7 Tips on How to Write a Listicle Article Perfectly

econtentsol Published: April 22, 2024 16 min read

Create Quality Listicle Blogs by Following the Tips Defined Below

It is a known fact that people love listicles because they are a lot easier to read. These type of articles generally get more attention as compared to any plain stuff. The information provided in these articles are simpler to understand because of their straightforward approach. Being a marketing or tech writer, it is important for you to know how to write a listicle article perfectly. It can make your content organized with a structured approach, as well as can also give it more reading time on the internet.

Unfortunately, many people do not have the right knowledge about professional article writing services. They lack with the basics of writing, such as how to structure a content, what points should be included, etc. Most of these people are beginners or starters in the field. They do not know what type of things bring more engagement, or how an article could be made appealing according to the requirements of the targeted audience.

If you are also one of them who is having similar type of problems, this detailed blog will definitely prove to be a good read for you. It will let you know how to write a listicle article enlisting all the important points related to any specific topic. You can use these tips to curate any type of article, no matter which industry or category it is related to.

Let’s first understand why listicle articles are popular in the market, and how they can help to structure the content better as compared to other blog writing methods.

Why Listicle Articles Are Popular?

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It has been noticed that listicle articles are more popular in the market as compared to other content types. The reason for that is simple i.e. listicle articles are easier to understand. The structuring of listicle articles allows people to easily look into different parts carrying specific information. This enables them to understand each part precisely without going into any confusion. Many article types do not provide this simplicity which is why they look a bit difficult to the readers.

The ease of reading and structuring of listicle articles also provides great results for the search engine ranking. According to a report, Google prefers to rank those articles that are written with a clean and neat structure. In this case, listicle articles become very important as their structuring is quite simple and easy to understand. They easily come into the notice of Google crawlers which precisely allows them to get ranked on top pages.

Besides that, there are also many advantages of listicle articles. These benefits make them highly popular among the content writers related to every background. The writers associated with ecommerce sector especially curate their articles in a listicle style due to this very fact. They know that listicle articles will provide them a better chance to get ranked on Google, that too in a quick scale of time.

Important Tips to Write a Listicle

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Many budding writers often ask how to write a listicle article appropriately. They face various types of difficulties while writing these articles, such as structuring, keywords positioning and more others. If you are also having similar type of difficulties while writing listicle articles, take a look at the tips given below.

These little tips will let you know how to write an article according to the given requirements. You can create and customize any point by using these tips, as they are termed equivalent for all types of blogs and articles. Let’s take a look at them in detail below.

Build a Structured Plan on Paper First

Everything starts from the paper, no matter how small or lengthy the process is. Not just an article, but the planning of every content piece starts from a pen and paper. It is a practice followed by all the seasoned and professional content writers. They know that the structuring of a content requires a brief charting on the paper first. This charting helps to collect different points and information later while writing the article. It allows people to better understand the process, no matter how long or complicated it is.

Unfortunately, many beginners do not pay attention to this fact. They start writing an article without creating any structure or table of content on a paper first. These beginners rely on random articles found on the internet for the curation of their own content. This type of writing generally looks random; hence their probability to get more clicks or reading time become less as compared to more organized listicle articles. It could be said that the efforts put into these random articles goes into vain regardless of the content length or quality you’ve infused in them.

To avoid getting into this muddle, try to build a plan first onto a separate paper. This will serve as a reminder to put different points into the content while you’ll be working on an article. It helps to create a working plan at the first stage, so that you can focus more on developing a perfect content according to the given requirements.

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Use a Compelling Title to Grab Attention

Using a strong title for your listicle article is a must to do thing. It is considered an essential technique to grab users’ attention right at a first glance. We all know how competitive it is to rank an article on Google and then increase the CTR rate through it. Many listicles, despite being well written, often fail to get more clicks due to having a plain/simple title. It is basically the first thing that comes into the notice of people; hence it should be smartly written using catchy words to grab their attention.

Looking at the current types of copywriting used in the industry, it is indeed an art to write catchy content and titles for a given topic. The users are mostly attracted by looking at the titles first appearing in the Google results. It gives them an idea about what would be inside the article, and whether it is worth clicking or not. The below given meta description also plays a significant role in solidifying their interest, as it also contains a little summary about the content of a relevant blog.

