How to Write a Eulogy for Mother: Tips and Examples

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Pay Tribute With A Unique Eulogy For Mother

Nothing in this world can replace the love and affection of a mother. It is the strongest bond that goes beyond life, transcending its devotion to the immortal edges. Losing her to death can be really depressing as well as breaking for many of us. It is something that can be never forgotten, but can be always expressed in a beautiful eulogy for mother.

Being a good child, we need to write a memorable eulogy for mother to show our closeness with her. It is something that can make her funeral memorable and let the people know how special she was for our whole family. 

It is ideal to take help from any professional speech writing service to create a eulogy for mother. But, if you want to write it yourself, then this article will be a perfect explainer for you. It will let you know how to make her funeral speech unforgettable by showing some extraordinary love. 

Let’s take a look at some important points below needed to devise a memorable eulogy for mother.

Tips to Remember While Writing a Eulogy for Mother

Many of us don’t know how to write a eulogy for our loved ones. Here are the core points that you need to know while writing a eulogy speech for your mother.

01. Reflect Your Emotions

It is necessary to let the people know how you loved your mother throughout the life. Although, no words will be enough to explain it, but still try to mention your love as best as you can. It will be best described when you will pen your affections in the speech from the bottom of your heart. This will allow people to understand your love for her and why she was special to you.

You can easily pen down several memories in this phase and reflect your emotions with them. Ideally, it will be a free flow of words, letting you express the feelings that you always had for your mother. 

02. Define Positives of Her Personality

Next, you need to write all the positive points about your mother’s personality. You can share the thoughts of other people here about how they admired your mother. It will show why people were fond of her, rightly due to having trust in her personality.

You can quote some good examples here, letting the people know about her positives. It would be great if you’ll share some words from the other people who were close to her. You can also share some specific stories here that illustrate the positives about her personality. It will give people a good idea how she lived her life being generous and honest to everyone in the society.

03. Share Stories in Eulogy for a Devoted Mother

It is also a good idea to share some memorable moments your whole family has enjoyed with her. From a random birthday party to a summer picnic, this could include anything depending upon her memories. You can use these examples in remembrance speech to show the great memories you’ve made with your mother.

You can also include some specific words from your other siblings in this section. It will allow them to describe their memorable events with your mother as well. Though, it could be a bit hard to talk about all of them, but still try to recount some to put a smile on everyone’s face. 

04. Talk About Her Guidance

Let the people know how your mother raised you and all the siblings during difficult times. In this section, you can include any specific advice that she has always given to your whole family. It will let everyone know how you’ve achieved so much in life by just focusing on her generous advice.

Defining her supportive character, talk about how she influenced you to become a better person. Talk about how she guided you to spread positivity among all. This will elaborate her super vision that inspired everyone to do better things in life with honesty.

05. Organize and Conclude Eulogy for Mother

Coming to the end, start organizing her contributions using rule of three. It will help people to understand the greatness of her personality. This part could be very emotional, which is why you need to align yourself with proper thoughts that can best describe your mother’s whole life.

The conclusion of this speech would be very hard and it could really make your eyes teary. However, to bid a final goodbye, try to control your emotions with proper words. You can utilize different examples here to conclude the final part effectively. 

Meanwhile, using various eulogy examples, you can also share ideas about the whole family in this conclusion. It will help all the hall attendees to know that your mother will always be missed by every member.  

Eulogy for Mother From Son Example

“I must admit that happiness was a big theme throughout my mother’s life. She wanted a home filled with laughter and love, precisely to make it a living heaven for us. Our house was always buzzing with joyful activities, making it a real fun spot for all the neighboring kids. 

Growing up as a younger son, I remember how my mother was always working day and night to fulfil our living expenses. She was indeed a selfless woman made with rock solid mental strength. Meanwhile, despite all the hardships, she never complained to my father about anything. That shows her character and love for my father.

Today, I can proudly say that she was the strongest woman I have seen ever in my life. Though she has now gone forever, her memories are still with us. On behalf of my whole family, I truly pray for my mother to get a special place in heaven. She really deserves to be there!”

