knowing that a simple piece of hardware that we keep in our pockets is more powerful than the supercomputer NASA first used to send a man on the moon.

     Apple’s latest model of the iPhone: the iPhone 11 Pro Max has redefined the capabilities of a smartphone. With a triple camera setup on the back, the iPhone can capture pictures with a crisp definition that could stand toe to toe with any DSLR captured picture. Its 3969 mAh battery makes certain that your phone lasts the entire day, and doesn’t die out on you when you need It the most. Apple’s Bionic A13 chipset is the fastest yet, providing speed and efficiency for users from all walks of life.

    Sony PlayStation 5

    Gamers all across the world have been waiting patiently, and it is finally time. The PlayStation 5 is upon us and meets all our expectations. “Play has no limits” is the brand motto Sony has adopted while promoting its latest gaming console, and the PS5 certainly has no limits as it utilizes a high-speed SSD drive to load games within a flash. The PlayStation 5 is also the first time console gamers will get to experience 4K gaming with support for 120fps.

     We can be certain to say that the gaming industry is about to change, and it is about to change drastically with this impressive console that looks, feels, and performs great. Not only does the PS5 support 4K, but it also has laid grounds to be able to support 8K definition gaming; a feat many thought wasn’t possible in the near future. So it’s time to gear up and embrace yourselves for the latest rendition of Horizon in 4k.