60 Best Gifts for Writers That Everyone Will Love in 2024

econtentsol Published: February 5, 2024 27 min read

Gifts For Aspiring Writers

It is an obvious fact that gifts provide us a great way to honor someone’s hard work and dedication in a particular work. It is a way of recognizing the efforts an individual has put into a specific job as per his/her best abilities. The example of writers is quite evident in this regard as they always put their best to craft quality content. Using particular gifts for writers, you can celebrate their work and bring an added motivational value among the all writers team.

Unlike the holidays or any special event, these gifts for writers are not dependent on any occasion. They can be presented throughout the year to celebrate the loyalty and dedication of writers. You can pick and choose specific types among them based on the likes of every individual. These gifts come very handy in their day to day routine, hence are selected carefully as per the needs of every writer.

In this blog, we have compiled a huge list of best gifts for writers as per the known demands. But before moving into them, let’s first understand their importance for the hard working writers.

Importance of Gifts for Writers

Everyone loves to have gifts, especially when they are given with a surprise. Same is the case with writers as they also need a fair piece of appreciation for their work. In fact, these gifts are not just an appreciation. But, they also work as a source of motivation to them. It reunites their energy to do the work better and come up with better content quality every time.

This improves their performance and builds a culture of positivity in the office. Nowadays, every article writing agency uses its own way to present these gifts to the writers. Some go with the sudden surprise, while some organize special meetings to celebrate their hard work. Basically, it is a way to create an environment of thankfulness in the company, motivating everyone to do better work all the time. 

Top 60 Inexpensive Gifts for Writers

Amidst this treasure trove of ideas, consider exploring innovative and interactive experiences like Posterdle – wordle movie posters game. These engaging platforms offer a fresh twist on traditional guessing games, making them an excellent choice for writers seeking inspiration or a break from their craft. Let’s dive into the world of thoughtful gifts for aspiring writers!”

Custom Art for the Office

A fantastic gift idea to spruce up the office and motivate writers is turning a custom photo into a painting. A personalized painting featuring a cherished image, such as a meaningful book cover, a favorite writing space, or an inspirational literary figure, can be a beautiful addition to their workspace. This custom artwork not only adds a touch of creativity and individuality to their office but also serves as a constant source of inspiration, reminding them of their passion for writing. 

Let’s take a look at other inexpensive gifts for writers below.

Best Gifts for Writers Under $10


Aqua notes for writers

All the writers love notepads as it is one of their core stationary items to work with. But these AquaNotes are not like ordinary notepads. Their name suggests their specialty i.e. waterproof notes. If you are fond of writing down things while taking a shower, this notepad is all that you need. It is very inexpensive and fits best for the writers. 

Typewriter Keychain

Typewriter keychain gift

It is quite necessary to present those gifts to writers that relate with them such as a typewriter keychain. This will be a good addition on their writing desk. Furthermore, it will come handy in their day to day routine usage. As far as pricing, it is very inexpensive and just comes under $10.

Tequila Mockingbird

Mockingbird book for writers

All the writers are fond of reading. It is something that goes in their veins and comes natural to them. This book will be a perfect addition to their library as it is very interesting to read. Those writers who are fond of taking tequila will find this book very engaging. It has great knowledge about the cocktails and makes one perfectly. 

Novelty Casual Crew Socks

Novelty socks gift for writers

Got a friend who likes taking on personalized socks? This one will be a perfect gift for her. It looks very cool and is unique in looks. The good thing about this product is that it is very cheap and comes under your budget of $10. You can choose multiple sizes of these socks for your desired writer friend and can gift her with a beautiful pack. 

Hobonichi Page Keeper

Hobonichi Page Keeper gift for writers

This page keeper is for those who often do not remember the pages they were reading in a book. Well, it happens with most of us which is why this tool will come in real handy for writers. It is simple, elegant and affordable in pricing. Furthermore, you can purchase it in different colors including yellow, red, blue and more.

