7 Creative Types of Copywriting You Must Know About

econtentsol Published: June 14, 2021 9 min read

 Understanding the Major Types of Copywriting in Detail

In the last few years, creative copywriting has taken a huge leap. It has evolved into multiple types depending upon the requirements of different marketing channels. Today, there are multiple types of copywriting practices used by the marketers, rightly to engage different kinds of clients.

Considering the customer behaviour, companies around the globe are now preferring to get specialized web copywriting services. From web pages to social media, there are multiple types of copywriting practices used by marketers around the world. These specific categories allow them to address customers with a different voice needed to convert them towards the brand.

This blog will cover all the popular forms that are used by the best copywriters around the world. It will give you a good view of the different voices used by the marketers for online channels.  

Let’s first start with the understanding of basic copywriting, then we’ll move forward with its subtypes in the article below.

Quick Rundown to List of Copywriting Services

If you want to know how to become a copywriter, you first need to know about its all major types. Here is a quick rundown of the major types of copywriting.

SEO Copywriting: SEO copywriting is a specialized technique that helps to make your content search engine friendly.  

Brand Copywriting: Brand copywriting focuses on a particular style of language that helps to resonate a complete brand voice.

Technical Copywriting: Technical writing focuses on a content tone that helps to describe functional definitions.

Explainer Copywriting: This type of copywriting provides explanation of the processes, allowing users to understand the product or service.

PR Copywriting: Focusing on advertisement, PR copywriting helps businesses to write content for public relations.

Sales Copywriting: This particular class of copywriting utilizes a style that helps to convert customers.

B2B Copywriting: B2B copywriting enables businesses to interact with businesses integrating a range of industries. 

Why Do Businesses Need Various Types of Copy?

Copywriting is a specialized service and requires people with dedicated skills. Businesses that are looking to dominate in the online circuit, hire marketing copywriters to work on different channels. These writers provide unique content for different types of mediums such as newsletters, marketing brochures, whitepapers and more others. 

Copywriters precisely utilize best guidelines to target the engagement factor of different customers. This means that a copywriting style for a web copy is different as compared to a content written for the advertising materials

The reason is that people interact with these things in different ways. From headlines to CTAs, the approach to write everything is unique, focusing on the target audience. 

Describing 7 Types of Copywriting Niches in Detail

Copywriting has different types depending upon the channel it is written for. Here are the seven unique types of copywriting you must need to know about.

1. SEO Copywriting

Considering the traffic every business needs, SEO copywriting is becoming a need of the hour for every website. It is not very different from the conventional web copywriting, as it does not restrict in the usage of any content tone.

However, SEO copywriting asks you to utilize the keywords perfectly at specific places. Ranging from blog posts to pages, everything on the website needs to be optimized with different types of seo copywriting. It allows Google to read it as a proper SEO page that can be ranked on those keywords.

2. Brand Copywriting

Brand Copywriting is quite different from the conventional writing style. It requires the usage of a unique corporate tone that can resonate the official voice of the brand. Some companies consider picking SEO keywords in this type of copywriting, while some purely focus on the branding tone.

For instance, if you are writing content for Uber, you will be asked to create content portraying the exact voice of the company. To ensure that, you will have to pick and use words carefully depicting a perfect message of the brand. This makes brand copywriting a special art that needs to be written in a unique corporate style.

3. Technical Copywriting

As the name suggests, this type of copywriting needs a lot of technical knowledge. We all know pretty well that every writer cannot be a subject matter expert because of distinguished backgrounds. This defines the fact that they cannot create engaging articles or pages for a range of industries, rightly due to limited subject knowledge.

To simplify it, companies hire technical writers that are fully acquainted with the specific subject knowledge. Mostly, these types of writers are preferred for the IT industry. However you can also find freelance technical copywriting jobs for medical, law and other fields as well.

4. Sales Copywriting Style

To get sales, you need to pitch customers with a unique voice that can compel them to buy products. This is known as sales copywriting and is used specifically for targeting potential customers. 

From websites to advertorials, sales copywriting can be used anywhere depending upon the marketing requirements. Mostly, all the web content is written keeping the perspective of sales in mind. This type of content style ensures that your copy is stacked with those words that can attract customers. It precisely shows them some benefits and application of the products that can help solve their problems. 

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5. Explainer Copywriting

If you have a product that needs explainer videos or datasheets regularly, you need to hire a specific explainer copywriter. These people are pretty efficient in creating content that helps to explain complex data and insights to the customers. 

It can also come in the sub category of technical copywriting. However it has a slight difference in terms of writing content for video scripts. The content you need for such videos should be short, but impactful and creative. Explainer writing simplifies that job by providing pinpoint details that help customers to understand the product. 

Most of the companies that are related from the tech industry need copywriters having the expertise of creating explainer content. They utilize their copywriting skills in creating video scripts, product descriptions and similar content for the customers. It allows them to understand the product easily and utilize its features to solve their problems.

6. PR Copywriting

Public Relations (PR) copywriting precisely covers the content that allows companies to interact with the public. It can be used to create those documents that need public wide representation, such as press releases, whitepapers and other similar content. 

The main objective of this copywriting style is to portray the best points and latest developments inside the company. This helps them to create a strong branding footprint in the market, allowing people to know about their core services.

7. B2B Copywriting 

This copywriting style focuses on content that creates connection between two businesses. It refers to a particular style that allows businesses to interact with other business customers. 

Most of the companies in the B2B sector, often require services from a dedicated B2B copywriter. They write with an impactful corporate tone for the established market giants, making their repute much bigger than the conventional writers.

Concluding Copywriting Principles and Types

The spectrum of content marketing is changing around the world, precisely due to specialized copywriting services. Businesses from small to large sectors are focusing to move towards the online world. They are now looking to get specified copywriting services for their websites and other digital channels. 

Summing up the above details, these are some of the popular types of copywriting that always stays in the market demand. Mastering them all, you will become a complete writer that can cater to any need. Learning these types of copywriting will help you to provide high quality content for different organizations and industries easily. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What skills do you need to become a copywriter?
To become a good copywriter, you need to craft your content according to the psychology of customers. This will help you to write better content that will get more attention as well as conversion.
2. What are the seven different types of copywriting?
Modern copywriting can be divided into seven types, all utilized for different purposes. The listing of these unique copywriting types includes:
– SEO copywriting
– Brand copywriting
– Technical copywriting
– Sales copywriting
– B2B copywriting
– PR copywriting
– Explainer copywriting
3. What type of companies need copywriters?
Today, most companies need services from a talented copywriter. Those who want to target the digital medium, require copywriters to create engaging content based on a particular tone.
4. What is a digital copywriter?
Unlike physical marketing mediums, a digital copywriter precisely creates content for the digital channels. This could include various mediums such as websites, blogs, emails, newsletters and more others.
5. How to get a copywriting job with no experience?
If you are good at writing content that can compel customers, you can certainly get a copywriting job without any experience. You can find various freelance copywriting jobs on multiple online platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr & more others.
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