How to Write a Best Man Speech That Can Grab Attention

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Know About the Correct Tips to Create a Best Man Speech

It always feels good when you are honored to give a speech at the wedding of your best friend. This is basically an occasion that requires you to state all the good things about your friend. It is often termed the best man speech, and it is only given by the person who is closest to the groom. This brings a lot of responsibility to that person, as he needs to give a speech that can correctly describe the personality and nature of the groom to the people.

A lot of times, people take specialized speech writing services to get this job done. Basically, they are quite sceptical about their writing tone; hence they always go for the professionals who know how to write a speech perfectly. This shows how much significant this speech is given the importance of the occasion. It cannot be compromised by any failure, as the reputation of the groom and his friends is largely dependent on it.

If you are also tasked to write a best man speech for the wedding day of your friend, take a look at the tips given below. It will help you to write a perfect best man speech that can grab people’s attention quickly. But first, let us understand more about the importance of this speech and why it needs a specific person who is very close to the groom.

Importance of Best Man Speech

Importance of best man speech

As stated above, best man speech holds a very important value for the groom as well as his friends. It is something that describes the true nature of the groom and how he has shared a great bond of friendship with all the people close to him. A lot of times, this speech also becomes a bit emotional as multiple real instances are also described in it.

Talking about the importance, every wedding certainly looks incomplete without having an engaging best man speech. It not only includes sentimental points, but also offers a bit of humor in the event as well. All of this depends on the quality of speech that has been given by the speaker. If he has selected the right tone to deliver his words, then it will certainly offer a great impact on the audience.

Another thing that is important about this speech is that it also describes some real life instances about the groom. This allows people to understand his character by the virtue of those examples. That is why it is always said to write the best man speech very carefully, so that it can deliver the right perception about the groom to the people.

Tips to Write a Spectacular Best Man Speech

tips for best man speech

To write a best man speech, you need to keep in mind various points. Some people think that this speech should only include instances about the groom. This is quite a pragmatic approach, but to make a speech more engaging, you need to add some other elements as well.

If you do not know how to write a speech that can instantly turn heads, take a look at the tips given below. It will let you understand the concept of writing this speech, as it should be done considering various things.

Prepare a Theme

In order to give a scintillating wedding day speech, you need to prepare a theme first. This is basically the concept that will tie all the plots together. It will give you a pathway to prepare the speech in the correct tone. You can know about the things that should be added in the speech, and what should not be as well. It will simplify the topic selection, allowing you to precisely focus on the type of content being required for the speech.

If you don’t know about the speech or how it should be created, take a look into some of the examples given on the web. You can find plenty of sample speeches available on different sites, referenced by the name of particular authors. It will help you to prepare the right theme and choose the correct tone/ words required for the logos.

Pick Some Central Points

Central points of speech

Before writing any type of persuasive speech, it is wisely advised to pick some points that will take center stage in your discussion. These points will highlight the main characteristics of your idea, provided you will define them correctly. It is best recommended to chalk out those points first, so that you can write the best man speech around it. This will simplify to write exact things that are needed to be defined in an engaging best man speech.

Selecting the points at the start also lets you know how much total time the speech will take. This will make you more organized and create the speech according to the time. You will exactly know how many points the speech will cover and whether they will take an hour or not. Considering this, you will start writing the speech better without losing out any major points.

Add Some Jokes

After elaborating some good things about your friend, it is now time to add some sort of humor in your speech. It is termed necessary to keep the interest of the audience active in your speech. If you will try to deliver a straight, pale speech at the wedding, then there is a high chance that some people could quickly become bored. It is therefore advised to include some healthy jokes in your speech, so that it can entertain the audience a little bit.

Meanwhile, keep in mind to add the jokes that are not vulgar or socially inappropriate. You need to add those jokes in the form of tales, so that people can relate them with the personality of the groom. This way, these little stories will generate more laughs, giving your speech a very lively applause from the standing audience. 

Bring the Focus on Newlyweds

Newlywed couple

Moving on, your speech now needs to bring the attention of the newlyweds. This is a very important part in which you will be specifically describing some beautiful traits of the newlywed couple. It should not be just centered around the groom, instead you have to address both of them to make the speech more engaging. It is up to you how to make the people smile by defining the personality of the couple. It could either be by telling some romantic stories or by describing their kind nature towards all the friends.

Meanwhile, make sure to add the points that are relevant to the occasion. A lot of times, people try to include references and stories that are not relevant to the couple. These types of instances don’t grab any attention, nor they will make your speech engaging by any means. So, always try to add those points that can relate with the couple, allowing people to understand the love between them.