Olivetti Typewriter Ink Ribbon

Typewriter ink ribbon gift for writer

Every writer loves to work on old school things such as typewriters. But what happens when it goes out of ink? Well, this product is made exactly for that, giving them ease to refill it quickly. It comes in different colors ranging from black to red and others. Furthermore, it is easy to use and handle without requiring any major knowledge. 

Offensive Crayons

Offensive crayons gift for writers

It is an undeniable fact that writers love to play with crayon colors. Some might say that these are the favorites of kids, but some adults are also fond of them. These crayons can be the best gifts for writers, provided it has got their favorite colors. They can use it freely on their practice work like making graphs, pictures on notepads etc.   

Personalized Flask

Personalized flask gift for aspiring writers

These little flasks can be really handy for those writers who love to travel frequently. It fits perfectly for pockets and can be accommodated easily within. These 6 ounce flasks can be personalized with your friend’s name or some special quotes. This will be a good accessory for their day to day usage, designed with custom names or essentials.

Personalized Pocket Watch

pocket watch gift for writer

Sometimes, even little presents can make your friend’s day. This simple yet classy pocket watch is one of them and can be selected as a random gift. The good thing about its design is that it is completely custom, which means that you can print your friend’s name on it. Starting from $10, it looks very cheap and stays affordable on everyone’s budget. 

Birthday Card

birthday card gift for aspiring writers

It would be a nice idea to surprise your friends using a custom birthday card. We all know how excited one can become after having such a surprise. This birthday card will play a perfect role in adding up fun to his/her birthday party, provided you customize it properly. You can order it with multiple types of color combinations such black and golden, red and white etc. 

Best Gifts for Writers Under $20

Funko Pops of Harry Potter

Harry Potter Pops gift for writers

Everyone knows about the magical character of Harry Potter, especially the writers. He is one of the favorites of many people which is why could be a good fit for gifts. This funko pop of Harry Potter looks really great for such presents. It looks great for keeping on writing desks and comes with a minimal price tag of just $11. 

Prismacolor Pens

Prisma pens gift for writers

Looking for some handy gifts for writers? Go with the trendy color pens. We all know very well why they are liked so much by the writers. They are certainly the first choice of writers while coming to work or noting down something. These prismacolor pens are indeed a great pick for the writers. It comes in multiple colors and provides top quality hand writing results. 

Stress Balls

stress ball gift for aspiring writers

These stress balls may seem as a gift for kids, but they are also very much liked by the writers. It is one of those products that comes handy in their leisure times. Meanwhile, it can also be used when a writer wants to ease his/her mental anguish. That mostly happens due to a lot of work load which is why these stress balls are great for them. 

Personalized Coffee Mug

black coffee mug

All the writers are coffee lovers. This is a common fact about them that comes as a natural instinct. Therefore, it is a good idea to offer them a personalized cup having some catchy lines or their names written on them. This coffee mug looks great and can be chosen for such gifts for writers. It is made from ceramic material and comes in an exquisite black color.

Novel Teas

Novel teas gift

The need for tea generally arises when content creators are writing an eBook,  articles and other stuff. This particular pack of tea bags fits perfectly for them. It comes with a pack of 25 tea bags written with the famous quotes of Victorian books. You can have a little idea about this product by looking at this description that says read ‘em and steep! 

Paddywax Candles

Paddywax candles gift

Some writers do like to work with old school ways. Having candles on their desks is one of those particular things that most of them usually like. These paddywax candles are therefore a great pick for those writers who love to work in this manner. These candles are very elegant and come with a Jane Austen scent that is loved by the majority of people. 

Specialized Writing Books

Stephen King writing books gift

There wouldn’t by any better present for a writer than a book. This is a common fact and must need to be considered smartly while finalizing a gift. You can find numerous books about writing on Amazon. But this stunning piece written by Stephen King is just simply amazing. It offers great tips on writing allowing you to understand the core principles easily. 

