45+ Best Power Words To Create Enchanting Headlines That Click

econtentsol Published: June 1, 2022 10 min read

Leverage the Explosive Impact of Positive Power Words to Boost Your Conversions

“Power words” today have become a buzzword in the marketing world. However, many people who use it have no idea about the true depths of the strength of these words. When used right, these words can make even the dullest of content pop and shine for its readers, and prompt them into taking the desired action.

Moreover, you can use them anywhere, from headlines to body text, and even pop-ups and buttons. So, let’s dive in and start our journey to understand how professional content writers and web copywriting services use these power words and phrases to jazz up our content.

What Are Power Words?

First, let’s start with what power words actually are. Power words and phrases are persuasive words that evoke some kind of emotional response, whether negative or positive. They may make up fell excited, happy, angry, sad, wary, or even curious.

Many professional writers use an extensive power words list within their content, whether they are writing an article, a novel, a web copy, or more. The reason they use these words is to subtly manipulate the reader into behaving and acting the way the author desires.

Four Types of Power Words and the Impact They Have On Their Readers

As we discussed earlier, power words can have either a positive, or a negative response. However, for each kind of response, there are different types of power words that can be used to evoke a different type of negative or positive response.

Let’s suppose you want to create ad copywriting examples for an ice cream shop. Now, the type of response you want among your consumers is positive, but for this positive response, you can use greed-inducing, lustful, or even encouraging power words.

Listed below are some of the most popular power words and phrases, divided into four different categories, which you can use to enhance the impact of your copy.

Fear-Inducing Power Words

Fear inducing words

While fear is often considered something, which is bad for a brand, when used the right way, it can help you create a demand for your product or service. Fear-inducing power words are often part of click bait-type schemes, where the blooper or snippet portrays a phrase far out of proportion than the actual content.

That is because, like it or not, fear is captivating. Fear often freezes us in place, grapping our complete attention for its next act. And for a smart writer, it can be a great tool.

 Some of the most common fear power words include:

  • Beware
  • Peril
  • Menacing
  • Backlash
  • Assault
  • Panic
  • Pitfall
  • Plague
  • Caution
  • Collapse
  • Disaster
  • Devastating

Encouragement Power Words

encouraging words

Life fear-inducing keywords, encouraging power words encourage their readers into taking a specific action. They are often enthusiastic, and are a great addition to making a dull topic into something lively.

In the marketing world, we often see competing brands get set within their advertising habits. This can be quite boring as a consumer, meaning that even well-written ads copy will not have a strong impact.

However, if there are some words in that copy, that are easy to skim through, yet are designed to inject some energy and excitement into your narrative, then those words are considered as encouraging power words. One of the most used category of impactful words, they work well with a number of different types of copywriting, from web copies to ad and social media copy too.

Some of the most popular encouragement power words include:

  • Amazing
  • Astonishing
  • Awesome
  • Perfect
  • Mind-blowing
  • Phenomenal
  • Brilliant
  • Command
  • Sensational
  • Spectacular
  • Empower
  • Stunning

Anger Power Words

 angry words

Like fear, anger is another strong emotion that needs to be harnessed carefully. In addition, as writers, we need to especially careful about how we use it. Often, a marketer will have to anger their consumers, not at themselves, but about an issue that those same consumers might be facing.

However, once they have evoked that emotion, they can then promote a solution, their solution, to solve the issue causing that anger. Therefore, essentially, in order to get your consumers to side with you and buy, you need to fan the flames of their anger and helplessness.

Let’s look at some of the most commonly used anger power words today.

  • Annoying
  • Blatant
  • Oppressive
  • Obnoxious
  • Corrupt
  • Rampant
  • Pollute
  • Ruthless
  • Exploit
  • Distorted
  • Harass
  • Slay

Lust Power Words

 lust words

While it might seem odd to see lust as a category of power words, it is a fact that lust is part of the human experience. Not only that, lust is so unavoidable, that it is one of the seven deadly sins. Moreover, it is one of the most exploited emotions in marketing today.

Look at any marketing strategy today. Even products like cars or perfumes are promoted with a little sex appeal thrown in. You will often see sports cars and the like described using words such as sleek, sexy, curvy etcetera.

That is lust in action. Let’s look at some of the most commonly used lust-inducing power words in marketing today.

