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    Run Jimmy Run: A Post-Lockdown Marathon

    New York – 23rd July 2020

    The Annual Run Jimmy Run charity 5K run has been a feature for New Yorkers for the last 7 years. Starting its first edition in 2013, the Run Jimmy Run 5K race was almost certain to be cancelled due to the ongoing Corona Virus Pandemic. Today the organizers of the charity event have enlightened the world with positive news, that the run will be going forward this year, with special circumstances highlighted and different routes available on different days so that runners can maintain social distancing whilst running the 5K.

    The Run Jimmy Run has been supporting the Alzheimer’s Association Western New York, raising over 100,00$ already as runners have geared up from the entire country and beyond to run for charity. People affected by dementia have been supported through this money as well as ongoing research on cures for Alzheimers has been funded through the charity of the Run Jimmy Run annual 5k.

    WNY Chapter Executive Director Jill Horner in statement talked about the run saying. “The safety of our supporters, their families and our volunteers is the most important factor in our retooling of this great event,”. Health is to be treated as a priority, and with the ongoing situation of the world, the timing is perfect to organize a charitable event to focus on health issues.

    Runners have the ability to choose between pre-selected routes between 20th-23rd August and if runners wish, they may also highlight a route that they have custom made. The winners and medalists will be decided on the basis of a smart phone app that all runners are required to download. The runner to complete a 5k run in the shortest amount of recorded time shall be declared the winner.