Writer’s Block

writers block gift

Most writers use these types of blocks as a paperweight. It comes into usage when they are bundled with a lot of work and need to arrange papers using a simple paperweight. This can be also customized with their names as well. Similarly, it can be written with some short quotes that look relevant to their work or subject. 

Fingerless Writing Gloves

Fingerless gloves gift

Looking to give some gifts to your writer friend during the winter holidays? These fingerless writing gloves are just perfect for that. They look really great and can be included in the list of best gifts for writers during the winters. The pricing of these unique gloves is very inexpensive, meaning that you can easily afford them. Plus, you can get them in different colors and sizes that fits best according to your requirements. 

Enamel Pins and Badges

Enamel pins gift for writers

These little enamel pins and badges are also a great pick for the writers. They are beautifully created with different types of pictures and animated characters. Some badges are also created in a book style, building a great relation with the writers. All of these pins could be compiled to make up a huge collection of props for the writers. 

Coloring Books

coloring books gift

Well, this could sound a bit childish but some writers are also fond of coloring books. You can find various types of such books at the store depending upon the needs of your friend. This particular product is also one of the best sellers of Amazon and is loved by millions of people. Using various types of crayons or simple colors, you can bring its pictures to life. It will be a good choice for leisure time and will serve both adults and kids. 

Best Gifts for Writers Under $30

The 3 A.M. Epiphany

Epiphany book for writers

Every writer should keep on learning new things and techniques looking at different copywriting examples. This could be done by reading books and other stuff that is informative to them. This particular book is made exactly according to that. It has got some very good exercises that will help to transform your writing. Not from the grammatical view, but it defines several techniques that will improve your story building part efficiently. 

Shot Glasses

Shot glasses gifts for writers

Besides various conventional stuff, you can also gift your friends something unique like shot glasses. They do not come singularly, but are always found with a complete pack of small glasses. This one is also a popular item as it gets customized according to your requirements. Whether you are looking to print his/her name or just want to go with simple, choose these shot glasses instantly for your parties. 

Literary Puzzles

Puzzles pack for writers

This puzzle pack could also be a perfect choice of writers. It comes with a huge collection of puzzles made with different pictures. If your friend has still got a knack to solve puzzles, this pack is an ideal choice for him. It is just under $30, meaning that it would be affordable for your budget. 


Sccaple application for writers

Scapple is a great application that lets you connect different ideas with each other. It can be termed as a perfect thing for writers, especially the technical ones. This program allows you to plot a complete diagram connecting different attributes with each other. You might have seen the example of Scapple in colleges where teachers explain the hierarchy of certain things using dotted lines. This is what Scapple does uniquely with its smart program. 

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Domains for Website

Nowadays, everything is going digital. The trend of getting information from online websites has taken a huge surge in the world. This has encouraged the writers to move on the digital space as well. 

Today, many people are actively publishing blogs, articles, whitepapers and other stuff on the internet. They are running their whole website on particular domains and are earning flawlessly. You can also give a domain to your friend within just $20. They are really cheap and can be bought in minutes.

Triple Protection Bracelet

Bracelet gift for writers

Fashion accessories are also considered as the best gifts for writers. We know that everyone wants to style up uniquely to look different from others. These bracelets will give your friend a great chance to optimize his styling. The pack basically comes with three colors of stones. Moreover, it is also available in two different sizes giving everyone a great wearing compatibility.

Book Coasters

Book coasters gifts

The wooden book coasters look like actual books. They are not a reading material but can be used as a fancy item to decorate your shelves. You can find a huge variety of book coasters available on the web. But, this particular pack is quite amazing and comes with a cheap price tag. They can also be used to hold drinks or any other stuff as per your needs. 

Book Worm Ring

book worm gifts

This is also a great accessory to gift any writer or reader. It looks very elegant and can be customized by different types of names. Generally, this ring comes in a silver color. However, you can order it in custom colors as well such as golden, light blue and others. 

