9 Great Article Writing Tips for Beginners

econtentsol Published: December 7, 2020 7 min read

9 Great Article Writing Tips for Beginners

When it comes to creative content, there are no set rules or algorithms to follow. So how do beginners start to write articles?

This blog will provide you with a list of nine excellent article writing tips for beginners. By incorporating these tips in your article, you can make your content more engaging. Also, this will help you build a positive image of your brand.

Conduct Extensive Research

article writing tips for beginners

Don’t just read other content for enjoyment, in fact, notice the amount of research that was done to produce an article which was informative for you. Research various pieces of content to obtain facts and ideas. Then use these facts and figures to make your article a well-researched one.

Research will give you plenty of ideas to write about. Besides, you can use the information you gained during research to express it in your style. Also, research is even more important for reasons other than those listed above.

Here’s another crucial reason why research is important before starting an article. Imagine that you write a creative article that many readers read, but the information you conveyed was inaccurate. This would result in you losing out on your audience because they were misguided through your content.

This will turn out to be a nightmare, which will tarnish your company’s reputation and hurt your career. So try being as accurate as you can in conveying facts and figures. Besides, you will also need to source information as it will help build more accuracy. Accuracy is essential when it comes to building trust with readers.

 Read, Read and Read

Writers must learn to love reading. Reading is essential for obtaining familiarity in the niche or field of writing you will focus on. Furthermore, reading good content triggers good writing skills that pay off.

So read a lot of creative content to gain familiarity with the niches you will focus on.

Start with A Concise and Easy to Read Introduction

The reader will be skimming through the article to decide whether to read the entire content or not. An introduction that is too lengthy and difficult to understand will only drive the reader away.

An enormous opening paragraph will damage your chances of impressing the reader and fail at convincing anyone to read the entire content.  Likewise, a lengthy introduction will put up a wall, which will not only require a lot of time and energy, but the majority of readers won’t even bother to read.

At any time, have your opening short and attractive accordingly. A short paragraph like one or two sentences means the time to skim the paragraph will be almost equal to reading it. So this is how you start by making your article more engaging.

Short Paragraphs and Attractive Visuals Impress Readers

Dense paragraphs not accompanied by attractive visuals make readers lose interest. Shorter paragraphs are more focused on critical points and make engaging easier.

Remember, writing can still be formal and reflective of a great writer with short paragraphs because short does not necessarily imply a weak feature.  In short, it means you focus on being precise.

Attractive visuals are another feature that makes your article beautiful and increases its readability. Use images that are effective even though simple as long as they clearly explain the point you are trying to convey.

Quick Tip: Convey the Relevant Information You Promised

The last thing you want is an article that needlessly wanders and does not convey the relevant information. Don’t write an article that is full of charming words but without a point and meaning.

Always focus on providing the information you promised in the headings. Make your article explicitly designed to convey this particular information. The reader will stay longer and read the article until the end.

Tell Your Reader a Great Story

The universal nature of human behavior is they love stories. They always respond to a story that thrills, excites, or generates interest.

Bring your article to life by capitalizing on this factor. Make a move to generate the reader’s interest by telling or sharing an interesting story that either recounts an event or shares facts.

Successful article writers always use a brilliant story to illustrate their points. Using a short and simple story, to keep the reader interested in your article till the very end.

If your article lacks a story, it runs the danger of becoming a dry piece of content that many readers don’t like to read.

Identify Your Target Audience

Merely writing content for the sake of writing does not produce positive results. Your writing needs to establish a close relationship with readers.

How is this relationship established? by giving them content they actually want. This will only be possible if you successfully identify their needs.

So always try to identify the target audience and their needs before you write. Once your audience is identified, you will be able to write on topics and present them via ideas that appeal and impress your readers.

Adopt a Simple Language

Some writers like to demonstrate their language and linguistic prowess by using difficult words and jargon. This may impress a learned reader but is more likely to turn away the majority of the readers.

Successful article writers know how to utilize a writing style that is simple and easy to understand. Readers will stay longer on your page if they can understand the information you present.

Readers will never invest more time in trying to read an article which they cannot understand. Use simple language in your article to keep the readers engaged. However, be careful there are no grammatical errors in your content.

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A must follow article writing tip for beginners: Avoid Keyword Stuffing

Keywords do have the power to add value to your content and get them ranked. However, resorting to keyword stuffing will only invite opposite results.

Keyword stuffing reflects an article that is a dubious piece of content. It is more likely not to be trusted by the search engines. Even a human reader will find it odd and may not develop a positive image of your brand.

You will lose conversion rate and SERP ranking. Google’s actions will result in a drop in page views. Readers will bounce off your article quickly, and this will lead to search engines penalizing your page.


The elements that constitute a useful article are well defined, and you can always learn to write a good article with practice. Since this blog was meant to give you the best article writing tips for beginners, try incorporating them into your next article for better results.

If you are a beginner, remember, good content isn’t easy and takes time, but yields positive results. It would help if you focused more on the topic and then the technique. The right techniques have the power to make an article successful.

These nine article writing tips for beginners will help create a strong article. A strong article is essential and valuable as it changes minds and helps businesses gain followers. It also demands and earns more respect. If you’re still confused and want to know what a great article looks like? Ask our experts to write down one for you.