So, if you want to grab the eyeballs of the people searching on Google instantly, use catchy or clickbait titles. It is a very important technique recommended by all the copywriting and blogging experts. It works well for all types of listicles, especially for the blogs written on tourism and travelling.

Check Your Title’s Relevancy with the Lists

It has been noticed a lot of times that the titles of listicles are not relevant to their inside content list. This could be also flipped to another way that lists are also misdirected with the relevancy of the titles. Either way, it looks like a very bad practice that precisely takes all the value out of the content. A good reader can quickly identify this misdirection at the first glance of reading. He/she can recognize that the lists or titles are not connected with each other, and the article is purely written with the fluff technique to increase word count length.

This type of practice generally makes the whole content useless for the readers. Instead of getting attracted, they bounce out from the listicles due to getting confused in the content. This creates repercussions for not only traffic, but for SEO results as well. When Google sees any irrelevant content written just for the sake of words, it automatically puts a red flag on the quality of the content. This action takes the ranking of an article down, no matter how long it is written with primary/secondary keywords.

It is therefore advised to always check the relevancy of your title with the lists and inner content. Any ambiguity in them will only put a negative sign on your article and will take its position down to the far lower search engine pages.

Highlight Important Lists

The next thing that is important in creating a listicle article is the plotting of list. It is a crucial practice that lets you know how many bullet points will be created to cover the required subject in the content. This practice relates with the above point, as it also emphasizes to build a listicle plan at the first stage. The list curated in this step will be used to elaborate different points later in the article. Hence, it is advised to create the list correctly, so that you can later define the things appropriately in the article.    

Meanwhile, it is also recommended to research extensively before creating the list. It helps to get plenty of information about what others are writing and how they have created the given content list to cover the required information. You can find variety of listicles in this regard on Google and other search engines. It is considered to be a great technique to find those articles that are getting users attention. You can certainly extract some good information from these articles, provided you are searching with the right intent.

If you will not create a correct list, then all of your cornerstone content could become useless for the readers. The reason is that this list will not answer the required questions which will eventually force the readers to bounce out of your site. So, to make your content engaging and worth to read, always try to assemble the list correctly according to the requirements. This will enhance your article’s chances to get better traffic as well as continuous engagement from the web users.

Include Important Takeaways

To make your listicle article valuable for the readers, try to add important takeaways in each of its bullet points. It is termed a very good technique to grab reader’s attention. Not just for the listicles, but this practice is considered pretty good for all types of content pieces. It lets the people know about some valuable facts, precisely in a summarized form. These facts and figures helps to bring more effectiveness in your content, allowing people to understand some hard points easily.

Meanwhile, it is also up to the writers to structure these takeaways in a variety of manners. For instance, many people like to make sub heads of important takeaways. They like to describe these important points in a more detailed manner to make them better understandable for the users. This obviously increases the length of the article, but it also ensures to describe the takeaways in a significant manner.

Some writers also prefer to add these points at the end of the article. This works like a fitting conclusion to a detailed listicle guide. Using this technique, you can once again grab the attention of the readers at the end of the content. A lot of times, people forget about few crucial points while skimming through the content. This is certainly a good practice to remind them about the missing points. You can add these takeaways in the form of bullet points, or could also use little descriptions to define your thoughts.

Use In-depth Analysis

It is said that listicle articles should be created with in-depth analysis to offer strong impact to the readers. The articles curated with strong prewriting strategies enhances the value of the content. It makes their reading more interesting, provided all the true facts are included in the content. Adding more informational content also helps to rank the article on top of search engine pages. The algorithm of Google and other search engines pay more attention to those articles that are defined in great detail. These listicles have more chances to get ranked on top pages, provided they have also used the keywords appropriately in the overall content.

To provide in-depth analysis in your listicle articles, you need to be good at researching. Basically, you have to look into the given topic with different aspects to cover everything in detail. This will require in-depth researching from the web, as well as books available in the market. You can find plenty of information from both of these resources according to the given requirements.

Just make sure to extract the precised points from these sources, as you cannot add any random fluff in your article. It has been noticed that listicles with specific yet detailed information gathers more eyeballs as compared to other articles. People like to read these details with more interest, provided they are related to their reading niche.