Bookbinding Kits

bookbinding kit for writers

A lot of times we see issues of unorganized documents including book pages and reports. This specifically irritates the writers and doesn’t let them focus on the work. This bookbinding kit will ensure to solve that problem effectively. It includes different equipment in its complete pack including scissors, scales, pencil and others. Using them, you can easily organize your work without having any major issues.

Elegant Book Ends

Elegant bookends

This is a perfect piece of decoration for the shelves of writers. It looks highly artistic and elegant to the eye. A lot of people customize them with their own preferred art. However, this Thai-styled book end is also very fabulous in looks. It is a 7-inch décor piece, made beautifully in a golden color. You can have some other colors of this piece as well, including silver, woody brown and more others. 

Wall Art

wall arts gift for aspiring writers

Everyone loves wall art, rightly due to its incredible decoration design. It can certainly be a great gift for writers and can be bought easily within $30. This product is also a very simple yet beautiful design. It is different from others in terms of its transparency. You can see that the words inside the frame look very realistic and attractive. It comes in different sizes, giving you an opportunity to use them anywhere on your walls.

Fountain Pen

fountain pen

This is quite a natural pick for the writers. We know that pens are the most favorite essentials of writers. They usually like to have fountain pens on their writing desk to note down various things. Considering this demand, this product fits perfect in the list of best gifts for writers. It also comes with various necessary equipment such as ink bottle converter, ink cartridge refills and more others. 

Open Book Platter

book platter gifts

Just like the decoration pieces defined above, this unique book platter will also be a great present for your favorite writer. It looks very artistic and suits perfect to get decorated on the shelves of writers. Generally, it comes in white color. However, you can order it with custom colors as well such brown, light golden and more others. 

Quartet Magnetic Whiteboard

Quartet magnetic whiteboard gift

This one is a favorite of every writer. We know that all of us want to play with whiteboards right from the start of our childhood. For writers, this whiteboard is even more special. It comes into their usage almost every day. They write down and make pointers on these boards to make their writing efficient. It is not much costly and definitely gets a place in the list of gifts for aspiring writers. 

Recycled Paper Sketchbook

Recycled paper sketch book for writers

This sketchbook is also a natural pick for the writers. It is one of those things that stays forever in the bag in the backpack of a writer. Sometimes, it becomes too obvious to give things like that. But, writers do appreciate such kinds of stuff. They know the importance of sketchbooks in their daily routine. Hence, it is still a good idea to include it in the stock of gifts for writers. 

The Emotion Thesaurus

the emotion thesaurus book for writers

We know about the fact how crazy writers are about the books. It is one of their special hobbies to read and learn new things every day. This specific book is listed in our blog because of its great subject and importance for writers. It explains how a writer can explain emotions in his/her content strongly. This is also one of the most selling books in the industry written by ever known Angela Ackerman. 

Book Light

book light gift for writers

Considering the love of reading, this book light will also be a good fit for budding writers. It is a pretty handy tool for the desk of those writers who want to work late. Many people will call it an old school thing, but still it is a great pick for the true book lovers. You can find it in different designs and colors on the internet, as per your requirements.  

Desk Timer

Desk timer gift for writers

Another pick for the desk of aspiring writers, this product will really come handy for them to manage time effectively. Every writer loves to have them on their desk, as they are small, portable and easy to manage. The product comes in a variety of colors, ranging from white to light blue and others. Furthermore, it has a built-in beeping sound and also comes with a portable battery installation as well. 

USB Microphone for Dictation

USB microphone for writers

As the market is evolving, tools for writing and reading are also getting advanced. This USB microphone is one of the best gifts for writers that comes into that advanced category. It is generally used for dictation and is loved by millions of people around the world. Looking at its pricing, we can safely say that this product is not much costly and stays firmly in your budget.

Tote Bags

Tote bags gift for writers

Tote bags are quite common among the people, especially women. They like to roam and shop around taking on these lightweight tote bags. Nowadays, these tote bags also come in customized form. This allows you to print your friend’s name, images or some catchy slogans on them. For women writers, this can also be included in the category of best gifts for aspiring writers easily. 

