50+ Popular Argumentative Speech Topic Ideas for Public Debate

econtentsol Published: December 8, 2023 13 min read

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Take a Look at the Most Important Topics for an Argumentative Speech
What is an Argumentative Speech?
Key Points to Make Any Argumentative Speech Impactful
How to Select an Argumentative Speech Topic
50+ Best Argumentative Speech Topic Ideas
Frequently Asked Questions
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Take a Look at the Most Important Topics for an Argumentative Speech

Having a healthy public debate is always considered good for the betterment of a society. As an educated citizens, we need to understand that everyone has their own opinion which should be respected in a social speech or debate. The arguments made with a positive mindset always helps to make things clear. They are not intended to add any feud, instead they allow us to understand things in a positive manner. It is therefore advised to always come up with those argumentative speech topic ideas that can work for the betterment of our society.

Sometimes, people think that debating on these topics is not a good practice. They imply that these topics are a bit controversial, so it is better to stay away from them. This is certainly an overestimation, because every topic needs to be discussed properly. The points or arguments made on them could be controversial, so we have to manage that on our own. This just does not disregards the importance of   argumentative speeches that provides a good platform for constructive talks.

In this blog, we will look into this matter in detail, and will enlist some unique argumentative speech topic ideas as well. It will therefore be a good read for the speakers who are looking to give speech on any socially hot topic. Let us first start from the basics understanding what argumentative speeches are.

What is an Argumentative Speech?

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Argumentative speeches are quite different from the conventional speeches. They are not centered around a normal topic, but a very special one that is often debated by the people with heated arguments. That is why these speeches are called a little bit controversial and must be written by taking professional speech writing services. It touches down to those topics that usually become a point of concern in the society. No one wants to give any verdict on them, which is why they remain unsolved for years.

The argumentative speech makes sure to highlight key points that are forcefully not discussed in routine. It is indeed a constructive speech that do not targets any one separately. Instead, the speech tries to find the answer of that question which is usually intentionally ignored by the people. A person who is delivering this speech tries to come up with strong points that can make his case solid in the event. He is also ready to face counters on this speech, as answers for them are already devised accordingly.

Generally, argumentative speeches are based on political topics, because they are discussed widely among the people. This is the reason why these speeches are a bit controversial, but fruitful as well. Besides that, argumentative speeches also touches down to other important topics related to religion, society injustice, relationships, national economics and more others.

Key Points to Make Any Argumentative Speech Impactful

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Crafting a topic for an argumentative speech is easy, but making it impactful is quite difficult. This is one of those points where many speakers struggle. They simply do not know how to make persuasive speeches impactful, and get attention towards it.

If you are also struggling with a similar kind of problem, take a look at the points defined below. It will help you to craft an argumentative speech strongly, addressing all the pain points of audience and your desired topic.

Highlight Strong Arguments

The first thing that is very important in argumentative speeches is the presentation of pain points. These are the facts that will garner attention of everyone. If you will present them in a strong manner, then your speech will surely turn the heads instantly. People really like to listen some important points that could derive some solution in these type of speeches. They want to know the root of a problem, and how it should be addressed in an appropriate manner. Being a speaker, it is your responsibility to highlight these points strongly, so that your speech can get attention.

Ideally, the arguments should be dispersed in different part of your speech. You can place some of them at the start, and then at the middle to make your speech impactful. These arguments should be defined in a manner that can change the perspective of listeners. It should invoke some questions in their mind, and build curiosity for different things that look normal in routine.

If you are able to do this thing smartly, then your speeches will become a talking point in the social circuits. The strong arguments will be discussed among many people, making your speech viral in the market. However, if your points are weak and lame, then no one will pay attention to it. So, try to build your speech on strong arguments, as it always helps to highlight your words.

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Research Extensively

Just like a valedictorian speech, creating an argumentative speech after extensive research is considered very important. In fact, this principle stands true for all types of speeches and debates you want to give in public. A comprehensive research allows you to know different types of market perspectives. It does not limits you in one side of thinking. Instead, it opens up the mind, allowing you to think smartly with a broader viewpoint. This research would definitely take a bit of time, but will also ensure to prepare your speech covering all the key points.

There are various sources where you can get plenty of material for argumentative speeches. First up, you need to research on Google, as it is hub of every information you are looking for. The search engine allows you to see content from different sources and build a cohesive perspective according to that. It simplifies your searches as well by providing pinpoint results that suits to your requirements.

Besides Google and other search engine, you can take help from books to get a deep view about any topic. It is certainly the oldest, yet a fully tested method to get good results in researching. Nowadays, you can also ream them online in the form of eBooks. They offer a broader look into any story that requires good research from the start.

Build a Strong Thesis

Next up, you need to build a strong thesis to make your argumentative speech impactful. A thesis always contains important points that can get the attention of people. It basically deliver your message, or a solution for a given problem. Since, argumentative speeches are particularly based on public problems, it is important for you to present a solution after completing the thesis perfectly. It helps you to build a foundation for answers backed by real world stats and figures. This is how people show more interest in your answers, especially if they are related to their core social problems.

To build a strong thesis, you would have to again depend on a strong market research. It is certainly the biggest way to find hidden answers in the market. The sources would remain the same that have been defined above, however, make sure to use books more to gain deep topic insights. Generally, thesis requires you to read books in detail, so that you can understand the subject from every point of view.

The strong points derived through thesis should be documented in a sequential manner. It gives you ease to describe them one by one while being engaged in the conversation. Just like salutatorian speech, it is the best way to define your arguments in an organized manner, so that everyone in the hall can understand your key observations about the topic properly.

How to Select an Argumentative Speech Topic

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Occasionally, you might engage in debates adopting views that don’t align with your personal beliefs. This is perfectly acceptable; constructing a persuasive argument doesn’t necessarily require wholehearted agreement with the presented ideas.

