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    Why Do You Need A Professional Cover Letter Service?

    If you’re passionate about getting your dream job, a well-designed cover letter will help you stand out in front of a recruiter, and allow you the chance to show your capabilities and skills. It is a great self-marketing tool that describes you in a narrative format to the interviewer and explains why you are the right candidate, and a professional cover letter writing services can help you do that.

    • Enlighten your strengths
    • Introduce yourself distinctively
    • Showcases your writing ability
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    Cover Letter Service You Can Trust

    Since inception our team of expert cover letter creators have gone above and beyond for our esteemed clientele. Our stats show our commitment to provide quality content, every time.


    Average satisfaction rating received by Clients


    High-profile cover writers specialized in multiple industries


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    Our Cover Letter Writing Process

    Our Cover Letter Writing Process We have ensured the simplest order procedure, from there we take over and deliver the finest cover letter writing service that perfectly complies with your requirements.

    Complete Your Order

    Select the cover letter services that you desire. You may add a personal description, a professional LinkedIn profile link, your expertise and market experience, and any other information you want included in your cover letter. Additionally, any notable achievements during your academic or professional time should also be included, as do your hobbies and likes.

    Assigning a Writer

    Once you order our cover letter writing services, our team of expert cover letter creators will schedule a detailed interview over the call to discuss your career aspirations. Once we know what job or position you are aiming for, our team will assign the cover letter writing task to one of our expert writers who is experienced in your business niche, and understands what you need to succeed there.

    Unlimited Revisions

    We welcome and encourage your constant involvement and feedback throughout the writing process, so that we can deliver the cover letter that leaves both you and the recruiters satisfied. That is why our cover letter service includes unlimited revisions, to give you the content the way you desire.

    Final Result

    Based on the cover letter brief you sent us, and the information we gathered from the detailed interview, the assigned cover letter creator will provide you with a unique cover letter within 2 - 3 business days of order confirmation. Once you approve the draft, that final version will be delivered to you.

    Cover Letter Writing Services Packaging

    We offer comprehensive pricing packages, containing everything you might need for your next job hunt.


    $99 $59.4
    • Cover Letter
    • ATS Friendly
    • Industry-Targeted Keywords
    • Unlimited Revision
    • Money-Back Guarantee
    • Word & PDF Copies
    • 4 Days Turnaround


    $250 $150
    • Cover letter
    • ATS Friendly
    • Industry-Targeted Keywords
    • Unlimited Revision
    • Money-Back Guarantee
    • Word & PDF Copies
    • 2 Days Turnaround
    • Striking LinkedIn Profile
    • Custom Written Resume


    $175 $105
    • Cover letter
    • ATS Friendly
    • Industry-Targeted Keywords
    • Unlimited Revision
    • Money-Back Guarantee
    • Word & PDF Copies
    • 3 Days Turnaround
    • Striking LinkedIn Profile


    The cover letter is your visual descriptor for the recruiter and the company. A competent cover letter should take as few as 20 seconds catch the employer’s focus. A well-designed and appealing cover letter that portrays your public persona as well as your professional one, has a much better chance at getting you hired at the company of your choice.

    The body of your cover letter is the portion that informs the prospective employer why the company should choose you over the other candidates. It’s essential to have sufficient details about your academic and professional credentials and how they relate to the position you are applying for, and that is what eContentSol’s cover letter writing services does best.

    1. Having your academic credentials and achievements in bold, and laid out systematically in a bulleted list.
    2. Be sure to list the employers you have worked under, the number of clients you have managed, any additional streams of revenue you generated for past employers, and your positive impact on the previous company’s revenues and profits.
    3. You can exemplify your creative thinking and capability for innovation by unveiling one or two ideas for improving the potential employer's procedure or bottom line.

    Our cover letter writing services collaborate with the resume writing team, to ensure what details go into each complimentary document. If you have not had your resume designed by us, then we will study to see if the primary goal has been included in its content. In that case, our cover letter creator will not be including it in your cover letter.

    Yes, it does. We offer unlimited revisions for our cover letter writing clients, and also provide a re-write service in case you want an existing cover letter revamped for better results. Your cover letter will be reviewed and optimized by one of our expert cover letter creator.

    Generic cover letters aren't specific to a particular role and encompass general data regarding your education and experience. It's best to have a unique cover letter written based on a specific job you are applying for, and specified according to each company. eContentSol provides the best cover letter writing services at affordable rates.

