How to Become A Copywriter in 2023 – With No Experience

econtentsol Published: February 20, 2023 16 min read

Master Art Of Copywriting with 07 Professional Tips

Copywriting is termed as one of the hottest jobs in the world today. The growing digital landscape has played a major role in the elevation of this field. It is the core reason why everyone today asks about different types of copywriting, rightly to take leverage of its growing demand in the industry.

Today, companies from all around the world are going digital with each passing day. They are now focusing on attracting people from various online channels such Google, social media etc.

This has led copywriters to catch the trend and offer their services for the incoming online traffic. That is why its demand is continuously increasing and businesses are now actively hiring good copywriters. 

In this detailed blog, we’ll discuss the key points about how to become a copywriter with no experience in the field. But, before going straight into it, let’s first discuss the cores of copywriting and what exactly it is all about.

What Does A Copywriter Do?

Many people still don’t have a proper understanding of the term copywriting. Some of them think that it is a general practice that is used for writing articles and similar stuff. 

But, the real fact is, it is not!

Copywriting is basically an art that allows your content to sell in the online world. It is a specialized writing practice that persuades people to buy products/services from a relevant website. 

We all know pretty well that the majority of the big businesses are now moving towards the digital world. They are marketing and selling their products through advanced websites, built to attract online customers.

But, attracting these people towards the website is just not enough. These businesses need to use some kind of powerful words to convert customers. That is where the creative copywriting arises and forces companies to hire professional copywriters.

These people carry tremendous expertise in writing product-based content. Their skills allow those businesses to sell products to the online customers, efficiently. 

Different Channels of Copywriting

Well, copywriting doesn’t just stop at writing content for websites. In the past few years, it has come quite a long, presenting its potential to writing more than just website-based stuff. 

With the advancement of digital marketing channels, the copywriting practices have greatly evolved. It has enabled businesses to take specific content approaches for different mediums. 

To name a few, you can get specialized web copywriting services for the following categories: 

  • Advertising
  • Websites
  • Emails
  • Landing pages
  • Brochures
  • White papers
  • Newsletters
  • Presentations
  • Video scripts
  • Headlines
  • Product descriptions
  • Lead magnets

So, what makes the copywriting go into these subtypes? Well, they all are written in a specific unique manner. From choice of words to flow of the content, every copywriting technique involves different methods. This precisely helps businesses to sell products easily, without any additional effort.

Why is Copywriting a Good Career Choice?

As defined above, the growth of the digital landscape is bringing a lot of opportunities for the copywriters. Businesses are using their official website to attract customers and sell products all over the world.

Looking at this upward trend, it can be easily said that choosing copywriting as a career will lead you towards many opportunities. 

Right at this moment, you can find many jobs for freelance copywriters on the web. Many of them are offering a good amount of monthly salaries as compared to other fields. Moreover, they are also allowing you to work remotely sitting on the sofas of your home. 

This makes it a perfect work from home copywriting job, allowing you to earn a handsome monthly income. Whether you are residing in the United States or in Australia, you can get great monthly gigs for freelance web copywriters easily.

How to Become a Copywriter with No Experience?

Copywriting is one of those fields that doesn’t require any professional degree or qualification. To become a good web copywriter, you just need to understand the tone that is required to sell products/services. It requires a clear knowledge of those powerful words that can help people to convert towards the brand as a long-term lead.

Considering the common question, people often ask about how to become a copywriter with no experience? Well, it is not that difficult at all. 

If you have good expertise in writing content that can persuade people towards the conversion, you’ll definitely get a good opportunity. You just need to understand the psychology of online buying and how people get attracted towards a landing page content. Having these skills at your disposal, you can write killer content for any brand or organization in the market.

Besides this general knowledge, there are some specific tips that will also let you know how to become a copywriter having no experience. Let’s take a look at them in detail below. 

Tips for Becoming a Good SEO Copywriter

Looking to know how to become a copywriter? Here are the tips that can help you to take the lead in it.

01. Understand the Customer Psychology 

In order to write content that can sell products, you need to first understand the psychology of your customers. It is an obvious and the first basic rule while writing a web content for any commercial business. 

Keeping the requirements of customers in mind helps you to understand what type of content will compel them towards the product. Sometimes, you need to make specific cases for different types of customers, ranging from ecommerce to fashion industry and more others.