  • Allure
  • Arouse
  • Passionate
  • Crave
  • Pleasure
  • Satisfy
  • Desire
  • Enchant
  • Seductive
  • Entice
  • Tantalizing
  • Stimulating
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How Do Power Words Help Your Marketing Strategy?

Now that you know what power words can do for your content, the question arises – what can they do for your marketing strategy?

Essentially, power words and phrases, when used well, can increase the effectiveness of your marketing strategy by evoking the desired feelings and emotions, and influencing them the way you desire. Moreover, just as an array for specifically chosen funny words can uplift the perceived mood of your content, the right power words for ads and marketing content can elicit the desired mood for conversion.

All in all, the two major ways your power words list can boost your marketing strategy’s effectiveness are:

Elicits Emotions

People have an innate sense of perceiving the mood or the emotions around them. Often termed as the “vibe”, these emotions dictate people’s behavior more than words itself. Therefore, if your content is able to elicit the right emotions, it will help your marketing strategy by making it more relatable to its readers.

Stokes Curiosity

Secondly, just as these words have the power to evoke emotions, they also pique a reader’s curiosity. When used the right way, they can be quite an effective tool to raise awareness and grab the reader’s attention. That way, they are useful for strategies where shareability and being viral are important factors, such as launches of new products or brands. 

Where Can You Use These Power Words?

power words

Now that you know what power words and phrases are, and how you can use them to your benefit, the next step is to know where to use them.

Generally, you can use these powerful terms and words anywhere within your copy. However, to have the maximum impact, there are a few uses where these words shine brightest. Let’s look at what they are.

Primary Headline

Using such strong and powerful words in your primary headlines is a must-have. When you look up something on the internet, your search results often show just the headline and a short snippet of the text. That means, when you choose a link to open and browse, it is entirely dependent on the headline.


Obviously, the logic behind the use of power words and phrases in your headline carries over to your sub-headings as well. Your primary and secondary headings are some of the most prominent parts of your content.

In addition, as there are very few people who read the entire piece of content, your headlines are the few things that pop up when someone skims through your copy. Therefore, if your copy has power words within its sub-heads, it will have a better impact on readers, and will increase the chance of a reader stopping to read your content.


In the fast-track world of today, pop-ups are often considered a nuisance. They are often annoying and intrusive, and negatively affect the viewing experience. However, say that in the brief moment of time it takes to locate the close button, there’s something that catches the eye of the reader. Then the reader will have to stop and read what’s written on that pop-up.

That’s what power words can do for pop-ups. They can enhance the impact of the message on your pop-up, and make it possible for readers to give them their attention, rather than closing them on instinct.


Just like pop-ups, power words can also be quite effective when used on buttons, such as those that accompany calls to action. Now these buttons can be on your banners, your pop-ups, and even in your emailers that you send to reach out to potential customers.

You can use them on their own, or as a final conversion tactic to accompany your call to action in order to solidify converting a specific lead.

Calls to Action

As their name suggests, calls to action are phrases and words that are used to drive specific actions from their readers. They can be as simple as getting a consumer to visit a specific web page or read an article, to more complex actions such as getting them to sign up to your services or buy your products.

In Short

Overall, the right power words can make the difference between okay content and truly powerful content. If you are able to gauge the kind of emotions you want to elicit from your consumers, you will be able to ensure that every piece of content you create has a strong impact on it.

However, choosing one at random from a power words list online is not the solution. You need to identify the perfect word for your situation, which would resonate with your audience perfectly. For example, the word tantalizing would be perfect to describe a culinary masterpiece, while alluring would be better suited to a perfume. Even though both of those words mean practically the same thing.

Therefore, it’s your job as a marketer or copywriter to gauge the situation and use the right power words and phrases that would take your ad copy to new heights.


What are considered positive power words?
Positive power words are words that evoke strong and positive emotions within their audience. Some words evoke fear, or anger, which are negative responses or emotions. However, when a power words evokes an emotion of happiness, excitement, or joy, then it is a positive power word.
Are strong words and power words the same?
Strong words are those, which have a stronger impact by way of their perception. For example, when we describe someone well-built as muscular, our minds imagine something quite different compared to someone described as brawny. While both are essentially the same, one has a stronger perceived meaning than the other does.
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