    Our cover letter writing team ensures that your cover letter is long enough to portray you effectively to the recruiter, without looking as if its padded unnecessarily. Moreover, the length is also dependent on your past work experience and the academic details and achievements that need to be included into the document.

    eContentSol’s cover letter service creates documents that are properly structured, with important elements made distinct. To include a reference into your cover letter, our first section details the information about the reference, your relationship, and their comments about your relevant skills. Moreover, the section would also include their reasons for referring you to the job, which is the perfect transition into your relevant skillset, your educational background, and your work experience.

    Cover Letter Writing Services - Deliverables

    A cover letter is always the very first thing obtained from you by an employer. The letter will simply brief about the role you are applying for, and then include information explaining why you are a perfect fit.


    We keep the format short and to the point. Nowadays an average recruiter has no time to read a detailed CV or cover letter. Only executives or higher-level roles are the ones that still appear to follow the long format, due to the vast experience required to achieve that position. Therefore, our cover letter service aims for concise cover letters that catch the eye instantly.


    We will outline your competent skills and qualification for the designation you apply for. We’ll get a bit more involved and personal into your cover letter. Not too personal but let it sparkle through your public persona.


    We’ll start your letter with a nice, impactful sentence that would let the recruiter know what job you’re applying for. If you want, our cover letter creator could also insert a hook that pulls the reader to desire to read more.


    Your letter’s second and third sections will focus on goal accomplishment. They need to get straight to the point and portray accomplishments and career achievements that also promote your central argument. Furthermore, in our professional CV and cover letter writing service, we will illustrate how your previous knowledge and qualifications would transform into huge victories for the firm.


    After presenting your most crucial areas, we will then close your letter humbly and transfer the attention gently to your enclosed resume and instructional resources.


    A well-crafted cover letter goes through details about your curriculum vitae and extends this knowledge for the viewer, bringing them on a guided journey to a few of your crowning achievements in your career and personal life. Pair it with a professional resume to take a step ahead in your profile presentation.



    We will remain focused and organized with your detailed history, and ensure that your cover letter fits on a single page. Furthermore, we will make sure that your name, address and personal contact information are available on your letter.


    In your cover letter, our professionals will outline capabilities and connect skills to the nature of job. It’s also a smart option to remind hiring managers of the reasons why you’re involved in specific positions.


    Our professionals will be using hooks to catch recruiters’ attention and to drum up curiosity. If you are offered the job, telling hiring managers what you can do for the organization and the abilities or advantages they can gain is a great way to ensure that your CV or application document is examined with significant interest.


    Before delivering the final draft, we will carefully review the pronunciation and wording on the cover letter and guarantee that everything from company info to the name of hiring manager is accurately spelled and written.

    Professional Cover Letter Writing Services For You

    Elevate your resume with a distinct and appealing cover letter written by an expert cover letter creator. ​

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    Why Choose Us

    At eContentSol, we believe in offering the best cover letter writing services for our clients. Our aim is to develop well-designed and professional cover letters with a high success rate. Moreover, our customer support team is available around the clock to assist you throughout the process.

    100% Original Content

    Our cover letter writing service experts are professionals in their domain and are concerned about creating 100% original customized cover letters to make it stand out from the crowd and competitors. Our cover letter creators come from a credible academic background and are vastly experienced in delivering high-quality and unique content every time.

    Competent Writers

    Our writers are familiar with what the headhunters look for in their applicants. Utilizing their experience and market knowledge, our cover letter service providers can implement a unique approach to each project and create it completely anew for the business sector you’re currently applying for.


    Keeping your data safe is our primary focus. We ensure that all your information about your cover letter does not fall into unauthorized hands. While the project is under progress, we encrypt your data for additional security.

    Urgent Orders

    Cover letter creators at eContentSol aim for quick delivery of their tasks. If you need a cover letter urgently, our cover letter writing services are readily available to execute your order. We always give our best to provide you with quality work, no matter how long the timeline.

    Unlimited Revisions

    eContentSol offers unlimited revisions for our cover letter services. We believe in satisfying the client as a priority, and are willing to make any and all necessary changes in our content to do that. That is why encourage our clients to involve themselves in the cover letter process to ensure that they receive content that suits their wants.

    Quick Assistance

    Our customer service team works around the clock, and is available 24/7. Should you have any queries or issues throughout and even after the cover letter writing process, they are here to serve and satisfy those issues promptly.

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