30 Funny Words Every Writer Should Know About

econtentsol Published: February 18, 2023 12 min read

Best Funny Words in English That Can Make Your Readers Laugh

It is important for every writer to know about those specific techniques that can engage the reader’s attention. Many times, it can be done by using a variety of funny words. They are not intended to be used everywhere, but at particular locations where user conversion is targeted.

Nowadays, only a few writers that are creative in nature use these words to grab people’s attention. They know the importance of these words in terms of making people laugh or even smile. This could give them better results by enhancing the engagement of blogs or articles that are written for those users. 

Many article writing services do not pay attention towards this factor and often results in losing the readers’ interest. Though these words are not recommended to use everywhere, but at least they can be picked for certain funny blogs.

If you are also a writer and looking to know about some funny yet catchy words, take a look at the brief list below. It will help you to know about their meanings and how to use them at particular locations in the blogs, articles etc.

30 Funny Words That Will Make Your Readers Smile

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Being a writer, you should always keep on learning new words that can enhance your vocabulary and article’s readability. We know that most people do not want to read simple and pale looking content. It is something boring for them and useless to read.

Using funny words with rule of three, you can make your blogs engaging. It will hook the readers’ attention by giving them a smile or maybe a short laugh. Here are those funny words that you can use to bring a unique factor of amusement in your content.

Short Funny Words

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1. Bumfuzzle: You might haven’t seen this word getting used frequently in writing, but it is very unique. It means to be confused and perplexed after looking or witnessing anything. You can use it as a replacement for surprise, provided the context is right to do so.

2. Taradiddle: This one also looks a bit new because it is not much used by the people in conversation. Taradiddle basically means bogus, nonsense and garbage things. This word shouldn’t be used to mock anyone, but to make them laugh with a funny content piece.

3. Fartlek: Being a fitness writer, you can use this word in different types of copywriting work. It is an activity associated with the runners when they change their line from sprinting to jogging.

4. Friendlily: You might be thinking that this word is wrongly spelled, but it is not. It sounds like friendly and has the same meaning. So, you can use it in place of friendly to make your sentence more attractive.  

5. Lollygag: Lollygag basically means dawdling or being too slow. If your friends are too slow while walking in the park, this word would suit perfect for them.

6. Cattywampus: Some words look very confusing, but are very funny in conversation. This is one of them and it means that something is in disarray. You will not find this word commonly everywhere, as it is only a bit popular in Midland and Southern United States.

7. Everywhen:  Sounds a bit complicated right? Indeed, it is. This word is not a typo mistake, but is written with a clear purpose. It means always which is why it uses every in the first part.

8. Macaronic: We know what you would think looking at this word. It is not a synonym of a renowned dish Macaroni, but is a separate word itself. Some people do use it in place of Macaroni but it doesn’t have any relation with it.

9. Nudiustertian: If you want to use those funny words in a context that can make people laugh, this one is a great example. It means something like the recent past or an event that has happened a day before.

10. Gardyloo: Many english freelance copywriters aren’t aware of particular Scottish terms. This one is a great example for that. It defines a typical way of shouting of Edinburgh residents when they throw something out of the window in the morning.

Random Funny Words

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1. Erf: Many people think of it as some sort of sound defining word, but actually it is not. The word Erf means plot of land which is used oftenly by the old age realtors.

2. Dongle: You might be thinking that it is some kind of a brand that sells dog toys and related stuff. But, the meaning of this word is totally different. It is actually a technical term used for the hardware that connects one computer system to another device. Generally, dongle is used for the 4G internet devices that are meant to provide fast internet connection.

3. Brouhaha: Sometimes, people give overexcited responses on particular occasions. This word is used to describe that emotion. Its pronunciation also looks very funny, just like its meaning.

4. Snickersnee: Do not get confused with this word as something funny, because it is certainly not. It is an old word used to reference sharp knives. You could find this word in old age books of the 1700s where it was used to reference the knife. Nowadays, only a few people know about it and its right meaning.

5. Hullabaloo: We know that some words are instinctively funny and can be used to express sudden joy. This is definitely one of them as it defines a great flare of excitement. It can be used to define a state of confusion or an event of commotion as well.

