How to Write a Cover Letter: Tips & Examples for Beginners in 2023

econtentsol Published: February 16, 2023 16 min read

Understanding the Cover Letter Format and Its Importance in Detail

We all know that finding a job is not an easy task, especially when you are new in the field. There are various factors that you need to keep in mind while applying for your dream job, such as how to write a cover letter properly.

Many employers pay heavy attention towards these letters. It is a document that includes all the stuff about your educational background and skills. 

If you do not know how to write a cover letter yourself, you can always take assistance from different cover letter writing services available on the web.

Meanwhile, this blog will also be a perfect explainer for you.

In this blog, we’ll describe how to write a cover letter for a job application with no experience. We will let you know about its importance and why recruiters prefer it. But before that, let’s first understand what exactly a cover letter is. 

What is a Cover Letter?

A cover letter is a document that you submit to the employer alongside your resume. Its basic purpose is to describe your professional background and skills to the employers. By looking at it, they can understand better about your profile and capabilities.

It lets the employer know why you are capable for this job. People that have just graduated from college must need to prepare their cover letters smartly. It is something that defines their profile in an exquisite professional manner.  

Why is Cover Letter Important?

A cover letter is termed highly important because it is written with a professional outline. It is a one-page document that provides a complete look into your profile. This document lets the employer know about your skills and capabilities in the field.

 It helps them to know about the applicant’s background at a first glance. That is the core reason why cover letters are regarded highly important. It offers a complete look into your professional profile perfectly at a first look. 

Different Cover Letter Formats You Need to Know About

Cover letters are differentiated into many types depending upon the usage requirements. Here are some of the important cover letter examples that are used by professionals around the world.

Application Cover Letter Format

It is the most common type of cover letter used by people to apply for a job. It contains a simple outline that defines the background, approach and skills of the candidate. 

Most of the companies usually ask for this type of cover letter. It is a standard format that provides to-the-point information about the candidate. 

Referral Cover Letter Format

Just as the name suggests, this type of cover letter provides a reference of a current employee. It highlights that you are referred by a person who is currently working in the company. This improves your chances of hiring, provided you have got the right skills. 

Letter of Interest

This type of letter is quite different from the other types. It is used to inquire about the positions currently opened in the company. This allows you to know about the description of the job and whether it will suit you or not.

It is not much preferred by the applicants, but it is termed beneficial for the employers. Many employers utilize these letters to narrow down the candidate pool. This precisely helps to know that a person is interested and willing to join the company.

Value Proposition Letter

It is a type of letter that helps you to get distinguished among others. It lets the employers know that you are a perfect fit for this job. This letter is usually written in a short format explaining some specific points about your profile and skills. 

If you have the right attitude and skill set, this letter will help you to stand out from others. It allows you to describe your profile by adding a perfect flair of creativity.  

What to Include in a Cover Letter: Specific Points to Consider

Here are some specific tips that will let you know how to write a cover letter. Whether you are writing a cover letter for a teacher or an internship, these tips will bring a strong impression in your document.

  • Start your cover letter by directly addressing the hiring manager or HR representative.
  • Provide a personalized introduction of yourself to the hiring manager.
  • Mention your background briefly and write about the job you are applying for.
  • If you have any prior experience, mention it precisely in the start to make an impact.
  • Let the manager know that you are excited for this job and ready to take on challenges.
  • Write starting words that can represent your profile with maturity and smartness.
  • Do not add any irrelevant thing that can distract the hiring manager sitting at the other end.   

How to Write a Cover Letter Explaining Complete Details

Writing a cover letter can be a bit of a daunting task. Here are the few steps that will let you know how to write a cover letter defining your skills and capabilities. Let’s take a look at them below.

Pick the Right Cover Letter Template

First of all, it is quite important to pick the right cover letter that meets the employer’s requirements. Many times, people go wrong picking up the incorrect template that doesn’t fit with the job positions. It simply eradicates their chances of getting hired even before being called to interview.

Knowing the specifics, you need to pick the right template that could make your profile recognizable. It is something that must be considered keeping in view the basics of your job type. It will allow your resume to get shortlisted easily, provided it has listed the right skills.

Greet the Manager / HR Personal 

Now, it’s time to start your application by greeting the manager. This section requires you to write personalized lines that can impress the manager to shortlist your resume. It could be done by directly addressing the person at the start. This will give him/her a stunning personal greeting right from the beginning. 

But, wait, you must be thinking how should I know the name of the hiring person? Well, it is quite simple.

You can search the name of a hiring manager by visiting different social media platforms. LinkedIn precisely helps you to find names of the employees working in a particular organization. This way you will know the name of that person and what letter type he/she is looking for.

Analyze Different Cover Letter Samples to Write Introduction

After greeting the manager energetically, it is now time to introduce yourself. It is a very important section and must be written very carefully keeping different points in mind. It portrays your whole image and gives employers an idea about your personality.

Try to be persuasive and creative while writing this section. You can see various examples of cover letters in this regard. These examples will help you to know about the outline and intro writing style. It is a section that helps employers to shortlist applicants based on their introduction given at the start. 

Meanwhile, some people still don’t know how to write a cover letter with a perfect introduction. It is something that starts to build value for your profile. It provides your strong impression and encourages the employers to shortlist your profile.

Learn How to Write a Cover Letter Explaining Your Capabilities

Now, you have to detail all your skills and capabilities to the employers. This section needs to be very strong and must provide detailed knowledge about yourself. 

If you are good at marketing or administration, define it perfectly to impress the employer. It is quite necessary in terms of getting selected and hired for a relevant position.

Define Why You Fit for This Job

Moving on to writing a cover letter, you now have to explain why you fit perfect for this job. It is a question that needs to be answered in a creative manner. Today, every company looks for those people that are unique and can take their business to new heights.

