5 Best Web Copywriting Services in The US to Boost Your ROI

econtentsol Published: November 1, 2022 12 min read

Top Professional Copywriting Services Today, and the Types of Copywriting They Provide

Copywriting is a term that is often misunderstood by the people. However, top-quality copywriting services are in high demand nowadays, with businesses of all sizes looking to establish a unique identity. And despite our largely digital world, where images and videos reign supreme, the impact of powerful words is felt even today.

And while it has become easier to find expert copywriting professionals and agencies for your business today, the sheer amount of service providers you find can make it difficult to choose the best one.

Today, let’s read on and discover the best copywriting agencies in the US, and the different types of copywriting deliverables they offer.

What Do Online Copywriting Services Entail?

Copywriting is a skill as well as a field of work that is in high demand today. The job entails a host of duties and services that freelance copywriters or copywriting companies offer their clients. These services include:

  • Drafting sales copies
  • Creating promotional content
  • Writing blogs and articles
  • Creating search engine optimized web copies
  • Drafting content for social media posts
  • And much more.

What sets a copywriter apart from your average “writer” individual, is one simple difference. The content created by a professional copywriter is designed to lead the reader into behaving the way you desire. It is content that leads and guides your reader into clicking something, buying something, viewing something, and more.

How is Copywriting Considered an Important Part of a Company’s Marketing Strategy?

Copywriting services are often employed within a company’s marketing department. And that is because most of the duties required of a copywriter are those that are a part of that business’s marketing strategy.

Take for example, a company’s website. Today, with people having quick and easy access to the internet, websites are often the first point of contact for many a business. And in order to convert and retain these customers, a website needs to attract and entice.

Now, visuals are an important part of that. But a good web copy cannot only make it look good, it will also make it sound good. Any good web copywriting services provider that offer their writing services to their customers will ensure that the content portrays your ideas and business aesthetics perfectly.

And as one of the most expressive piece of your marketing strategy, it helps your potential and existing customers know about your brand and its values constantly.

SEO Copywriting Services: How They Relate to Your Basic Website Copywriting Services?

As we mentioned earlier, the quick and easy access to the internet has changed the dynamic of a how a brand portrays itself quite drastically. And that is one of the primary reasons that SEO copywriting services are one of the most sought after skills today.

Search Engine Optimization, SEO for short, is a technique where the content is designed and structured in a way that makes it easy for search engines like Google, Bing, and others to rank it above similar search results.

The process is done through the use of specific keywords and phrases related to the topic of the content. That improves the relevancy of your content, allowing search engines to increase its visibility, and help you target your prospective consumers better.

Five of The Best Copywriting Services in The US Today

Businesses often find themselves stuck between hiring the best copywriting agencies they can afford, or opting for some cheap copywriting services. That is why, we have tried to make that choice easier by listing some of the top copywriting companies and services you can opt for in the US.

Let’s take a look at them, and see what they have to offer.


EcontentSol homepage

eContentSol is a comparatively new content and copywriting services provider. In this short time, it has proved itself worthy to be on the list for the best copywriting services in the US, by helping businesses from a variety of niches and industries improve visibility, and boost conversion rates.

The company employs over 80+ professional copywriters, who each bring their extensive experience in different industry niches. In order to provide maximum customer satisfaction, they are one of the few companies that works with their clients in order to get their feedback, before finalizing the copy for delivery.

Their writers provide a wide variety of copywriting and content services, including:

  • Web copywriting services
  • Blog writing
  • Ebook writing
  • Resumes and Cover letters
  • Press releases
  • eCommerce product copies
  • Speech writing services
  • Editing and Proofreading

Quick turnaround times, a strong work ethic to honor their deadlines, and attractive pricing plans are some of the hallmarks that exemplify eContentSol. And with a 9.7/10 rating on TrustPilot proves that they are one of the best copywriting agencies in the US.

Express Writers

Express Writers homepage

Express Writers are another copywriting agency that provide a variety of writing services. Whether your company requires content writing services for a one-off project, or you want to hire a professional copywriting services for a long-term project, Express Writers can help provide the writing service you need.

The company has been providing some of the best copywriting services in the industry since 2011, and has a large and loyal customer base. Their drive for quality can be seen in their screening process for new copywriters, with no more than 2% clearing the strict process. That is what helps them strive for 100% customer satisfaction.


Brafton Agency homepage

Brafton is another great option for people looking to hire high quality copywriting companies that specialize in content marketing. Known for being highly professional and result-driven, Brafton has a large customer base who hire them for a variety of content marketing services, including copywriting services.

Their writers are highly skilled in creating different types of effective copy for many different industries. Their customers range from a variety of distinct industries including legal, education, real estate, civil works, banking, and more.

All copies created by writers at Brafton are optimized for the search engines, well researched, and proofread down to the last dot. That is why the vast majority of their clients prefer to hire them for long-term contracts instead of smaller, or one-off projects.

