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    Why Do You Need Proofreading Services?

    A proofreader or editor will assist you in fixing errors and issues that goes unseen by the writers. They address inconsistencies, grammatical errors, the improper structure of sentences and paragraphs, inappropriate use of punctuation, and spelling or typing errors.

    • Proofread your overall document
    • Rectification of grammar, pattern, and choice of word
    • Reduces inconsistencies in content
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    Proofreading Services You Can Trust

    Since inception our team of editors & proofreaders have gone above and beyond for our valuable clients. Our stats show our commitment to provide quality content editing services.


    Average satisfaction rating received by Clients


    High-profile editors & proofreaders specialized in multiple industries


    Documents written for US local & international clients

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    Editing Services Process

    We have ensured the simplest order procedure, from there we take over and deliver our top-notch proofreading services that perfectly complies with your requirements.

    Receiving Your Order

    To place an order, fill out the form with your project details. Let us know if there is anything specific that you need to improve in the provided content. Upon receiving your order, our editing team will get in touch to speak about order confirmation and other relevant details.

    Assigning an Editor

    Your document will be allocated to our experienced editors and proofreaders. They are highly skilled in a variety of disciplines. Our hand-picked team has undergone a thorough selection process. Each document is inspected by several highly trained copy editors to ensure accuracy and optimal efficiency.

    Unlimited Revisions

    We offer unlimited revisions to provide quality content that satisfies. If there is room to enhance the writing in any way, we have always been responsive to these improvements and modifications.

    Edit & Delivery

    This final stage of editing and proofreading is achieving optimal quality and absolute perfection. Once you're satisfied with the quality of work in the final draft, our team will provide the ready to publish draft over email.

    Editing & Proofreading Services Packages

    We offer flexible pricing options for everyone, pick the editing and proofreading services plan that suits you best.


    $0.0399 $0.02394 word /
    • 2 Days Turnaround
    • 500-15000 words
    • 2 layers of QA
    • 24/7 Support


    $0.0521 $0.03126 word /
    • 10 Hours Turnaround
    • 200-4500 words
    • 2 layers of QA
    • 24/7 Support


    $0.0455 $0.0273
    • 24 Hours Turnaround
    • 200-8500 words
    • 2 layers of QA
    • 24/7 Support

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    Our proofreaders and editors are undoubtedly the best in the market. They possess years of professional experience as proofreaders and copy editors for newspapers, magazines, and other related publications

    Our competent document editing service guarantees that only an experienced document editor starts working on your project. Our text editors are writing style specialists with several years of industry experience in various domains. What's more, even after editing, you may contact our professionals to resolve any concerns you may have.

    The proofreader and editor will fix errors and work on improving two main dimensions: writing structure and word choice. You'll also get valuable advice about how to boost the overall performance of your work.

    Our proofreaders usually make adjustments and recommendations concerning:

    • Spelling and Text Mistakes
    • Errors in Grammar
    • Errors of sentence construction
    • Colloquial words
    • Improper use of active voice and much more

    Proofreading requires reading the whole thing to fix minor typographical, punctuation, and grammatical errors. Proofreading is typically the very last phase you undertake before handing off the final version of your assessment or publication work. It falls after you have identified major issues such as design, content, quotes, and arrangement during the revision process. Unlike the editing, proofreading requires a close and attentive reading of the text.

    We offer manual proofreading and editing services. Automated tools are efficient, but they can't find all of your errors, and they certainly can't give you the detailed analysis and input you would need to enhance your writing and performance.

    Tasks somewhere around 50 pages will be finished in just 2-3 business days. Relatively long documents (scriptures, research papers, etc.) need 6-10 working days based on its length. If you request numerous documents making the total more than 60 pages, all documents could still be delivered within the usual 3-day period, since each document could be allocated to another editorial team at the same time. Also, 1-2 days of emergency services are accessible.

    Our expert content editor evaluates your content with accuracy to identify inaccurate vocabulary, tone, and structure. Their responsibility is to ensure that your document reaches a competent standard of readability.Through changing your language tone they guarantee that your content is concise and consistent, informative, and pleasing to your particular target market.

    While proofreading is your final examination until printing or publishing, editing services offer improvement and refining of your content. Our skilled editor is responsible to fine-tune your work before formatting.

