At eContentSol, we want to make content and creative writing more accessible to our clients. To achieve premium quality and best relationship with our customers, a smooth flow of information and, particularly, personal information is essential. Hence, while using our website and/or services, you will be required to share some personal information. eContentSol is dedicated to protecting your privacy and the confidentiality of your personal information. We understand the importance of maintaining your privacy, therefore we are, without doubt, obliged to collect information only for a purpose. This document contains all the necessary information regarding the collection and use of information collected. The terms of this policy apply to all personal data collected by eContentSol.

Collection Consent of Personal Information

Like every other website, we use cookies to collect information related to your browser, device, and activity on our website. By visiting eContentSol’s website, you give consent to the use of non-personal data, which the cookies‘ file automatically collects. The client is always notified about the use of cookies on our website and therefore they are free to disable cookies as well. If cookies are enabled, you give permission to the collection and use of your information.

When registering or subscribing to our website, you are required to provide personal information to which we also ask to confirm your consent. This is a compulsory action to complete any form on our website. Information will be collected in the form of your full name, email address, billing address, contact phone number, payment details, web analytics data, and any other information provided by you when the form is filled on our website. The process of information will only take place after you provide your consent. This should mainly take place at the time of confirming your order, or while reaching out to our call-center, or when creating a personal account. We will also ask for your information while you subscribe to a newsletter, or when you are filling out any other forms on our site. All these will ask for personal information and by giving it out to us you have confirmed your consent. eContentSol also collects data about the products that you have browsed on our website. This data is collected only for users who agreed to their data being processed and stored to receive the newsletter and follow up emails regarding their interest in our services.

By providing your personal data, you agree to their processing by eContentSol, which is performed to execute eContentSol’s duties which include selling goods and providing services and general information, as well as promotional material. This means that, as a client, you agrees to receive advertising and informational messages. When processing any kind of clients` personal data, eContentSol follows the Federal Trade Commission Act, the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, the Federal Communications Commission, General Data Protection Regulation, and local regulatory documents. We believe in keeping legal!

Collecting information from others? Yes, we use third-party information sources to help us reach out to you better and meet your expectations. So, everything collected is for a genuine purposes. We collect financial or transaction details from payment providers to process the transaction. Additionally, third-party services like Google or analytics services and crash reporting may provide us with certain information about you when you connect to any third-party provider. Most of these third parties may gather your information when you use their website or service. You must visit the privacy policy of third-party websites to learn more about how your information is used. eContentSol receives information about the visitor`s general information such as location, occupation, or interests, gender from the referring websites. We may collect the data only in the amount that is necessary to provide the best service. You may opt not to share your personal details, but if you do not agree to do so, we may not be able to offer services to you. Lack of personal information is likely to create a barrier in which we may not be able to work in an optimum manner.

Use of the Personal Information Collected

As we clarified, information is only collected with a purpose to run things smoothly. Hence, after eContentSol gets your consent, we collect your personal data for various purposes such as registering in the system, to carry out transactions, analyze purchasing habits and interests, and to inform clients about promotions that might be of interest to them through emails and calls. Moreover, the information is also used for personalized advertisements and displays the site content taking into account the client’s interests and preferences.

Since you provided your consent on receiving information from us, based on the circumstances we may send you welcome emails, invoices, or transaction details. We may also send you surveys or marketing inquiries or other information that may be of interest. The aim is to use the information only to make your experience better!

More importantly, you must be wondering how long do we keep the data? We shall keep your information in our records for as long as it is thought essential by law to provide the services to you but we also comply with our legal obligations. If you request the deletion of your personal information, we can recollect information from deleted accounts if necessary to prevent problems and if it in the interests of our business.

Consequently, we do not sell or disclose any personal information unless there is an agreement with any third-party services. In addition to that, you have full right to remove your account and you can do so by simply mailing us. Unsubscribing is also an option. Please contact us in this regard.

We understand you value privacy and information safety, hence we take great care of our clients’ rights.