Colors on Resume: 5 Tips You Need to Know in 2023

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Learn Resume Color Psychology and How to Use Them Perfectly

It is a common fact that everyone wants to build an interactive resume. We surf and search curiously on the internet to know about the latest trends of resumes. This helps us to know what colors on resume are currently in use and how people are customizing them. 

The creative part of the resume is therefore termed very important. It brings a strong visual impact in our resumes. This is the major reason why everyone asks how to use different colors on resume to make it more interactive.  

Nowadays, many new resume types are introduced in the market. Most of them are differentiated on the basis of their style. They utilize different types of colors and themes to bring more creativity in the look. As a result, these resumes grab the attention of employers sitting out there in the commercial world.

If you also want to know how to write a resume by choosing specific colors, this article would be a perfect pick for you. Let’s first understand the importance of these colors and how they bring uniqueness in any resume.

Why Should I Use Colors on Resume?

It is crucial to know the importance of colors while crafting any type of resume. These colors provide a great visual impact to them as per your defined preferences. Nowadays, the textual element in any type of document is just not enough. You need to add a bit of flair to them in terms of adding interactive styles. 

By using different colors, you can ensure that element of creativity in your resume. It will give your profile an eye-catching look that can attract employers. 

We all know quite well that most of the people only go with the textual element in resumes. It gives us a great chance to beat the competition by adding the creativity of colors in our profile. This will not only make our profile standout, but will also encourage employers to look again briefly at the CV.

If you do not know how to properly use colors on a CV, try getting assistance from different resume writing services. These specific agencies will help to craft your resume as per the best latest styles. 

Understanding the Resume Color Psychology

Every color speaks certain kinds of words. The psychology behind it is quite tricky but not difficult to understand. It is something that provides meaning to those colors and their usage in any document.

Many people still do not know about the significance of certain colors or why they are using them. Being a professional, it is quite important for us to understand their psychology before using them in the resume. 

Here is a quick rundown of the meaning of certain colors and their impact on the resume.  

  • The red color is used to express power and confidence hidden inside a candidate.
  • The yellow color is used to define the positive nature of an employee.
  • The blue color shows the honest and true nature of a person. 
  • The orange color highlights the productive and strong attitude of a candidate. 
  • The green color is the symbol of calmness and peace.
  • The brown color is used to express inspirational values of a person.

What are the Best Colors for Resume in 2023?

Using colors on resume can be a bit tricky. It requires a smart eye to decide what will suit best for the resume or any other document. Sometimes, it also depends on your personal choice and how you want to portray the document.

The best color selection for any resume could not be done instantly. It requires a clear understanding of their meaning and what impact they will bring on your profile. Most of the time, people go with the wrong colors and make their profile messy and cluttered. 

According to popular perspective, people like to use high contrast colors on resume. They want to make their profile bold and engaging as compared to others. The usage of colors like dark red, blue or black are preferred more by the people. These shades not only add an extra flair in their resume, but also describe the powerful features of their personality.

How to Use Colors on Resume?

It is not just enough to pick a particular color for your resume. You also must need to know how to use them properly on your document. Being a fresher, it becomes more important for you while building a new profile. 

Your resume will simply look untidy if it will not use the proper mechanism of colors. Many times, people complain about getting ignored by the employers without having any reason. Well, that objection simply lies within their core visual elements.

If you are also confused how to use the colors on resume, here are the tips you need to keep in mind:

  • Use the color template that suits your educational background or profession. This will bring a great element of creativity in your resume.
  • Use a proper color format below the contact information. Try to pick a light color which can look compelling to the eye.
  • Pick the envelope color based on the actual theme of your resume. This would offer a very engaging look to the whole document.
  • If you are mentioning any social profile link, use their logos with the actual color.
  • Try to use those colors that will stay vibrant even after printing.
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Tips to Consider While Picking the Right Resume Color Schemes

It could be difficult sometimes to pick the right color theme for your resume. But, we’ve got you covered. Here are the three important tips that will help you to pick the right resume color scheme.

Decide and Stick to a Color Theme

First, you need to properly decide the color for your overall resume. This should be done very precisely and after looking at various resume examples. You can search Google for this particular job. It will show you different types of resumes and their respective color themes.

Meanwhile, do remember to pick a color theme based on your profession. Sometimes, you need to see the industry to pick the right color for your resume. Here are some of the professional fields that require resumes with proper colors and styles.

  • Graphic Designer
  • Fashion Designer
  • Illustrator
  • Interior Designer
  • Animator
  • Game Artist
  • Photographer
  • Visual Artist
  • Media Professional
  • Exhibition Designer

Remember the Readability Factor

Always remember to keep the readability factor in mind. You must need to ensure that your resume stays readable to employers. Sometimes, people select weird colors that make their whole resumes look odd. As a result, they lose the attention of the employers and several chances of getting hired. 

Try to pick the light colors that can give your resume a decent look. You need to build a proper combination of those colors in the resume so that they can represent a suitable appeal.  

Match up the Colors on Resume and Cover Letter

Lastly, keep in mind to match up the color of your resume and cover letter. Both of these documents are quite important for your profile. Hence, you need to pick colors based on their uniformity. 

All the top experts recommend keeping the color theme of both these documents similar. It builds a good reputation for your profile in front of employers. If you are applying in a tech or fashion company, you must need to pay attention to it smartly. 

Common Resume Design Errors

Many of us commit mistakes while choosing colors and design of the resume. Here are some common blunders that we need to take care of while designing any resume.

Overcrowding: It is quite a common error and mostly happens in the resume of beginners. Students and fresh grads include various kinds of unrelated stuff in their document. As a result, it starts to look very messy and cluttered for every employer.

Inappropriate Fonts: Many times people do not pay attention towards the selection of proper fonts. They select wrong typefaces for the resume which eventually makes their whole document unattractive. 

Poor Layout: Many beginners do not have an idea about the layout of a resume. They put everything in a single page which makes the whole document quite disordered. You can avoid this act by looking at various layout examples given on the web.

Long Texts: Do not go for the long-texts as it could also make your resume a bit odd. Try to write everything in simple and short words. This will make your resume readable and neatly structured.

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Final Words

That sums up our complete blog in which we have defined the basics of picking colors for a resume. It is indeed an important job and must be done with proper knowledge. The colors on resume portray a specific message that helps to engage employers. 

If you want to make your profile attractive, do pay attention towards the selection of these colors. It provides a great way to make your documents standout and creative from the rest of the others. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How to choose the perfect color for my resume?
You can choose the perfect color for your resume by considering your background and profession. It will give you a great idea how to style up your resume properly according to the current trends.
2. What is the best color option for a resume?
There is no specific color type for any resume. All of this depends upon the industry you are related with. If you are working in a tech and fashion industry, go with the fancy colors. Whereas for formal companies, consider picking the normal colors.
3. Is yellow good for a resume?
The color style for any resume depends upon its industry. The yellow or any other fancy color will look good on those CVs that are related with the design industry.
4. Where do you put colors on a resume?
There are some specific places where you can use colors in the resume. Normally, it should be in headings, borderlines and tables. Besides it, you can also use colors for social media tags and websites.
5. What are the common mistakes while choosing a color for the resume?
There are some common mistakes while choosing a color for the resume. This could be related to overcrowding of color elements and picking awkward shades. You can know more about these mistakes by reading top resume design guides given on the internet.
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