Custom T-shirts

Custom t-shirts gift for writers

It would also be a nice idea to include customized t-shirts in your gifts pack. We all know that these t-shirts are loved by everyone, especially when they are printed with the custom names. Every writer wants to stay casual wearing these t-shirts. They are also not that pricey and fits well into the budget easily. 

Custom Caps

custom caps gift for writers

Just like the custom t-shirts, people like to take on caps on a routine basis. It is also a definite pick for gifts, provided you have bought a real good one. The advantage of these caps is that they can be used in almost all seasons. There are various types of caps you can find in the market, all made in different styles. Generally, these caps come under the tag of $20. However, its price can go up a bit based on the required customizations.

Desk Organizer

desk organizer gift for writers

This one is also a very handy tool and must be included in the list of best gifts for writers. We know how the desk of writers can become very messy. From pens to papers, it becomes very irritating to find space for different things on the desk while working tirelessly on books, articles etc. Using a desk organizer, you can manage them and make your desk a bit clean. It is quite handy and looks best for every writer. 

Typewriter iPhone Case

Iphone case for writers

Considering the fashion accessories, it would be great to give your writer friend a unique typewriter iPhone case. It is fully printed with the typewriter picture, offering a great exceptional look. The good thing is that this case can be bought for all iPhones including iPhone XS and others. It is also washable, giving you a great ease to keep using for a long time. 

Best Gifts for Writers Under $50


Dixit playing cards for writers

Playing cards is one of those desires that comes from childhood. All of us are quite fond of these games, especially the one called Dixit. It is quite popular among all ages of people, rightly due to its great storytelling feature. If you are looking to prepare a bag of gifts for writers, we’ll recommend adding this one as well.

Coffee Shop Gift Card

Unlike the traditional stuff, you can also offer your friend a coffee shop card as an appreciation gift. This is a pretty known fact that every writer takes infinite cups of coffee while writing a long form book, whitepapers and other stuff. It brings some kind of energy in them, especially when they are working day and night to complete certain projects. Hence, presenting a coffee shop card would be a nice idea, provided you are giving a quality one. 

Reusable Drinkware

Reusable drinkware for writers

Talking about coffee, you can also give a full set of drinkware items to your writer friends as well. Currently, there are different types of drinkware products available in the market. You can select the best one among them based on the quality and review of customers. Keep in mind to buy those drinkware products that are re-washable, so that they can be used for a long period of time. 

Kindle Unlimited Subscription

Kindle has become a popular application to read books from the top authors. It has thousands of books available in the library written on different topics. If your friend doesn’t have any Kindle subscription, try to gift him its unlimited package. It is a very knowledgeable application which is why it is liked by all types of readers and writers.

Literature Mug

Literature mug gift for writers

Literature mugs are quite a common thing among the writers. You must have seen them in the hands of aspiring writers many times. They can also be termed as an essential drinkware item for the writers. They look completely cluttered with different types of texts, but that’s what makes them special for the writers. They are easily available on different online stores, mainly around $20-$25.  

Writer Emergency Pack

writer emergency pack

This writer pack contains all the necessary stuff needed by the writers. It includes different types of things that regularly come into the usage of writers such as pens, notebooks, ink bottles and more. Looking at the pricing, this pack is really cheap and affordable for all. It has got high ratings on Amazon, and users have termed it as a great short kit for all types of writers. 

Portable Typewriter

Typewriter gifts for writers

There are various types of gifts you can purchase for a writer, but offering a handy typewriter definitely looks the best among all. Nowadays, there are different types of portable typewriters available in the market. You can choose your desired one from them based on color, size etc. This is indeed the best gift one can present to his writer friend on any day.

Book Themed Scarf

Book themed scarf gift for writers

Every woman likes to take a scarf while going shopping or to casual hangouts. This unique book-styled scarf is specifically made for the female writers. It really looks different from the other scarfs as it has got printed text format all over the place. It comes in a variety of colors ranging from light green to grey and more others. Meanwhile, these scarfs can also be customized as per your own requirements. 