Once you will get a grip on the product selling words, you will surely take your copywriting artillery to the next level. All the top copywriters in the world recommend thinking about the customers first before writing any web content. This helps you to become more focused and attentive while writing specified words according to their buying interest. 

02. Targeted Keyword Research

Keywords can be understood as the pillars of search engine optimization. It includes those specific words that are searched widely by the people. If you want to master SEO copywriting, you must pay attention towards the right usage of keywords in your copy. 

There are various sources available on the web where you can find keywords related to your targeted service. Some of the websites like SEMRush, Ahref, KWFinder and others are quite helpful in this regard. These sites will help you to know how to become a copywriter in the field, extracting tons of traffic towards your pages. 

03. Adopt Personal Approach

The next step that can lead you towards writing stunning web content includes the personal approach. If you want to attract customers towards your product, you need to interact with them using a full personal approach. 

This technique helps to gain the confidence of customers, allowing them to take interest in the brand. It is also a recommendation of Google to write intent-based content, so that people can relate with it.

Taking this approach, your content will not only get customers’ attention, but will also grab higher search engine rankings. The latest content update from Google also reiterates this fact and urges the copywriters to craft creative content.  

04. Analyze Copywriting Examples to Understand Content Type

It is quite necessary to know about the content type that your customers like. Without having such knowledge, you will only waste your time writing fuzzy content. You need to know about the type of language that people understand while buying something from the online world. 

This content type can easily vary depending upon the different business niches. From tech to the fashion industry, every company relies on different types of customers. All of these people have unique values and are attracted by different types of content.

You can easily learn copywriting types by continuously reading different web pages available on Google searches. These copywriting examples will give you a good view of how companies have written their content depending on the business background. The personalized approach of all these companies will be different, showcasing how to write content for different users.

05. Understand the Usage of CTAs

It is no joy to write a web content that cannot lead your customers towards the conversion. Sometimes, despite writing good copies, you fail to convert your traffic into conversions. And the reason for that lies in a simple answer i.e. CTAs.

Call to action buttons (CTAs) play a major role in redirecting visitors to the targeted conversion pages. These buttons encourage the customers to move towards the conversion phase after getting inspired from the thoughtful content.  It plays a crucial role in letting users click on the targeted CTAs, for example if you visit this renowned software development company website you will see how they have make used of CTAs to provide users a clear intent.

Ideally, these CTAs can be placed in the top, middle and bottom folds of the pages. Meanwhile, it is also important to write those CTAs with powerful words that can equally portray the message of conversion.

06. Add the Visual Element in Your Copies

It is also advised to add creative visual elements in your page, so that people cannot lose interest from it. It can be anything, ranging from infographics to any informational picture or something else depending on the niche of your business.

All the top copywriting experts also recommend adding creative pictorial elements in every web page. This will help you to form a compelling landing page having the combination of engaging content and graphical pictures. 

Sometimes, copywriting also needs a bit of image reference, encouraging the customers to remain intact with the page. Using them smartly, you will increase the creativity in your overall web copy, getting more traffic from the online channels.

07. Showcase Potential Benefits

Being a copywriter, you need to focus on the benefits your copy is providing to the people. It is a known fact that no one will look towards your content unless they find it beneficial. It is a common trait that can be applied in all types of copywriting, allowing you to write better pages.

Every visitor that comes across your page, look for the benefits he/she will be getting through the products. Keeping this in mind, you need to add particular points in your copy showcasing the benefits of products. It will make your copywriting focused and smart, written directly to convince customers by displaying required benefits. 

This particular point also reiterates the fact of writing intent-based content. It shows why your SEO copywriting skills can become more powerful with this type of feature, forcing your visitors to turn into clients easily. 

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How to Become a Freelance Copywriter?

You still might be wondering how to become a copywriter with no experience in freelancing? Well here’s the answer. 

There are many companies that are always actively looking for quality freelance writers. If you have got the right knack to deliver value based copy, you can easily get hired as a freelance SEO copywriter. It is an absolute remote job that requires you to work from home offering powerful web content to the clients. 

Here are some common tips that will let you know how to become a copywriter and get freelancing jobs instantly.

Locate the Marketplaces That Offer Most Jobs

To start your career as a freelance copywriter, you first need to chalk out those marketplaces that offer good remote jobs. You can find different types of portals on the web where freelance copywriting jobs are found such as Fiverr, Upwork and more others. 