6. Pronk: Pronk is used for those individuals who are a bit weak and foolish. This can be used to define those characters that are quite silly and don’t understand anything quickly.

7. Batrachomyomachy: This particular word will make your tongue slip every time you want to pronounce it. It means to make a mountain out of a molehill, like making some little thing very big. It does look very amusing which is why it can be a great pick to define anything funny.

8. Widdershins: You would not find this word commonly in conversations, because it is quite a poetic word. It means that something is running in the wrong direction or in counter-clockwise mode. Many old poems used to have this word in its phrases, defining something ambiguous.

9. Meldrop: This word is not referencing any drinkware, neither any accessory. In fact, it is something very awkward when explained in real meaning. It basically means a drop of mucus hanging from an individual’s nose. Now, that really sounds odd and uncomfortable!

10. Flibbertigibbet: If you are looking to describe someone who is very much talkative and annoying, this is the exact word to do so. It means a person who talks too much without having any good reason or perspective.

Common Funny Words

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1. Collywobbles: When you want to describe something that is causing dire problems in your stomach, use this odd looking term. It refers to a mood that is making you uncomfortable due to uneasiness in your stomach. It is derived from the Latin phrase cholera morbus, meaning its origins from the renowned disease cholera.

2. Sozzled: If you are looking for a word that can describe the state of a drunk man in a humorous manner, go with this term. It is not commonly used by people, but you can find it in classic English books.

3. Absquatulate: Do not think of this word as a synonym of doing squats. But it means to leave quickly or abruptly. It’s quite difficult to pronounce but looks very funny to be used in some cases.

4. Bumbershoot: Everyone relates umbrella with the rainy season. But some people want to say it in a different type of style. This word can be used as an alternative to an umbrella. It looks funny and can be perfectly used to describe an umbrella.

5. Abear: Some words do not mean the same as they look in pronunciation. This is one of those words that can’t be judged in the same manner. This term is used to define endurance and bearing of something. Using it, you can say that you encountered something while having a big heart. 

6. Titter: When you want to use an alternative of giggle or laughing, go with this specific word. It also resembles these two words and can be used to define an exciting reaction in a state of joy.

7. Cabotage: We know what you would be thinking at first while looking at this funny word. It resembles sabotage but doesn’t mean anything about it. The word Cabotage basically means to transport goods and materials via trucks, cars etc. You can use it to confuse the readers, but its meaning is totally different.

8. Smicker: Do not get confused with this word as it doesn’t relate with snicker. It basically defines a feeling of strong love. Generally, this type of words is used by the poets to define love and affection in poems. It is not used commonly, except in books, articles etc.

9. Yemeles: There are some words whose meaning can be traced back to the early classical era. Yemeles is also one of those words that also relates from the same time. It means to be reckless and act with careless behavior. 

10. Bibliokept: If you want to refer to a person who steals books, use this one. It has no indication of books or journals in it, but can be used for a thief who always wants to take away books wrongfully.

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Final Words

That brings us to the end of the blog in which we have defined various types of funny words that are not used anymore. You can find these words in old dictionaries or books that are related to classical times. They are not used much anymore due to the advancement of vocabulary. Many people simply do not know about their meanings and how they should be used while writing or having conversation.

We have defined some of the most funny and interesting words above that will help you to understand their meaning and basic usage rules. Being an author or article writer, these words will come handy in your words when you want to define anything creatively. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How can funny words make any blog interesting?
It is a known fact that people love to read things that are written in a bit of a comical style. This can be done by using those words that look funny. These words can hook people’s attention, provided they are used in the right context.
2. Which type of content needs funny words?
It should be remembered that every content cannot be written with funny words. These words are quite unique which is why they should be used in specific places like blogs, social media posts and others.
3. Can I use funny words in a press release?
No, funny words cannot be used in press releases. The reason is that PR documents are termed very professional. They are used to define any company’s official voice which is why they can’t be written with funny words.
4. What are silly words?
Silly words do not have any special meaning. Their pronunciation does look normal but they are not intended to be used anywhere.
5. What is meant by sozzled?
Sozzled defines the state of a man who is badly drunk. It is a word that was used in old times and can be found in classical dictionaries. However, you can still use it smartly to define the mental level of a drunk person.
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