Short Eulogy Example for Mother with Covid

“It’s been two days since you have passed, but I am still feeling that you are with me. I have never expected that you will leave me like this, which is why it’s now becoming difficult for me. This coronavirus has disrupted our lives from the core, and I just cannot believe that it has taken you away.

I know these are hard times, but I will try to manage myself as you have always taught me. You were a great mother that always inspired me to handle difficult challenges in life. I must admire that you are the core reason why I have become such a successful person in the world.

Considering now you have gone, I will try to cherish my life with your beautiful memories. These memories will always stay with me, making me remember that I am a son of such a brave and strong woman. May you find peace in heaven!”

Short Eulogy Example for Mother with Cancer

“My mother was a great woman and an ideal personality for me. She fought with cancer showing a lot of strength. We as a whole family admire her personality and will remember her throughout our lives. Looking at this difficult time, I am a bit short of words to explain my feelings. But still, as a proud son, I will bid a final goodbye to my mother.

Being a loving person, she always cared for us more than anything in the world. This is one of the major reasons why we were so close to her. She taught us how to take challenges and survive them in different stages of life. Her guidance can be termed as a shining light which will eventually stay with us forever.

Today, I can say that she lived her life by setting various examples. Her personality was a true symbol of kindness, blended with a flair of love and honesty. I must say that her tips will always stay with us, showing us the guidance to succeed and flourish in life.”

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Eulogy Speech for Grandmother

Just like your mother, you can also feel the same grief after the passing of your grandmother. She offers equal impact in your brought up, precisely by helping your mother to raise you as a better child. It could certainly become difficult for you to deal with her demise, especially when you were so much connected to her. 

Knowing all her contributions and memories, you can give her a final tribute by writing a great remembrance speech. Here is how to write a speech for your grandmother’s funeral day, covering different types of points.

  • Start by describing how your grandmother raised you during the tough times. It will explain why you have a strong connection with her that goes way beyond despite her passing.
  • Define how her social guidance helped you to become a better person. You can quote some specific advice in this section, so that people can know about her generous character.
  • Let the people know about her importance in the social community. Share the thoughts of other people about her with strong impactful words.
  • Mention some memorable events you have spent with her. Whether it’s a birthday party or something else, describe the events that you will always remember in your life.
  • Conclude your speech by describing her influence in your own character. This will explain her contribution in your upbringing as a responsible and mature person. 

Eulogy Example for Grandmother

“My grandmother was a woman made of strong values. No matter how hard I try, I can never write down the words that describe her hardships in life. She was a mother, a sister and a great friend to all of us. I am sure that you all are very much grieved due to her sudden passing. But don’t be, because we all know that she is now resting in heaven.

I must say that she shared a lot of memories with me as compared to any other grandchild. She loved me very much and wanted the best for me in life. That is the reason I was always very closely attached to her. And now that she has passed away, I am missing her more than anything in life.

She will always have a special part in our hearts. So, without grieving much, let us be thankful to the god that she is now living the best afterlife in the gardens of heaven. May god bless my grandmother!”

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Summarizing Eulogy for Mother

Writing a eulogy for mother with dementia or any other disease can be tough, especially when you are closely connected to her. It can be a bit emotional and teary, giving you a hard time to deliver such painful words. 

Using the above defined points, you can write a great eulogy for mother describing all the spectacular points of her life. It will showcase your true love, as well as the connection that will always stay unhindered despite her sudden loss. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the purpose of eulogy?
The purpose of eulogy is to pay a final tribute to your loved one. It lets the people know about your emotions for that person and why he/she will always be remembered.
2. What points to include in a eulogy for mother?
You can include different points in a eulogy for mother, such as her personality, leadership qualities and more others.
3. How long should you write a eulogy for your mother with cancer?
Your eulogy speech should be around 700-800 words, which means its total time should be around 15-20 minutes.
4. What is a eulogy template?
A eulogy template is an outline highlighting the important points of the speech. It allows you to write a remembrance speech for anyone within a quick span of time.
5. What you should not say in a eulogy?
There are certain things that should be controlled while delivering a eulogy, such as monotone speech, inappropriate humor and more others.
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