How to List Education on Resume: Tips and Examples

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Know How to List Your Education Properly on the Resume

It is very important to list your education on resume properly with bold letters. Many employers pay heavy attention to this section. It provides them a brief overview of your background and how much you are good at it. Whether you are a student or an experienced professional, you need to define your education smartly on the resume.

Most of the time, employers shortlist candidates based on their educational background. It is the first thing that lets them know whether a candidate is suitable for the role or not. That is the major reason why you need to list your education smartly. It can make your profile a perfect fit for the job, no matter how less experience you have in the field.

In this blog, we will define how to write a resume by adding education properly on it. Besides that, we will also define some basic examples to let you understand its standard format required for the resumes.

Let’s first understand the importance of this section in detail below.

Why the Educational Background in Resume Matters for Employers?

Every employer looks for certain information in the resume. It could either be your education or experience in the field. Most of the time, recruiters generally look for your educational background. It is something that tells them about your profession and range of expertise.

It is therefore advised to take help from any resume writing service while building a professional CV.

All the top companies in the world prefer qualified professionals from the top institutions. It is an obvious fact that a good educational background will build your roots in the field. It will allow you to understand the fundamentals of any profession, right from the beginning.

Sometimes, hiring managers look for specific educational degrees for certain positions. If you are applying for a software job, a recruiter will look for a computer science degree in your resume. Not only that, but he will also look for the institution where you have completed your degree.

This will give him a perfect idea about your capabilities and instincts for the job. Being a student, you must need to know the importance of this section. It can not only give you an edge among others, but can also lead you towards getting shortlisted.

Understanding the Education Section Format on Resume

It is quite important to understand the format of education on resume. You just cannot write down your education in simple layman words here. This section requires you to list down your complete education in a precise manner.

First, you need to mention your last availed degree in this section. This will give employers an idea about your profession. You can also write down your CGPA or final marks along with the degree. It is an optional thing and you can list them as per your own preferences.

Afterwards, you need to mention the high school where you have completed your elementary education. Similarly, you can also list down some short courses here that you have done recently. It will enhance your educational credibility and will increase your chances of hiring.

What to Include in the Education Section of Resume

The education section of the resume should highlight all the details about your studies background. Whether you have just attended high school or graduated from a top university, this section should contain all.

Meanwhile, you can also mention your final marks or grade obtained in each program. This is an optional part and depends on your own choice. If you have studied on scholarship from the top educational authority, then you can add those credentials here.

For starters, here are some core points that you need to mention in the education section of your resume.

  • You need to mention your last availed degree.
  •  If you are still studying, then you can also mention the program by adding the “In-progress” tag.
  • You should highlight your school and university name in bold letters.
  • Add the location of your school if possible as well.
  • Properly mention your graduation date.
  • If you are currently enrolled, write down the expected date of degree completion.
  • Smartly define your majors and core subjects.
  • Mention your CGPA or grade if it is good enough to represent.
  • Highlight your honors or scholarships if awarded by the top authority.
  • Also define your extracurricular activities like book reading, cricket, video games etc.  

How to List Your Education on Resume?

Being a student or professional, you must need to know how to list your education on resume. It does look very simple, but can become very tricky sometimes. If you are writing a resume for the first time and do not know about its format, it will definitely be a confusing thing for you. 

There are different tips and examples with which you can master its correct format. Here are a few tips that will help you out to write it properly on the resume.

How to List a Bachelor’s Degree on Resume?

If you have graduated recently, you must need to list your education section before your work experience. It is a general practice used in most of the resumes. The reason is that recruiters do like to look at your educational background before looking into the experience. 

After mentioning your bachelor’s degree, you can mention the high school name where you have studied earlier. This will make the education section defined in a chronological order. First, you will highlight your last degree and college, and then the name of your relevant high school.


University of Toronto, 2016-2021

Bachelor of Arts

Business Fundamentals and Management

How to List Education In-Progress on Resume?

Many students often ask how to list their education while currently studying in a university or college. Some people have the misconception that a resume cannot mention any current courses. It is totally not the case and hence must be answered smartly. 

Being a student, you can mention your current educational programs with a specific “In-progress” tag. This will let the employer know that you are currently enrolled in a program and looking to work as an internee. Meanwhile, do also remember to mention the completion date of that degree. It will define the start of that course and expected graduation date.


Bachelor of Business Administration (In-Progress)

University of Oklahoma, MG

Expected Date of Completion: 2023

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How to List Education on Resume for a High School Student

If you are studying in a high school and confused about how to mention it in the resume, here’s your answer. Many students want to apply for jobs while studying in high school. To do that, they tend to know the correct format of defining their in-progress education in the resume. 

Well, it is a simple thing and can be defined with the specific “Currently Studying” tag. If you are also looking to know how to list it properly, here’s the format for it.


Saint Patrick’s High School, Columbus, TX

Currently Studying

Expected Completion: 2024

Where to Include Education on Resume

Generally, people like to include the education section right after the summary. The reason is that it is a standard format and is recommended by the employers.

Most of the recruiters are interested in looking at the educational background before moving on to the work experience. This gives them a little idea about the capabilities and skills of the candidate.

Meanwhile, some people also like to include this section after the work history. In other words, it all depends on your own choice and how you would like to represent it in your document. 

Final Words

It is a known fact that a good education background can lead you towards your dream job. But, similarly it is also important to know how to list its complete details properly in your resume. Many times, people do not pay attention towards its correct listing. As a result, their resume gets neglected by the employers despite having good experience.

This blog has shown various tips and examples on how to list your education on your resume. Using them, you can strengthen your education section effectively. This will precisely give your profile a better chance to get shortlisted and hired by the employers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Where should I include my education on resume?
You can include your education on resume right after the summary. It is a general practice used by many people. However, some guys also like to list it after work experience. This means that the education will then appear on the second page or after two sections.
2. What points to remember while adding education on resume?
You need to remember a few points while adding education on resume. Some of them are listed below as:
– Always mention your last availed educational degree first.
– Highlight your university name with bold letters.
– Always mention your correct graduate date.
– Highlight your majors in the education section.
– List down scholarships if any precisely in the section.
3. How to write educational qualification in resume for freshers?
If you are a recent graduate, mention your last acquired degree first in the education section. Try to mention your CGPA or grade properly in the section. It will help the employer to know about your decent academic record.
4. Should I include dates of educational degrees on my resume?
Yes, it is quite necessary to include the correct date of your graduation in the resume. It will let the employer know about your passing out year precisely.
5. Why do employers pay attention to the education on resume?
All the top companies look at the education to know about the capabilities of a candidate. It lets them know whether a person is suitable for the relevant job or not.
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