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Inspire Your Audience

Describe Your Feelings

Besides stating the nature and hobbies of the groom, it is also very important to let the people know what value he brings in your life as a friend. This part will define some instances where your best friend proved the hard mettle of friendship. You can further take this conversation forward by stating your thoughts about him. You can define how supportive he has always been in your life and why both of you are termed to be the best friends.

Just like the valedictorian speech, you can also define some good old school days’ stories in this part. This will precisely elaborate how long you two have been good friends with each other. It will make your speech more powerful, enabling people to understand why you were chosen to deliver these stunning notes on the wedding day. They will have a good idea about the brotherly feelings towards your friend, as how much important he is in your life.

Get a Second Opinion

Wedding day speech opinion

When delivering a wedding speech in front of the audience, you can also take some feedback from the other groom’s friends. It is a very nice tactic to know the opinions of other friends about him. This will bring more positive content in your speech, allowing you to present it with an added energy. And not just friends, but you can also call out some relatives from the family to share some thoughts. It will make your speech more inclusive, covering the opinions of different persons.

Though the feedback session will not be long, but it will still have a great impact on your speech. It is up to you how to maximize that impact while keeping your own view at the forefront. Keep in mind that these opinions should not be overlapped with your words. This often creates confusion among the people, taking out the transparency from the speech.

Don’t Make It Too Much Lengthy

Another thing you need to keep in mind is that your speech shouldn’t be very lengthy. The reason is that people do not like to listen to speeches spanning over hours. They want to listen to the thoughts that are concise but impactful. Especially on the occasions like weddings, people would like to listen more to the groom as compared to his friend. Therefore, try to make it short, so that people couldn’t get bored.

Generally, the best man speech should take around 15-20 minutes. This is the total time in which you have to quickly cover various points chalked out above. You can describe quickly about them by just stating a few lines, but make sure to deliver them with an impactful tone. 

Conclude with Strong Positive Words

Coming to the end, make sure to wrap everything in a positive manner. This last part could include several things defining the essence of your friendship with the groom. It should not be overly grossed, but very precise, so that your words can firmly illustrate the central idea of true friendship. Your tone will definitely play a huge role in this part, because it describes a bit of sentimental value.

A bit of humor could also be added to bring smiles on the faces of people, but make sure to use it with the right relevance. Besides that, the ending part must include some inspirational words. You can also add some good wishes for the upcoming married life of your friend. This will ensure to conclude the speech at a very positive note, defining your great spirit of friendship.

Short Best Man Speech Example for a Friend

“Celebrating the wedding day of my childhood friend, I want to say so many good things about him today. But, words are not enough to express my bond with him. He is not just a friend, but a brother to me. He has always stood up for me in difficult times, showing resilient support. I feel really humbled today to deliver this speech and really wish my friend to achieve everything he wants in life.

I will not take much of your time describing his every trait, but I must say that Andy is one of the kindest person I’ve ever met. Not just being a good friend, but he is also a good mentor who loves to help his friends in the time of need. Cutting everything short, I would like to wish Andy a very happy wedding. May he get all the good things in his long prosperous life.”

Final Words

That brings us to the end of this article in which we have discussed about best man speech in detail. It is certainly a very important speech that is only allotted to that person who is very close to the groom. Hence, it should be crafted very smartly, covering all the significant points that can describe the friendship and groom’s personality correctly.

If you are also looking for any agency that could help to write some great words about your friend, contact us today. Our writing experts will assist you to create a great speech that will get a wide applause at your buddy’s wedding.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who gives the best man speech?
The best man speech is always given by that person who is considered closest to the groom. He lets the people know about the tales of their friendship and other things in a very entertaining manner.
Why best friends are chosen to deliver the best man speech?
The best man speech is precisely delivered by the best friend of the groom. That is because he is termed closest to him. He can describe briefly about the personality of the groom, giving wedding attendees a very great presentation.
How to write a great best man speech?
To write a great best man speech, you need to consider various points. The most important among them is describing the friendship bond that exists between you and the groom. It will let the people know about your thoughts in a very sentimental manner.
What is the total time to deliver a best man speech?
Generally, the best man speech isn’t restricted to any time period. However, it is recommended to complete the speech in 15-20 minutes.
Where can I learn about the process of writing a best man speech?
There are various online speech writing websites available where you can find good learning resources. It also includes great tips about writing the best man speech for your closest childhood friend.
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