How to Write an eBook from Start to Finish in 6 Steps

econtentsol Published: July 20, 2021 12 min read

Understand the Process of Writing an eBook in Detail

With the emergence of online technology, everything is going digital day by day. The great example of eBooks is quite evident in this regard. It can be said as a new way of publishing books aimed to attract millions of online users. That is the main reason why many writers are also moving towards this channel and are looking to know how to write an eBook correctly. 

Being a writer, you might think that eBooks could also be written in the same conventional fashion. But practically, it is not that simple. The reason is that online channels utilize a different fashion of showcasing things. The eBooks also falls in the same category, hence must be written properly by any specialized eBook writing services

In this blog, we’ll let you know some core tips on how to write an eBook appropriately. It is very important to know its correct formatting and what points you should include in it. 

Let’s first take a quick look at the basics of eBook and why its trend is getting strong in the world.

What is an eBook?

Many people still do not know how to write an eBook and what purpose it serves. It is basically a form of book that is written for the digital channels. This means that this eBook is written and published electronically, allowing everyone to read it easily. 

Nowadays, these eBooks are becoming more common as compared to conventional books. Many authors are continuously publishing their work in the form of eBooks. They know that the spectrum of the online world is quite huge and it can attract millions of readers easily.  

These eBooks provide us a convenient way to read them on smartphones, tablets, laptops and other devices. That is the major reason behind its popularity and continuous growth in the digital channels. 

Today, you can find multiple publishers who are not just selling print books, but also eBooks for the online users. It shows the emerging interest of the people and how they are moving towards this electronic reading style rapidly.    

Why Do People Love eBooks?

The rise of eBooks in the digital world is quite an exemplary thing. It has changed the way of reading, allowing everyone to take advantage of the digital channels. From publishers to readers, the demand for eBooks is continuously growing at both ends. 

Today, everyone wants to access various things by just using smartphones and laptops. Hence, the idea of making books available on these devices became an instant hit. It ensured the availability of books on handheld devices, so that everyone can read them easily. 

It is one of the reasons why the demand for eBooks has taken a huge surge. From adults to youngsters, this has proven to be a great material having tons of online reading advantages. 

How to Write an eBook and Sell It Online

As a writer, it is important to know how to write an eBook and sell it online. Here are the few tips that will let you know about its outline and content style correctly.

Choose Your Topic

Before moving on to the eBook, make sure to choose your topic wisely. It is an important step and must be finalized keeping in view the latest trends. A lot of times, people start to write on topics that are not relevant or least popular among the people. Such types of eBooks do not help to gain audience attention despite having the right content. 

You can know about the trending eBook topics by looking over the internet. This will give you a great idea about the topics and content style currently active in the industry. There are various sources on the web where you can learn how to write an eBook on unique topics from start to finish. As a beginner, this will help to establish your roots and choose better topics to engage online readers. 

Formulate Chapters

Once you have chosen the topic, move towards the next part of formulating chapters. Every writer must know the fact that eBooks are broken into particular chapters based on the length of the topic. It is a simple technique that makes your eBooks organized as per the standard practices.

The best way to formulate chapters is to chart out the key points you are going to highlight in your eBook. These points can be summed up in separate chapters, allowing people to understand them briefly. It is best advised to build a Table of Content (TOC) before writing an eBook. This TOC will help you to know about the chapters and subheads you are going to mention in the eBook.  

Start Writing with Strong Introduction

Now, it’s time to start your eBook by writing a strong introduction. We all know pretty well how important intros are in any form of writing. This is a block that helps to build your root and define little objectives about the eBook. It should be written in a proper style highlighting the problem and solution given in your content.

If you do not know how to write an eBook and introduction, take a look at different eBook copywriting examples given on the web. This will simplify your quest to know the right style of crafting an introduction. It will define how to build the pillars of a story and then push it forward by explaining the essential points in the first chapter. 

Research & Write Every Chapter Separately

All the chapters of an eBook should be written after doing extensive research and analysis. This means that you have to write every chapter separately after knowing the exact details. Many writers do not pay attention to this little factor and start writing multiple chapters simultaneously. 

As a result, they get distracted from the main points needed to be described in each chapter. They miss out on the important stuff that builds connections and allows people to take interest in every section. This also affects the readability of their chapters as they are not well aligned.