Add Subheads Where Necessary

It is also important to add subheads in your article to make its content briefer. Sometimes, the listicles cannot be defined in just one heading as their large content requires structuring into subheads. It provides many advantages in the organization of articles. You can write different parts in the subheads that comes under the umbrella of main heading. This allows readers to understand the whole context one by one. It is a practice followed in most of the listicles that are written in the form of guide or long listed blogs.

The subheadings also come handy when you have to define multiple points or process inside a single heading. Many tech articles are written using this technique to cover a broader topic in detail. It allows writers to divide a long-length brief into multiple parts, so that readers can easily understand their whole context. It makes the listicles more simplified, provided you have also kept the tone and content of the article easy to read. 

Besides tech, those articles that are defining some process also use subheads to make the content better understandable. They divide each step into bullet points or subheads to bring clarity in the content. This way, everything can be defined properly in the content, allowing readers to feel more ease in finding the right information at the right place.

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Listicles can be written on any topic as far as you have got the right knowledge of its structure. Many beginners often ask what type of topics should be chosen for listicles. They remain confused with the selection of topics, as how to write a listicle that can briefly discuss the most common problems of any industry.

If you are also facing difficulties to select the right for listicles, take a look at some of the example below. These topics are generally picked based on the queries searched commonly by the people on Google and other search engines. You can pick anyone of them based on your preferences, or could also craft a new topic looking similar to them.

Listicle Examples for Students

If you are a student, you should write listicle articles on topics that are basic in nature. Here are some beginner level topics that are termed good to start with.

  1. 10 Tips for Becoming a Good Student
  2. 5 Ways to Enhance Your Learning Skills
  3. 7 Things to Remember While Preparing for Exams
  4. 6 Tips to Enhance Your Writing Skills
  5. 5 Tips for Choosing the Right Career
  6. 10 Best Ideas for Launching a Startup
  7. 7 Ways to Get Good Marks in Exams
  8. 5 Benefits of Doing Short Courses in Summers
  9. 6 Advantages to Learn Java Programming
  10. How to Debug an Application in 7 Simple Ways?

Listicle Ideas for Ecommerce

Writing listicles on ecommerce industry can be a cumbersome task for some individuals. However, if you have the right knowledge about most in-demand topics, then you can certainly get tons of engagement from the web. Here are some topics that will help your article to get that attention easily.

  1. 6 Proven Steps to Build an Ecommerce Store
  2. How to Prepare for Holidays: 8 Tips to Get Massive Sales
  3. 5 Key Woocommerce Plugins You Must Need to Have
  4. 8 Important Driving Factors for an Ecommerce Business
  5. 6 Things to Remember Before Launching an Ecommerce Store
  6. 7 Catchy WordPress Themes You Should Know About
  7. How to Create an Ecommerce Store in 5 Simple Steps?
  8. 5 Important Widgets to Consider for Woocommerce Development
  9. 15 Products Your Store Should Have for Halloween
  10. How to Market Your Ecommerce Store in 6 Different Ways?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a listicle article?
A listicle article is a specific type of blog in which different points related to the topic are defined in a list. This makes easy for readers to understand everything written in the form of lists in the respective blog.
Why are listicle articles so much popular?
Listicle articles are so much popular because people like to read them regularly. It provides an easy way to check out different options defined in a list, rather than reading headings with lengthy paragraphs in a blog.
Which type of blogs can written as listicle articles?
You can write different types of blogs in the form of listicles. From electronic gadgets to food blogs, there are so many categories that can be covered using the structure of listicle articles.

Final Words

That brings us to the end of this blog in which we have discussed how to write a listicle article in a proper manner. These blogs are loved by the majority of people due to their easy content structuring. They offer a simple listicle view of the topic that makes easy for everyone to understand the blog context. For the convenience of beginners, we have described various tips to write these listicle articles. Furthermore, the blog has also defined some examples that could be used for listicle article writing.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for an agency that could help you to write quality listicle articles on different types of topics, get in touch with us today. We have got an experienced team of writers ready to assist you in crafting quality listicle blogs on the latest industry topics. 

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