5 Ways to Compose a Eulogy for Sister with Examples

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Understanding How To Write A Eulogy For Sister

The thought of working on a eulogy for a sister is dreadful. Because your relationship with your sister begins from birth and continues until one of you decides to leave home. In some families, relationships between siblings last a lifetime, and with time they grow unyielding.

A sister is someone who can be your support system and best friend. She may be the one standing behind your back through life’s challenges. Sometimes her warm and adoring nature gives you the comfort you crave in times of stress.

And when a person with so much significance leaves, it turns into emotional trauma. Overcoming it isn’t easy, but you can find solace knowing that you two have lived a wholesome life.

You can tell people what your sister was like by writing a heartfelt eulogy. If you’ve composed verbal tributes before, our blog features five ways to help you. You might be in search for an authentic speech writing services provider to compose the right eulogy.

Start by Organizing your Memories

It’s natural to think how I can write beautiful words for my sister? If you’re in the same boat, try creating a mind map and put your sister’s name in the middle, incorporating words or anecdotes around her name.

You can talk about her memories and relate them to her personality traits. For example, if she was into craftwork, you can highlight the creative side of her personality.

Approach your Eulogy the Right Way

When writing a eulogy for your sister, consider the following themes: specialized, biographical, and personal. You can look at different eulogy examples to find the right direction to write the perfect remembrance speech for your sister.

Moreover, you can try composing it like an obituary. The type is fact-based and sounds like a newspaper article. But, obituaries are beneficial. An obituary-oriented eulogy enables the audience to connect the missing details.

There might be people at the funeral that couldn’t remember the date of birth of the deceased. There might be nieces or nephews from other towns who don’t know the total siblings of their lost aunt. So, the obituary-based eulogy allows you to fill those gaps.

Know your Audience Beforehand

eulogy for sister at funeral

Do you know who will be present at the funeral? If not, you should. It’s essential to consider your audience for various reasons. Suppose the audience at the funeral is strict; it might not be appropriate to remember a crazy night out-of-the-town night with your sister.

On the other hand, try to cater to your audience to reduce the risk of offending anyone. Remember, you’ll be there to honor your sister. Therefore, you need to be cautious with your words and make it a genuinely warm eulogy for a sister.  

Write your Speech

Advice varies, and the approach is different for everyone. You can either memorize your speech, create notecards or have an outlined ready to deliver a eulogy for a sister.

If you want, you can stay on the safe side by writing your speech. Whatever you want to say, type it. Every idea, every word should go on the paper, so you can use this version to rehearse and deliver the best vocal tribute.

Don’t Mind Being Nervous

Public speaking isn’t for everyone. And that’s normal. Delivering a eulogy for your deceased sister is a challenging experience. Therefore, you’ll feel nervous, which is natural.

To control your nervousness, you need to rehearse your eulogy for a sister several times before attending the funeral service. Take this experience as an opportunity to tell the world that how amazing your sister was.

Eulogy Examples for Sister

eulogy quotes

Composing a eulogy for a sister can be a challenging task. If you need direction to start, speak to your family and friends of your sister to collect information, such as student and professional life.

Following examples can also become your source of inspiration to write a funeral eulogy for a sister.

To Sister from Sister Eulogy Example

“My name is Jessica. For those who don’t know me, I’m Maggie’s older sister. It’s devastating to know my baby sister is no more with us. She was only 22 and had so much to explore in life.

Today is indeed tragic and sad. But I can’t stop missing my sister’s bright smile. She wasn’t the one with serious nature.

Always laughing. Always looking for ways to add meaning to life. Maggie would want us to celebrate her departure. She was a bright girl and would like us to remember her fond memories.

I miss you Maggie and continue to do so. I’m ending my speech stating the fact that you’ll be in my heart forever.”

To Sister from Brother Eulogy Example

“I’m the eldest son of Harper family. And I’m sad about being here without my only sister. Katherine, or many people know her as Kathy, was the best thing that happened to our family.

When I received the news of her demise, I couldn’t accept it. I started writing a eulogy to deal with my grief. Knowing that she’s in a better place is comforting.  But, it’s indeed a significant loss.

We went to the same school and lived in the same neighborhood for most years of our lives. That’s why a lot of people know her and admire her personality.

She was strong-willed but straightforward. Despite being her elder brother, I sometimes contacted her for suggestions or second opinions. She knew the art of problem-solving and managed to find solutions for our problems.

Our little Kathy had always been a part of family gatherings. She also loved to host parties at her place. She was a wholesome person who lived her life with discipline.

My sister was a great aunt to my children too. Unfortunately, she won’t be here to see them grow and become mature individuals like her.

But she will be in our thoughts and prayers. And we will never forget how wonderful she was as a person. May heavens bless you.”

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Different Sample Eulogies for Sister

Eulogy for a sister doesn’t have to follow the same pattern. You can highlight the deceased’s personality in it or even add humor to it. You can refer to the following samples to compose a meaningful eulogy.

Funny Eulogy for Sister

“I’m James, and today we’re celebrating the incredible life of my sister. She had many qualities.

But the best thing about my sister Casey was her fantastic sense of humor. She used to bring it wherever she went and made people smile. That’s made her unique and enabled people remember her.

I remember how she used to get motivated to join a gym and live an active lifestyle while warming her leftover pasta.

She loved to play great pranks, especially on the holidays. I’m glad we managed to make beautiful memories. She had the potential to make dull and regular days fun.”

Highlight Personality Trait

“Dear Samantha, I’ve no idea how to continue my life after you. I’m her younger sister Julia. Today, I want everyone to know my sister on a deeper level. Everyone knows she was the protective elder sister.

But no one knows that she was also a great communicator. No matter how quiet someone was, she managed to bring them into the conversation.

Samantha was known to be an icebreaker for every situation and could talk for hours. That’s what made her the best public speaker. She wasn’t only talkative, but she was the one who wanted to include everyone in the conversation.”

Eulogy Tips for Sister

Following tips can help you compile the perfect eulogy speech to honor your sister.

  • Prepare a comprehensive introduction to capture the audience’s attention.
  • Work on the middle part of your eulogy. It’s where you include details about your deceased sister.
  • Including childhood memories is always a good idea.
  • Work on concluding lines and end your speech on a positive note.
  • If you want, you can add quotes or poems to personalize your verbal tribute.
  • Practice speech delivery in front of friends or family and ask for feedback.

Eulogy Quotes for Sister

Putting together words to honor your lost sister is a painful experience. When writing to tell how awesome your sister was, add a personal touch to the speech with sister sayings or quotes. For example:

  • I don’t know how to resume everyday life after you.
  • I’ll remember your bright smile and kind soul.
  • My sister was indeed a gift from the heavens.
  • I miss my younger sister, but I know she’s in a better place.
  • Her spirit was an inspiration.
  • My sister lived a wholesome life despite the challenges and troubles.

Final Words

Writing a meaningful eulogy for a sister may be excruciating. Don’t forget that your pain and effort to deliver the eulogy for a sister matter. It’s like a gift to your sister in heaven from you and your family.

Make this experience memorable by telling the audience what sister was all about. By honoring your relationship with her, you can keep your sister’s legacy alive for others.

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