Therefore, it is always advised to concentrate on one chapter at a time. This will reduce your distraction and will allow you to focus on major points easily.   

Proofread and Conclude

After finishing all the chapters, do not forget to proofread the content of your eBook. As a writer, we all commit mistakes while writing content for eBook, articles, web copies etc. The general reason for this is the fluency and momentum of writing. It can certainly happen with every writer which is why a re-check is deemed necessary for all types of content. 

Many times, these errors become visible while writing, but sometimes they do not. Therefore, the best way to make your content error free is to recheck it after the full completion. This will not only highlight all the mistakes, but will also give you an opportunity to optimize the content quality perfectly.  

List eBooks on Popular Websites to Sell Quickly

Now that you have completed the eBook, it’s time to think about its selling process. Many people find this job hard due to a large competition present in the market. However, by thinking smartly, you can nail this challenge too.

First, you need to find those sites where eBooks are regularly sold online. This can be extracted using Google and other search engines. 

For instance, Amazon is a great place to list your eBooks. Many reading enthusiasts from around the world regularly visit Amazon to find quality eBooks. Being a writer, you can publish your work there and get huge sales easily. Meanwhile, do remember to utilize some smart tricks while listing your eBook on Amazon. 

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Best Sites to Download Free eBook Templates

The designing of an eBook is also very important to attract more readers. As defined above, eBook is a lot more creative material as compared to print books. It not only focuses on quality content, but beautiful designs as well to engage more eyeballs. 

It does not matter if you are not good at designing as most of the writers do not have this trait. Luckily, you can still make your work unique by utilizing various premade eBook templates. They are specially made to accommodate all types of eBooks, providing writers a great ease to publish their work.

Here are some of the websites where you can find different types of free eBook templates easily.

  • Canva
  • Crello
  • Lucidpress
  • Visme
  • Bannersnack
  • Blurb
  • Snappa
  • Xara

How to Write an eBook on Amazon

Amazon is a great place to find eBooks on your favorite subjects. Being a writer, it also gives you a great opportunity to write and publish your eBooks easily. Nowadays, many authors are actively promoting their work on Amazon. They know how big the market of Amazon is and why people from around the globe trust its products. Additionally, here are some best gifts for writers to keep them motivated to write a compelling eBook.

If you are also looking to publish your eBooks on Amazon, here are the steps you need to follow. 

  1. Create your Amazon KDP account.
  2. Write an eBook on any trending topic.
  3. Finalize the eBook format for publishing.
  4. Fill up your complete eBook details.
  5. Smartly pick keywords and related categories.
  6. Finalize the publication date.
  7. Upload all eBook files.
  8. Publish the eBook.

Final Words 

That sums up our detailed blog in which we have discussed how to write an eBook from start to finish. This article has highlighted the step by step process to write and publish any eBook successfully. Using these tips, you can make sure that your eBook is formatted perfectly according to the latest standards. 

Besides the write up, you must also need to focus on the selling part. That is the reason why we have also discussed how you can publish your eBook on Amazon as well. It is one of the best global platforms where you can sell your eBooks, provided you have written them with the right knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Which is the best eBook writing software available in the market?
If you are looking to know how to write an eBook smartly, you can find different types of pre-made writing softwares available in the market. This includes Vellum, Reedsy Book Editor, Creatavisit and others.
2. What are the five steps to write an eBook?
The process of writing an eBook involves five major steps. Starting from ideation, it moves towards the topic research and writing stage. Afterwards, the proofreading part comes into play and then the final publishing takes place.
3. How to write an eBook and make money?
Everyone wants to learn the art of writing an eBook to make money. Well, it is very simple. Try to pick those topics that are trending and most searched by the people. This will give your books a better chance to get sold in the market.
4. Where can I find free eBook templates?
There are many sites available on the web where you can find free eBook templates. Some of the top among them include Canva, Visme, Lucidpress and more others.
5. How can I sell my eBook on Amazon?
Nowadays, it has become quite simple to publish or sell your eBooks on Amazon. First, you need to create an Amazon KDP account and then fill out all the book details. Afterwards, just pick your category and selling price. Your eBook is ready to get attention from the true readers.
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