    We pledge that any file you will provide us at eContentSol will be reviewed and protected under strict confidence. Your files are only open for your designated editors and to our quality control department. Furthermore, our editorial staff has signed a confidentiality agreement. Your edited work is also assured to stay confidential and secure.

    Editing and Proofreading Services - Deliverables

    At eContentSol, our editing and proofreading services are aimed towards refining your document with multiple comprehensive inspections on grammar, paragraph structure, document layout, and impactful correspondence of your work.

    Getting The Appropriate Structure:

    Depending on the form of your content, our editing and proofreading service ensures that it follows the right composition and structure. We will review and examine your document, analyze each section for crucial elements and statements, and validate that you have worked towards a logical end and conclusion. However, we would also reorganize sections if needed, to make arguments and assertions more effective.

    Reducing Plagiarism and Document Evaluation:

    Despite extensive analysis and adequate referencing, your document can be a target of copyright infringement. Before sending your final document, we will review the text for repetition and inaccurate paraphrasing: the relevant software will identify misquoted fragments throughout your draft.

    Structural Evaluation Report:

    A detailed structural evaluation report will be presented to you. This report is designed to help you understand how we fixed missing parts in each segment or paragraph and made adjustments. After evaluating this report, you will understand how little attempts made a great impact in the final work. Such evaluation is vital especially when you’re representing your business through online publications or a press release.

    Clarity Testing:

    Our editor will also assist you to convey a strong and factual narrative. This feedback will emphasize the interpretation of ideas and the justification behind your statements. He will also

    1. Ensure that your text narrates a clear and understandable story
    2. Inspect that you have clearly described thoughts and ideas
    3. Illustrate the discrepancies throughout the content

    This input will be given by our editor including in-text comments and clarification testing checklist.

    Proper Formatting:

    For us, proofreading is not just a process of checking and examining the file. We also make sure that the layout of the file aligns with the requirements set. Before handling you the final version we will check page numbering, column spacing, different fonts, lengths, as well as other aspects of additional elements such as subtitles, subtopics, annotations, and footnotes. We will scrutinize every every element in sections, along with having a thorough look at each heading, caption, and so on.

    Refining Your Content:

    Once we have finished proofreading and editing, we will refine your content. We always ensure that we do not replicate the same reasoning or statements within your project. We also keep an eye on following the same structural element throughout the content.

    Get Professional Editing and Proofreading Services For Your Content

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    Why Choose Us

    Our services promise professionalism and satisfaction, as our editors & proofreaders work tirelessly to offer you Proofreading & editing services of the highest order.

    100% Original Content

    We provide 100% reliable and genuine document editing and proofreading services. Our procedure encompasses a broad range of practices, from the restructuring of entire document to rewriting the paragraphs. Our review cycles also include semantic editing, formatting, clarity testing to ensure perfection in your content.

    Competent Writers

    Even the finest and highly skilled writers will have to collaborate with a proofreader or editor to implement the most impeccable version of their content. That’s why we at eContentSol selectively recruit highly-skilled, qualified editing specialists with whom we work closely to determine that only the finest quality document is delivered.


    Client confidentiality is of the utmost importance to us. We acknowledge that most of the files we manage and deal with, contain sensitive and confidential data that requires guaranteed protection. Therefore, we strictly adhere to a reliable privacy policy that assures clients data and shared content security.

    Urgent Orders

    Proofreaders and Editors at eContentSol are also available for rapid delivery when there are any immediate or urgent orders. We aim to deliver your project within 10 hours while ensuring optimum quality of the content we provide. All our proofreaders and editors are experienced in working with tight deadlines.

    Unlimited Revisions

    We encourage our clients to share their thoughts on final work and mention any addition that can make content more interesting for them. eContentsol offers unlimited revisions with no additional cost until you are happy and satisfied. Unlimited revisions are complimentary and you will not be charged for such revisions and alterations.

    24/7 Assistance

    We are always available to our customers for unlimited 24/7 support and assistance. Just drop us an email, give us a call or join Live chat. Our support team is readily available to guide you before the order and provide constant assistance that you might need during your order.

    Have a Custom Project in Mind?

    We offer document editing and proofreading services to test and evaluate your task. Our proofreaders are experienced in addressing even the smallest errors.