At eContentSol, we aim to deliver content that keeps the writers hooked. We want to deliver premium quality work and, definitely, value for the money you pay. Thus, we believe in working fairly, ethically, and legally in a way that benefits all stakeholders. For both parties’ coordination to run smoothly, please carefully read and understand the following terms and conditions. All the stakeholders accessing or using this website and our sevrices must agree to these terms and conditions and our privacy policy before attaining eContentSol’s services. By using our services, it is assumed that you thoroughly read it and have given consent to the below terms.

Turnaround Period and Work Processes

Our working days are from Monday to Friday. Like most, we do not work on weekends and, obviously, national holidays. We require minimum 10 hours (business days, eastern standard time) for small projects and 10 business days or more for bigger projects exceeding 35,000 word count. Furthermore, we understand the need for urgency and immediacy to speed up your work; therefore, in such cases please reach out to us immediately so we can help you work out something for your content in a specified time.

To ensure we give you the best possible quality of work, we review the project and then assign it to an expert. Further, quality control is done after the assigned work is edited by an expert editor. Our team of professional proofreaders goes through each project to ensure quality content. To make sure everything is perfect, we will edit it and move it back and forth with the writer as many times as needed. Therefore, we strongly advise our clients to provide us all the essential information when placing an order with us. Without ample information, the work may not reach upto mark and specific standards. The openness in our communication will help us deliver work that meets your standards.

Turnaround times are also dependent on how big or small the projects are and how promptly we receive your feedback. Hence, the turnaround period may vary from project to project so feel free to reach out to us. If you have unique requirements in terms of fulfillment or deadline, reach out to us and we will let you know if we can cater to your put forward requirements. At eContentSol, we aim to achieve our target of meeting all stakeholders’ requirements in the best possible way.

Content Originality

eContentSol guarantees complete originality of delivered content and ensures uniqueness for your satisfaction. At eContentSol, we do not tolerate any level of plagiarism. However, the exception for minimum plagiarism is only when projects require technical or legal jargon. Even in such cases, we ensure to use references and avoid copying. Additionally, we can assure you plagiarism levels with plagiarism checkers for a fee. Please do contact us with regards to that to know more.

Intellectual Rights

eContentSol is your ghostwriter. Upon completion of transactions and all formal procedures, you will have all legal rights of the work thus you will then be the owner of the work. This will onlu be done once transaction has been made after completion of work. There must be no dues outstanding or remaining.

Revisions and Payments

Content and creative writing are complex and subjective field. What you may be looking for may not always be easy to explain. Therefore, we understand it may take time to get closer to what you are looking for as we work through the project. You can contact us for revisions within 15 days of delivery during which you can make unlimited changes. If, in any case, the revision is starkly different from the early requirements, then a fee will be charged depending on the amount of work required. This will differ from case to case basis. The revision differs in each scenario; therefore, the application of charges depends on that however please feel free to reach out to us. We want to make sure everything works out the way you imagined.

Ownership & Legal Rights

Delivery of work and payment made being for it formulates a complete transaction after which the customer legitimately becomes the owner of the copy and gets all the legal rights. The right to intellectual property is transferred to the client and so eContentSol will never challenge those rights. It is important to bear in mind that ownership will only be transferred to the customer when all payment is cleared for all the work done by eContentSol. All dues must be clear. The transfer will only be made once all revisions are done and the customer is completely satisfied. We value your trust and investment; hence, we want to give the best to your project. After being the owner of the delivered project, you are at complete freedom to further make changes to the work at your own risk. eContentSol will not be responsible for any such subsequent changes made to its work. Henceforth, we will also not be liable for any issues arising after any modifications made by you.

Please also go through our privacy policy to ensure clarification on all aspects.