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Why Do You Need A Press Release Writer?

Getting press release writing service is the opportunity to articulate what is essential to you, express the objectives behind a project, demonstrate the distinctive value of your product, and answer to concerns that others might have developed regarding you, your products, or your business.

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Press Release Writing Process

We have ensured the simplest order procedure, from there we take over and deliver the finest write-up that perfectly complies with your requirements.

Receiving Your Order

Upon receiving your order, our professionals will begin working and assist you optimize your time and PR assets by transforming our expertise, raw insights, and statistics into media-ready content. Furthermore, if you have some other details or instructions that should be incorporated in the document you can share that too.


Assigning a Writer

After order completion at our press release writing company we assign your project to the most suitable writer. To come up with a professional press release we prefer native English writers associated with journalism. Our writer will then begin working on your press release until it becomes good to great.


Unlimited Revisions 

We will utilize your blog, website, and various other details to compose a compelling press release for your brand. You examine our press release and are offered the option to suggest improvements if you still feel there is need to add some taste of your own. Our press release writing service goes on until you are pleased with the results.

Edits & Delivery 

The last move is to apply a few finishing touches which will make your press release perfect for the publication. We will also provide you with comprehensive editing. When you're satisfied, our writers will turn your file from "draft" to "done." After that, your document will be transferred to you.

Press Release Writing Service Pricing

We offer most flexible pricing options for everyone, pick any press release writing
service package that suits you the best.


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  • 3 Days Turnaround
  • 500 words
  • AP Writing Style
  • 2 layers of QA
  • US based writer
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$ 66
$ 110
  • 24 Hours Turnaround
  • 500 words
  • AP Writing Style
  • 2 layers of QA
  • US based writer
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While some may argue that press release distribution has little or no impact on SEO, they couldn’t have been more incorrect. We have certainly shown that the distribution of press releases will boost your search ranking performance. It improves if you have a few strong keywords and content good enough to keep you going.

Choose a high-resolution image. It could be worth hiring an experienced photographer to have a crisp and high quality picture.
Journalists like photos of the people or items involved, particularly if the photos are compelling. A nice picture could be the primary reason your press release has been picked up.

We are known as a reputable press release writing company for a reason, our professional writers with a great deal of experience have produced popular press releases. Their expertise and experience in journalism guarantees that you'll get a press release good enough to capture the attention of those prospective consumers.

A press release is like every other newspaper story; it would never be viewed or even released unless it manages to hook up to the public. That's why eContenTSol - press release writing company, is meticulous about the information used and a compelling structure to provide you with intellectually stimulating and productive press releases.

Our writers are professional and competent journalists who have years of knowledge in publishing press releases. We’re only hiring the very smartest writers for our press release writing service and extensively testing them during the selection process and tracking their productivity after that.

At contentsol, we have content writers experienced in several domains with a strong grasp in diverse industries, allowing us to cater to a multitude of businesses such as eCommerce, Education, IT, Retail, Hospitality, Healthcare, Tourism, and many others.

Upon getting your request for our press release writing services, we will get in contact with you by phone and start discussing your project requirements. We'll discuss your purpose of using our services, your target market, where you want the content to be released, and the time-frame in which you would like it to be released. Depending on all the considerations, we will delegate the project towads a press release writer who has a strong understanding of your domain. Upon completion, final draft is shared with the client, open for multiple revisions based on client feedback.

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Press Release Writing Service - Deliverables

We as a leading press release writing company believe that the key to writing an effective press release is to emphasize on the ability of the script to capture the audience’s attention with the title and to illustrate where the reader’s interest lies with in the first paragraph.

An eye-catching headline:

We like to get smart with headlines because it’s the first thing that comes into notice. This will evoke the attention of the media and offer a quick description of why the following content is worth reporting.

Writing styles:

We will be bringing an out-of-box style about what your business has been doing and how it might bring itself to a consumer-directed message. Usually, we start with making your message equitable by introducing statistical data and expressing opinions with a mainstream appeal that engages the readers right away.

Our writers boast credible experience in marketing content of all categories including ebooks, newsletters, infographics, social media & more, which makes them an ideal candidate for your press releases as well.

Elaborate on details:

Our writer will also expand on what we’ve already outlined. They will use bullets — which help readers understand your narrative easily and are easy to customize. This is also the spot where we can incorporate biographical details to your story, and perhaps even insert another quotation.

Choosing the right multimedia:

While high-quality multimedia plays a vital role in grabbing the reader’s attention, the kind of multimedia you provide can significantly affect your main objective. Some of the most common forms visual elements we will be using are:

  1. Pictures
  2. GIFS
  3. Video clips
  4. Interactive videos compilation
  5. Give your story a feel:

This is the most crucial aspect. We will bring your vision to life, highlight your data, and attain on-line accessibility. Also, we’ll add relevant and attractive photos with captions because they’re everyone’s favorites. Not only do they bring attention to themselves, but they would conveniently be hurled into mainstream media. For telecasts as well as on-line stories, audio and video clips are a great way to immediately trigger attention.

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Our services offer professionalism and satisfaction, as our content writers work tirelessly to offer you Press release writing service of the highest order

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We guarantee you the uniqueness of the material that we produce. We at eContentSol know how essential the prestige and the charisma of your product is, that is why we ensure that the press release we’re writing for you is groundbreaking, and uniquely blends with the sophistication of your brand’s story.

Competent Writers

We are the best in the game as a press release writing company because we have the resources and experience required to boost your online exposure and support your reputation and credibility in the market. With our top-quality press releases, you can even maximize your website traffic.


Your confidentiality of material is our primary focus. Our privacy policy commits that all data and depictions correlating to your press release will not be misconstrued or copied. After your project is finished, you will be given  ownership of your project.

Urgent Orders

We are always ready to prepare content instantly with quality intact if there are any urgent orders. We promise that your press release order will be executed immediately and delivered in less than a day. You can get in touch with us through email, call or via our live chat option.

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Give your constructive input to make it tremendously simpler for us to make improvements as per your liking. This is because we don’t want to leave any stone unturned when it ocmes to client satisfaction. 

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We have always been responsive and attentive to our customers for uninterrupted support services. Whenever you need help, our team of professionals will work closely with you through uour preferred medium to achieve rapid and convenient resolution. Feel free to reach us via call, email or Live chat!

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