Cover Letter – Rebecca Michaels

Rebecca Michaels Head Chef To: The Hiring Manager A culinary expert is required to be creative, efficient, and skillful. To…

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Rebecca Michaels

Head Chef

To: The Hiring Manager

A culinary expert is required to be creative, efficient, and skillful. To be the head chef at a busy restaurant is demanding and has a unique set of challenges that only the most competent culinary artist can overcome. It is the determination to overcome such challenges that aspires me to apply for the job of “Head chef” at your esteemed restaurant.

 My training as a professional chef began the day I went to culinary school. I was 16 years old and had already mastered an astounding number of dishes to perfection. Culinary school enabled me to groom my raw talent to produce high-quality dishes that are not just succulent, but also aesthetically pleasing and mouth-watering. My training also included high-pressure cooking tests to make certain that we were able to plate dishes that were up to the mark even in extreme rush hours.

Whilst working professionally in the kitchen of many buzzing restaurants, I have gathered excellent reviews for the quality of food that I have provided over the years. I have also received a distinct honor of plating an award-winning burger, that was even featured in a magazine for being scrumptious and delicious. During my time as a professional chef, I have often been responsible for solely managing the entire kitchen, which makes me feel like I would be the perfect fit for the role of “Head Chef”.

The art of producing high-quality dishes is a combination of natural skill and hard work. The gel of both traits is what allows a chef to gather 5-star reviews at any restaurant they wish to serve. After receiving many 5-star reviews from bloggers and food experts, I feel like leading a kitchen is the next step forward for me. My skillset in the kitchen speaks for itself but my ability to lead a team and combine efforts to produce maximum output is a test that I am more than willing to face.

Your restaurant is a very well reputed one and I feel like my expertise could do wonders for the kitchen and the restaurant as a whole. My responsible attitude, a knack for perfection, and desire for more allow me to confidently apply for the head chef position, knowing that it is a job I can handle with ease.

I appreciate your input and eagerly wait for your response.


 Rebecca Michaels

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