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    Entrepreneurship – Myths vs Reality

    There are many myths that surround the term “entrepreneurship”. Some businessmen claim that entrepreneurs can’t be nurtured, they have to be born with the trait. Some say that entrepreneurs can’t be compassionate, they can only be driven by money. Some say it’s a young man’s game. While some even go to the extent to say that entrepreneurs can never be introverts, that you have to be a people person to be a successful entrepreneur.

    All of these entrepreneurial myths are lies. They are lies because people don’t want you to become successful. They are told to you so that you don’t have enough courage within yourself to take the bold step to become CEO. You need to be confident in your marketable abilities that you are ready to take the world on. Had Mark Zuckerberg lacked confidence and chosen to focus on schoolwork instead of his website: today the world would have been deprived of a company called Facebook. Now imagine that, a world without Facebook. You can’t think of a world where it doesn’t exist, can you? That is exactly what your company could be tomorrow as well. You could lay the foundation of a better tomorrow by simply believing in yourself that you have what it takes.

    Had Steve Jobs given up because his grades weren’t up to the mark, or if Colonel Sanders thought he was far too old to do anything else with his life, or if Mark Zuckerberg truly believed that he was too anti-social to run a company, we would be living without Apple, KFC, and Facebook. Yes, the path to success is a long and difficult one, but it is the only road you can take if you want to make a difference in this world.

    Career Development

    There are far too many young students choosing degrees that are “marketable” rather than following their heart. Investing in profitable professions has become a trend whilst living your dream has become a taboo. Finding a balance is indeed important but we are living in a world where a musician is forced to pursue a degree in engineering because they think it would be better for their career. Such students need to keep an open mind and trust their abilities that they will indeed reach success in what they believe in.

    Forced career shifts are a major cause of failure, which eventually leads to depression. Due to the negativity of the society, lack of support from family and peers, and general blacklisting of certain professions, we are seeing an increase in suicide rates and depression every day. Believing in yourself is important and trusting yourself can be scary. But just remember that if you are a writer: JK Rowling had to wait 7 years to get the first edition of the Harry Potter series approval for publishing. If you are an athlete: Micheal Jordan was rejected from his high school varsity team because he wasn’t good enough. If you are a struggling entrepreneur: Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and Bill Gates were all dropouts.

    It doesn’t matter what your domain is; everyone who has ever become someone important, has done so by overcoming failure. Sticking to your passion could be a tough decision, but as a professional, you are bound to face many tough decisions within your career to be successful. By sticking to your guns, you can ensure that you know for certain that your career depends on your skill and nothing else. Speaking of skills, learning a marketable skill is one of the most important parts of life; which unfortunately many youngsters do not focus on. Many millennials focus procrastinate and care more about social life whilst they could be learning a new programming language, how to draw or play a sport.

    The Importance of Starting your Business Early

    The standard the human race has set for professional life starts with getting a good GPA in high school. A good GPA in high school means an admission in a high ranked college. A high ranked college degree further leads to a good job. A good job is able to provide a steady pay in return for your 9-5 services. But a good job is not really where all the money is. Students focus too hard on their careers and end up with a lot less than what they are capable of. Whilst getting a 9-5 job is an assured way to get paid regularly, starting your own business could help you land a lot more cash than what you might be making right now.

    Trusting your instincts on your million-dollar business idea could be the best decision you’ve ever made. And if you don’t have a million-dollar business idea yet, it’s time to start thinking about one. Investments aren’t just monetary, they require time and effort more than they require money. Many successful ventures have come about because certain businessmen had envisioned a greater tomorrow and they knew they wouldn’t be able to accomplish their dreams without having to sacrifice on stereotypes and that they would have to go out there and take a risk. People like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Jeff Bezos have benefited from being visionaries rather than being stuck in a crowd.

    Successful business endeavors require patience and persistence; two traits commonly found in younger generations. The older you get, the harder it becomes to take risks. No business reaches its epitome of success without banking on risks and a lot of the younger generation have the leverage to cash in on the results of these risks. The younger you are when you start your business; the more successful you will be. You have a lot more energy, skill, determination, aptitude, and energy to be able to start early, and the odds are that your short wait could turn into an eternal one if you don’t act fast enough.

    Technology is the Future – Invest Now

    Finding a niche in the market can be tough; finding something marketable to be good at can be even tougher. Over my years as an entrepreneur, I’ve stuck my nose out in any possible opportunity I could find. People would tell me to seize the moment, and I would invest blindly scared that my moment might arrive and I might miss it if I wasn’t spontaneous enough. After countless senseless investments; not just of money, but of time and effort as well, I can safely say I have found the niche for truly everyone.

     Technology is the best and the only way forward at this point. It is the next chapter of life, it is the future, and the time to invest is now. You don’t have to throw away all your life savings into investing in technology, investments can be in the form of learning technology, mastering a skill, learning how to read and write code. It is the opinion of billionaires such as Bill Gates and Elon Musk that everyone in the 21st century needs to be able to read and write code.

    A Monetary investment in technology could be just as wise if you think you are past your learning stage. Truth is, it’s never too late; but if you still think you may not be able to pick it up as easily as you’d like, investing money in a low budget tech firm, purchasing cryptocurrency, or even booking a domain name for the future could result in huge profits. The current generation and all the generations that will follow are all online, and the time to learn from millennials is now. With new forms of technology being introduced every day, it might seem like an intimidating investment. But ask yourself, are you ever going to reach your goals if you don’t face your fears directly.


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