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    Incorporating the concepts and principles of sales into their copy, our product description writing service aims to show your product in the best light. This helps your business grow through the improved sales numbers, by educating the consumers about the product’s value.

    • Rank and bring visitors to your site
    • An addition to the total revenue earned
    • Create the essence of your product and add value in it
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    Since inception our product description writing team has never resisted going the extra miles for our esteemed clientele. The way we add value to your work is never going to change.


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    Product Description Writing Process

    We have ensured the simplest order procedure, from there our product description writers will take over and deliver the finest write-up that perfectly complies with your requirements.

    Receiving Your Order

    Our order form asks a few simple questions to know your project requirements. They include any specific search terms, product details and any specific instructions regarding the content to make it easier to fulfill your brief.

    Assigning a Writer

    Your project will be assigned to one of our expert product description writers, who will follow your brief to create a compelling product description. In case of any changes in the brief, contact the writer directly through live chat.

    Unlimited Revisions

    Our product description writers create compelling and informative content, which is guaranteed unique and able to drive sales. In case you require any changes, we offer unlimited revisions to help you get the content you want.

    Edit & Delivery

    Our product description writers will craft a document that will be 100% unique from every other product label on the web. We will also provide a comprehensive analysis and report once the entire task gets done! This is how we ensure the quality of content that is delivered to you.

    Product Description Writing Pricing

    We offer the most flexible pricing options for everyone, pick any plan to hire product description writers that suits you best

    50 words

    $3.99 $2.39
    • SEO Optimized
    • Trained Product Writers
    • 100% Unique content
    • Editing & Proofreading
    • Guaranteed Satisfaction

    150 words

    $9.66 $5.79
    • SEO Optimized
    • Trained Product Writers
    • 100% Unique content
    • Editing & Proofreading
    • Guaranteed Satisfaction

    100 words

    $7.23 $4.34
    • SEO Optimized
    • Trained Product Writers
    • 100% Unique content
    • Editing & Proofreading
    • Guaranteed Satisfaction

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    The product description is a sales copy that demonstrates all the specifications regarding your product and elaborates why is it worth buying. The objective of a product description is to provide consumers with valuable details on the features and effectiveness of any product.

    Best product descriptions may lead the consumer to buy your product. They also make your content look more professional and enable you to respond to questions that consumers may have about the goods or services.

    A great product is not generating sales by itself. A user has to have a basic knowledge of how well the product works. Most significantly, they should recognize how the product is going to benefit them.

    A product description ideally has a length between 50-300 words. Moreover, in some cases it depends entirely over whether your item demands a variety of detailed information, in this case limit may reach up to 600 words.

    Understand who your target audience is. The very first step in constructing product descriptions is to identify your core demographic. Highlight the benefits of the good or service and use powerful words.

    There is a page for each product that you are willing to sell on Amazon, which is called amazon listing. It asks for information regarding your product that you’re willing to list on Amazon like its title, images, description, and price.

    We perform comprehensive keyword research based on statistics in the industrial sector and user effectiveness. This empowers us to incorporate your product information with targeted keywords and metadata to strengthen your search engine results. It doesn't matter whether you're running a retail store on Amazon, Shopify, or Wix. Our product description writer will serve you with accurate SEO content for each channel for maximum effectiveness.

    Our product descriptions are a combo of high-quality content and effective SEO procedures, complying with e-commerce platform legislation and standards. This enables us to provide you with uniquely designed product descriptions that target individual needs.

    We at eContentSol pride ourselves with an unlimited revision policy. This means that our writers will not stop till you are 100% satisfied with the content our product description writers have prepared for you. Once the project is complete and approved by you, our services will meet an end. Through our 24/7 helplines, 100% satisfaction is our utmost priority.

    A well-written summary of the product can push your consumers into your sales frame. By incorporating creativity and product features into your product description, your shop is more able to impress a regular user. Although most companies acquire their purchasing decision on the product photo, the item description helps bridge the gap to evaluate whether or not the product fits the individual needs. By convincing your consumers about major strengths, unique selling points, and developing solutions to a challenging problem. Our product description writer will help you reach more sales, score lower return rates, and create customer loyalty.

    Product Description Writing Service - Deliverables

    If a good product description is curated in the proper direction, it strongly encourages the consumer to buy by providing all the important specifications and helping them understand why your product is exactly what they were looking for.