Crowd Content

Crowd Content homepage

Crowd Content are known for their incredible turnaround time for different copywriting services. As a copywriting platform that takes on freelance copywriters only if they show a high competence for creating content that converts, it has very high standards of quality.

They feature over 100+ copywriters on their platform, who are ranked through an effective star rating system. That helps businesses hire the best professional writer that can help them with their expert copywriting services.

Buyers can customize their order with a specific word count, focus keyword/s, style of writing, as well as any other formatting needs, to get the perfect copy they require. Moreover, they also provide an order editing order, allowing you to add to your order even later during the work process.

Top Agency

Top Content Agency landing page

The last one on our list of best copywriting services providers is Top Agency. A well-known name in the industry, the company is associated with creating content that has been awarded with accolades in different industries.

They have one of the best established, three-step copywriting processes, which begins with them researching the project. Then they discuss the scope and their understanding of the content project, and share suggestions. Finally, they create an effective copy that goes above and beyond in increasing visibility and speaking to their desired consumers.

Web Copywriting

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Drive Conversions

Popular Content Copywriting Services That Writing Agencies Offer

Copywriting agencies may provide a few or more types of copywriting services, depending on their specialty. Those that specify in marketing will often provide content services that are directly related to the field of marketing and branding.

Let’s look at a few of the most common types of content copywriting services.

SEO Copywriting Services for SEO Optimized Blogs and Articles.

SEO copywriting services are designed to create and draft marketing content that is optimized using relevant keywords. Moreover, it is structured in a way that will help your content rank higher on the different search engines, improve its visibility, and boost conversion.

Website Copywriting Services for Web Copies That Boost Conversion.

Websites today need to have content that does more than inform or educate. Nowadays, with the intense competition within the market, web copies also need to convince and convert its viewers. And in order to do that, web copywriting companies create web copies that guides a consumer into acting the way they desire.

Email Copywriting Services for Email Marketing Campaigns and More.

Many people consider email to be a dying form of communication. However, there are many studies that email marketing is still an effective marketing tool today. Email marketing allows marketers to provide a more personal touch when reaching out to a potential lead. That helps establish a relationship of trust, which can be quite helpful in converting that lead.

eCommerce Copywriting Services for Affiliate Marketing and eCommerce Copy.

eCommerce copywriting is all about creating effective, to-the-point product descriptions that you’re your product rank higher than similar products on the market. These copies are designed to be short, snappy, and highly converting, and are in high demand today.

B2B Copywriting Services for Helping Businesses Promote Their Services.

B2B copywriting is a little different from B2C copywriting, which is designed to address the pain points faced by your target consumers. In B2B copywriting services, we need to show our target business industry how we can address their limitations and help them improve their respective businesses.

Professional Copywriting Services for Press Releases, Memos, and More.

Every business requires some form of content throughout its life, which would include creating advertising copy, write press releases, company memos, and more. Professional copywriting services help such businesses produce these routine copies designed to help them in their day-to-day business life.

Copywriting Services Prices in the US: How Much Will It Cost to Hire a Professional?

Professional copywriter working on a project

Now that you know the different types of copy that a business might need in its life, as well as the importance of well written copy, you might be wondering what it would cost to hire a professional writer.

Well, the cost of your required content depends on the type of copywriting services you’ve opted for. Moreover, other factors such as turnaround time, number of revisions, and many others also affect the overall cost incurred.

Now, with so many people learning how to become a copywriter, the quality as well as the price for their services may vary. However, for professionals with comparable levels of skills and experience, the price usually falls within a certain price bracket, making it easy to find the best service provider within your budget range.

On average, medium length copywriting examples like articles or web copies would usually cost you around $70-$100 per piece, depending on the copywriting services provider you choose.


Many businesses often find themselves asking “Where can I find effective copywriting services near me?”. Well, the agencies listed above are some of the best in the industry for companies in the US.

If you too want to hire a professional copywriting company to create hard-hitting and result-driven content, then why wait?

Drop eContentSol a message, or give us a call. We are here to help you with all your content needs.


1- What services does a copywriter offer?
A freelance copywriter or copywriting services agency offers a variety of services, including:
– Social media copies
– Blogging and article writing
– Web copies
– Email copies
– Press releases, memos, white papers and more
2- Is copywriting in demand?
Yes. Copywriting services are in high demand in 2022. It is a highly creative, skilled, and profitable field for those who are able to turn abstract ideas into pieces of content that connect with their target audience. There are many students and people who prefer working from home who are willing to learn how to be a freelance copywriter.
3- What is copywriting in social media?
Copywriters that specialize in social media are tasked with creating captions and copies for posts that would be published on different social media channels. These copies are designed to turn a company’s marketing ideas into slogans, hashtags, and digital movements, establishing a strong digital brand presence.
4- What are the types of copywriting?
There are three main types of copywriting services being provided right now, including:
– Direct response
– Sales and promotional copy
– Advertising copy
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