Therefore, you can establish a good point here illustrating your skills for the job. It can help you to win the employer’s confidence as well as the desired job. 

Wrap Up with a Call to Action

Now, you need to throw a perfect wrap up of the whole explanation given above. This section will discuss those things that could not find much space in the above points. You can also re-emphasize some facts here explaining your skill set for the job. This will give a perfect end to the whole application.

Meanwhile, this section will also include some sort of call to action message. This will include a sentence that will prompt the manager to have a relook at your application. Furthermore, it will include some personalized lines that will help you to grab the employer’s attention.

Cover Letter

Grab employer’s attention with a professionally written cover letter!

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Do’s and Don’ts While Writing a Cover Letter

There are some points that need to be considered while writing a cover letter. Here are some specific points that can help you to write a perfect cover letter.


  • You must need to make a statement defining why you need this job. It lets the employer know that you are willing to join the company offering your dedicated skills.
  • Try to write to-the-point cover letters. This practice allows the employer to read your document at a first glance. Moreover, it helps to make your document clean providing the exact profile details easily.
  • You need to convince the employer that you are a perfect fit for this job. This allows him to build confidence in your resume, provided you listed the right skills. 
  • Use powerful words to define your background, giving employers a solid view of your profile.
  • Try to greet the hiring manager energetically, so that he can build a positive view about yourself. This is a good practice because it increases your chances of hiring.


  • Don’t try to be funny in your cover letter. It is a practice that can irritate your employer and can build a negative view about yourself.
  • Do not always send a generic cover letter. You need to make sure to submit a personalized and focused cover letter to the employer. This will help him/her to get the answers easily. 
  • Always remember to understand the template if you don’t know how to write a cover letter for a CV. Sometimes, people prepare wrong cover letters that simply go in vain without having a look.
  • Don’t try to distract the employer with any irrelevant information. It is necessary to define what he/she wants in your document. You can find out the requirements by visiting the company’s website or official pages on LinkedIn, Facebook etc. 
  • Do not write cover letters with a flat or casual tone. It makes your document less interesting for everyone.

How to Write a Cover Letter Template With No Experience

If you don’t know how to write a cover letter for a resume, this example will give you a perfect view. It will define the outline and template you need to write a smart cover letter easily.

“Dear Mr. Johnson,

I am writing this letter to express my interest in the vacancy of Junior marketing assistant at your company.

I have done my graduation in marketing and I am keen to join your company as an executive. I feel that your company provides growth and learning to dedicated individuals. It will be a good opportunity for me to explore new horizons of marketing with your company and am pretty sure that you will provide me a chance. 

I have a solid educational foundation for furthering projects that can help in your business growth. Therefore, it would be a nice opportunity for me to work in your organization and help it grow substantially.. 

Please review my application and consider me for this job. I have attached my resume in the application as well. You can get a brief overview about my educational background by looking at it. 

Do not hesitate to reach me out if you have any questions to ask about my education. I would be eager to meet you to discuss more about this vacancy.

Thanking you,

John Doe.”

How to Write a Cover Letter for an Internship

Here is how you can write a cover letter for an internship defining your educational background and skills.

“Dear Mr. Johnson,

I have been following your company for a long time and am pretty excited to see the opening of an administration internship in your office. I really feel that an opportunity to work with your company would be a career booster for me. My educational background and different academic projects will be helpful for me to fulfil this role.

I know that your company is looking for a talented individual with diverse working capabilities. I assure that my skills will prove to be a perfect selection for this job. 

Having the expertise in the administration field, I am confident that I will be able to surpass expectations and make substantial growth for the company.

In closing, I am pretty excited about this opportunity and want to join your organization immediately. I look forward to hearing more from you soon.


John Doe.”

Checklist to Write a Resume Cover Letter Template with No Experience

The below given checklist will help you to know about how to write a cover letter including some specific points. Let’s take a look at them and understand their importance below.

  • Include all the essential information about yourself in the cover letter, such as full name, birthdate, phone number and more others.
  • Always ensure to address the right person knowing his/her name and exact designation.
  • Provide some catchy lines in your introductory paragraph. This will start your cover letter with a gentle tone, building a good impression for your profile.
  • Try to convey your achievements in simple words. This will include your academic projects and other similar achievements.
  • Must need to explain that you are a right fit for this job. You need to convince the employer that you have the required skills to become a good professional.
  • Try to explain what you like about the company and why you want to join it as soon as possible.
  • Give your conclusion a smart ending. Provide some personalized catchy lines explaining your objective and vision for the company.

Summarizing Up!

That takes us to the end of this blog in which we have discussed how to write a cover letter having no experience. It is one of the most asked questions by the new graduates around the world. People are sometimes quite confused about it, especially when they are not much experienced in the field.

This article would have given you a good overview about the specific points of the cover letter. It will help you to write a perfect document that can impress any employer, provided you have the right skills.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How to write a good cover letter for a teaching job?
It is quite necessary to know how to write a cover letter for a teaching job. You need to mention the educational background, skills and relevant experience perfectly in the letter.
2. What points to remember when writing a cover letter?
There are some major points that you need to remember while writing a cover letter. This includes the usage of tone, letter outline, strong words and other similar attributes.
3. Where can I find cover letter examples?
You can find different types of cover letter examples on Google and other search engines. It is the best way to find different types of outline for cover letters that suit best according to your requirements.
4. How to write a cover letter with no experience in the field?
As a fresher, you need to mention your educational background and skills in the cover letter. You can also include your academic projects to make it more persuasive and strong.
5. How to write a cover letter for an internship?
You can write a cover letter for an internship by detailing your educational background and skills. Meanwhile, also remember to use strong keywords and attention grabbing lines while writing these details.
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