Scrivener App for writers

There are a variety of writing applications available in the market. These apps are precisely made to help writers in different kinds of jobs. Scrivener is one of those apps that is highly popular among the people. It offers various features to research, outline and write novels easily. The interface of the application is similar to Microsoft Word, making it easy to understand. So, get it now for your friend with a minimum price tag of just $50. 

Adjustable Seat Cushion 

seat cushion gift for writers

Every writer knows the importance of a seat cushion in his/her routine life. It is something that makes them feel comfortable while doing tiresome long pages of articles, newspaper columns etc. Looking at the need, it can be definitely said that a seat cushion would also be a great present for any writer. You can easily get it under $50, customized with different types of images.

Leather Journal

Leather journal for writers

Like notebooks, many people also like to write down things in leather journals. This can be termed as an evergreen thing that will always stay in the checklist of writers. Therefore, including it in the list of gifts for aspiring writers would be a good idea. In fact, you might have to gift it more than one to your friends. It always stays in their bag and gets completely used in a quick space of time. 

Bookshop Gift Cards

bookshop gift cards

Bookshop have become an important platform for online readers around the world. It offers tons of books relating to different fields. This makes it a best place to find and buy books for the reading enthusiasts. If your friend has also got a taste of reading interesting books, try giving him/her a subscription to this platform. It will give them a great opportunity to learn new things by reading different books. 

Writer’s Clock

writers clock gift

This product is not an ordinary clock because it is designed in a unique style. It offers a great view of how a writer spends his hours doing a variety of things. Starting from taking coffee, it provides a humor-filled picture of a writer’s life. This could definitely give your friend a great laugh, as he can easily relate himself with it. Besides this, there are also tons of wall clocks available that are designed using the same perspective in mind. 


Being a writer, everyone knows the importance of using Grammarly. It can be said that this application is the bread and butter of writers around the world. Using it, they can find tons of hidden errors in their documents. Although it is available with a free subscription, but it’s paid version is much better and advanced than the other one. So, it would be great to offer your friend a paid version of Grammarly as it would precisely help him to become a copywriter efficiently.

Book Cover Postcards

Book cover postcards for writers

Book cover postcards also offer a great way to add something unique in your gifts for writers. They are pretty cool and customized as per your own requirements. You can use them on the book covers to bring a flair of creativity. Usually, these postcards come in a bundle including dozens of pieces. 

Other high-end gifts includes gifting writers a projector screen. There are two most popular types of screen available in the market. Both have different uses and is widely used among the writers to watch their favourite documentaries and shows. Read further to know about black projector screen .

Final Words

That concludes our whole guide in which we have defined some unique gift ideas for the aspiring writers. We know that our writers conduct heavy research and brainstorming sessions to craft quality content. Therefore, it is necessary to reward their hard work by offering different types of gifts as per their desires.

This guide has included various gifts for writers in particular budgeted categories. It will give you a great view on how to choose specific gifts while staying affordable. Using them, you can appreciate the hard work of your favorite writers and can motivate them to do better. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the best gifts for writers?
You can offer different types of gifts for aspiring writers. This category goes into multiple types depending upon the requirements of every writer. From pens to sketchbooks, you can gift variety of stuff while staying firmly in the budget. 
2. What is a writer’s tool box?
A writer’s tool box is a collection of a variety of things needed on a routine basis. This includes stuff like notebooks, pens, ink bottles and more.
3. What to write in books for gifts?
To share your joy and commitment, you can write an appreciation message in the books for writers. This will let them know that you value their work as a true fan.
4. What are the best gifts for writers under $10?
You can offer a variety of gifts for aspiring writers under $10. This includes things like keychains, ink ribbon, badges and more others.
5. List down some gifts for friends who love writing?
If your friend loves writing, you can offer multiple types of gifts to them. Always try to pick those things that are relatable to his/her nature. This could include gifts like t-shirts, book coasters, wall art and more.
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