According to recent stats, Upwork is a great platform to find a range of copywriting jobs. You can certainly start your career as an Upwork copywriter by finding some lower-level gigs on this site. This will help to build your profile at the initial stage, making people know about you.

Similarly, you can also find some low-level gigs at Fiverr as well. It is also one of the leading platforms on the internet where people actively search for SEO copywriters. Being new to the field, you can offer some minimal project rates, attracting more clients from the Fiverr. 

How to Become a Copywriter Showcasing MVP

Once you have got a few orders to show off your skills on copywriting, it’s time to build your own Minimum Viable Portfolio (MVP). It is quite a handy illustration that allows you to represent your copyrighting work in a professional manner to the top companies. It doesn’t take much time and can be created within approx. 30 minutes.

Keep in mind to make your MVP short and concise, so that clients can directly look towards your projects. If you’ve built an MVP that offers to the point illustration of your work, you will surely get good copywriting gigs from the market. That is how your portfolio will start to stack up with the passage of time, increasing your name as a top-notch copywriter in the field. 

Connect with People on Networking Sites

To find more copyrighting work, you can also connect with some potential clients searching for freelance copywriters. LinkedIn is said to be a good option in this regard, as it provides connections with top companies looking for copywriters from around the world. 

If you have a good portfolio that can showcase your creative expertise, you can easily find some long-term clients on this platform. Similarly, like LinkedIn, you can also create good connections with top professionals on other networking sites as well such as Meetup, Bark and more others.  

How to Become a Copywriter Taking Online Courses

There are various sources available on the web where you can find different types of copywriting courses. From beginner to advanced, you can hone your copywriting skills by learning from these courses. Based on the top recommendations, here are some of the top sites where you can find free and paid courses for copywriting.

Coursera – Renowned due to its vast courses library, Coursera is a spectacular portal offering a range of copywriting courses. Whether you are looking for brand or SEO copywriting, Coursera offers all with minimal prices.

Udemy – Created by professionals, Udemy offers professional copywriting courses for all types of people. Ranging from beginner to advanced level, it is a complete platform where you can find top copywriting courses according to your demands.

Coursesity – Coursesity also offers tons of copywriting courses with which you can optimize your writing skills as per the latest trends.

EDX Courses – EDX Courses is yet another great platform that provides top-grade copywriting courses, from the top professionals.

Copyhackers – Copyhackers simplifies your job by offering various types of copywriting courses crafted perfectly to hone your professional writing skills.

Final Words

That sums up our detailed blog on how to become a copywriter with no experience in the field. It is indeed a lucrative field that offers good monthly salaries to the worthy individuals. If you think you have got the perfect writing skills, copywriting can prove to be your dream job. 

The emergence of SEO has specifically allowed the copywriting spectrum to grow in a much wider domain. It has become necessary for those businesses that are looking to dominate on Google utilizing the core practices of SEO.

During the past few years, copywriting has become a major talking point among digital marketers. It is the major reason why they are now actively hiring good writers from around the world. If you are ready to take your writing skills to the next level, get started with copywriting today using the above defined tips.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What does a copywriter do?
A copywriter simplifies the creation of quality content for website landing pages. Utilizing the best practices of SEO, a copywriter ensures to write content that matches with the user search intent as well as digital marketing requirements.
2. How to become a copywriter with minimal skills?
To be a good copywriter, you need to have an understanding of powerful words that help copies to convert customers. It is a technique that encourages the readers to take interest in your copies, at a first glance.
3. How to become a freelance copywriter with no experience?
It doesn’t matter whether you have prior content writing experience or not, websites like Upwork, Fiverr and more others can easily help you to find a good online copywriting job from home.
4. How much do copywriters get paid?
During the last few years, copywriting jobs have seen a major growth. Due to this, their salary bar has risen to a much higher level, averaging around $35K per year. Meanwhile, this figure can also vary according to project requirements and business industry as well.
5. What is a freelance copywriter?
A freelance copywriter works from remote locations and is mostly hired on project basis. Currently, many businesses are hiring freelance copywriters from around the world, that too at a good salary package.
6. Where can I learn copywriting for free?
There are many online websites that offer copywriting courses for free such as Coursesity, Udemy, Copyhackers and more others. You can easily learn SEO copywriting from those courses, increasing your skills for professional jobs.
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