    Concise, clear and Simple:

    We will make your product description easily understandable. Our composition is based on a relatable description with further explanation of the item using multiple bullet points. A clear presentation of specs & features with minimal yet impactful opening line immediately triggers user attention.

    Body Structure:

    When you hire our product description writers, they focus on:

    1. Well defined font and proper arrangement among words;
    2. Quick highlights,
    3. Unique captions and subheadings in the body structure.
    The Concept of Unique Selling Proposition:

    Unique Selling Proposition is a detailed specification that uniquely identifies your product among the competitors. We’ll mention and emphasize this feature in the description. The feature will focus on amazing functionality, redesigned architecture, the material utilized, or the idea that a reliable source recommends your product.

    Focusing on Customer Needs:

    When formulating product information, we take into consideration the attributes that count in concrete terms. Our product description writer will address the target customer to generate an approachable, nod-worthy narrative focused on your goods or service. It may be the story behind why your consumer needs to fix their problems with this item or just a funny product story that attracts your buyer in. Our writers specialize in all kind of techniques to make the content work for you whether you are selling your products on Amazon or own website. With unique and professional web content we can also turn your website into a highly converting one.

    Split Testing:

    At last, we never miss to split test the descriptions of your product. We will be testing different formats, sizes, expressions, and much more. Split testing of your product descriptions helps to enhance the content for a better conversion rate.

    Hire Our Professional Product Description Writers

    Our team of professional writers holds extensive experience in ecommerce industry with impeccable expertise over almost every niche from apparel to technology. We have trained our product description writers to be super meticulous in terms of quality for every project and every cient they come across.

    How we Initiate your Project?

    Attention to Detail:

    Our product description writers strongly emphasize on requirements and additional details to ensure comprehensiveness and accuracy when performing tasks.

    The Best Format:

    After we receive your order, our second step would be picking the best format for portraying your products. Also, here we’re going to be a little creative and develop a character (attitude and voice) for your product— be it intense, informal, or even sardonic.

    Fan’s Engagement:

    Our sample of product description will incorporate a conversational line of text-long descriptions that will interact with your audiences, and also helpful hints on the need-to-know specifications for any buyer just scanning the post.

    Simplifying your Content:

    We believe that content is not always the perfect way to present your product. For certain products, we understand that its not appropriate to get too wordy. Pictures carry extra weight and are remembered fondly by users. If needed, we will display your item in a graphic that perfectly illustrates the important specifications.

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    Why Choose Us

    Our professional product description writers help you achieve an extremely high success rate for your ecommerce business. Not only do we make descriptions look attractive and marketable, but we also provide unlimited revisions to ensure maximum satisfaction from all of our clients.

    100% Original Content

    We optimize every description of the product that we create so that it can reach to maximum audience. The description we craft for your product is always genuine and 100% authentic with enthusiasm and commitment to selling the product. We always focus on serving the best quality to our customers.

    Competent Writers

    We at eContentSol firmly believe that high-quality product specifications describe the real interest of prospective customers. This is why our array of professional product description writers are never deprived of ideas and creative concepts. They vet for quality and can generate massive volumes of quality content within a short period.


    We promise that every aspect of your product description will be compatible with authenticity, originality, and will not be circulated or revealed to any other party. Your security is our top priority and will not be compromised. Our privacy policy is very cautious when it comes to the confidentiality of clients.

    Urgent Orders

    After you hire a product description writer at eContentSol they are readily available for quick delivery of your project. If you need descriptions on an urgent basis you can place an order with a 24-hour deadline and we will proceed to execute it immediately with the quality intact.

    Unlimited Revisions

    Our qualified and highly skilled product description writers at eContentSol are always prepared and ready to create your product description quickly. If it is urgent and you want the descriptions to be finished on an urgent basis, simply get in touch with us and we will instantly execute your order.

    Quick Assistance

    Our customer service team is what we ‘re proud of. You can contact them via live chat, phone call or email and address the specifics of your order and performance. You can ask about the current status of the project, if needed our support team can connect you with the writer as well.

    Have a Custom Project in Mind?

    Hire product description writers with expertise and knowledge to curate product details for you that will drive revenue. We excel at developing content that provokes curiosity and continues to influence consumers to convert.