Nevertheless, when afforded the freedom to choose a topic, it is advisable to select something you hold a strong conviction about. A well-crafted argumentative speech hinges on two crucial elements: a firm position and a collection of supporting evidence. Opting for a topic that genuinely interests and impassions you not only facilitates the process of finding corroborating evidence but underscores the paramount importance of the evidence itself.

In selecting a topic, consider subjects that evoke strong emotions, whether positive or negative. Create a list of potential ideas, then refine it to a few key topics. From there, elaborate on these chosen topics by outlining specific points you intend to address.

50+ Best Argumentative Speech Topic Ideas

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To make a strong mark with your argumentative speech, you need to select a very catchy topic. It should be picked keeping the problems of the society in mind. People usually engage more in these kinds of discussion, as it is related directly with their lives.

If you do not know which type of topics should be preferred for argumentative dialogs, take a look at the argumentative speech topic ideas given below. We have dissected them into different categories, so that you can understand which topic suits best for a particular social speech. Let’s take a quick look at them below.


  1. The Impact of Globalization on National Sovereignty
  2. The Role of International Organizations in Shaping World Policies
  3. Cybersecurity Threats in a Globalized World
  4. Nuclear Proliferation and the Quest for Global Security
  5. Human Rights Violations: Balancing Sovereignty and Intervention
  6. Climate Change as a Global Political Challenge
  7. The Rise of Populism and its Effects on International Relations
  8. The Role of Economic Sanctions in Influencing Global Politics
  9. The Power Dynamics in International Alliances
  10. Migration and its Impact on Global Political Landscapes
  11. The Ethics of Military Interventions in Foreign Conflicts
  12. Technological Espionage and International Relations
  13. The Geopolitics of Energy Resources: Challenges and Opportunities
  14. Diplomacy in the Digital Age: Navigating International Relations Online
  15. The Role of Soft Power in Shaping Global Perceptions of Nations


  1. The Impact of Technology on Mental Health in the Digital Age
  2. Universal Healthcare: Necessity or Luxury?
  3. The Role of Nutrition Education in Preventing Chronic Diseases
  4. Mental Health Stigma: Breaking the Silence
  5. The Ethics of Genetic Engineering in Human Health
  6. Access to Healthcare: Bridging the Global Health Disparities
  7. Vaccination Mandates and Public Health
  8. The Effectiveness of Alternative Medicine in Health Maintenance
  9. Obesity Epidemic: Causes, Consequences, and Solutions
  10. The Influence of Social Media on Body Image and Mental Health
  11. Aging Population: Challenges and Opportunities for Healthcare Systems
  12. Mental Health in the Workplace: Breaking the Taboos
  13. The Opioid Crisis: Addressing Addiction as a Public Health Issue
  14. Telemedicine: Revolutionizing Healthcare Delivery
  15. Health Education in Schools: Fostering a Lifelong Wellness Culture


  1. The Impact of Religion on Gender Equality
  2. Freedom of Religion vs. Religious Extremism: Striking a Balance
  3. Secularism and its Role in Modern Societies
  4. Religious Pluralism: Embracing Diversity in Belief Systems
  5. The Intersection of Politics and Religion: Challenges and Solutions
  6. The Role of Religion in Shaping Ethical Values
  7. Rituals and Traditions: Cultural Significance and Adaptation in Modern Times
  8. Religious Freedom in the 21st Century: A Global Perspective
  9. The Influence of Religion on Environmental Ethics
  10. Atheism and Agnosticism: Exploring Non-Religious Perspectives
  11. Religious Fundamentalism: Balancing Faith and Open-mindedness
  12. The Impact of Technology on Religious Practices
  13. Religious Texts: Interpretation and Adaptation in Contemporary Contexts
  14. Religion and Education: Navigating Faith in Academic Settings


  1. Standardized Testing: Assessing Learning or Inhibiting Creativity?
  2. Educational Inequality: Bridging the Gap in Access and Quality
  3. The Role of Technology in Modern Education: Boon or Bane?
  4. Overemphasis on Grades: Rethinking the Evaluation System
  5. School Funding Disparities: Addressing the Resource Gap
  6. The Impact of Teacher Burnout on Student Success
  7. Inclusive Education: Fostering Diversity in the Classroom
  8. The Pros and Cons of Homework: Striking a Balance
  9. Early Childhood Education: Investing in the Foundation of Learning
  10. The Role of Standardized Curricula in Hindering Creativity
  11. The Importance of Arts and Humanities in a STEM-Dominated Curriculum
  12. Student Loan Debt Crisis: Navigating the Challenges of Higher Education Financing

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an argumentative speech?
An argumentative speech is a type of speaking in which you talk on a subject that is not frequently discussed in the society. They are a bit controversial, but still needs our attention to answer a few questions that are very important. 
Which type of topics can be discussed in an argumentative speech?
You can discuss different types of topics in an argumentative speech. A lot of people usually discuss politics, but you can also pick topics related to health, science, economics, religion and more others.
How to write an argumentative speech?
To write an argumentative speech, you need to keep in mind some important points. First of all, you need to conduct a comprehensive research, then you would need to put in strong points in the speech that can define your narrative about any controversial topic.

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Final Words

That takes us to the end of this blog in which we have discussed different types of argumentative speech topic ideas in detail. It is certainly very important to have a debate on these topics. It will help to break the taboo of not discussing complex things that are often intentionally ignored by the people. This blog has highlighted some important topics that needs our attention, especially the ones related to politics.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for an agency that could help you to craft impactful argumentative speeches, get in touch with us today. We can help you to create all types of speeches, rightly as per the needed requirements.

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