Best Prewriting Strategies Every Writer Must Know About

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Understanding Prewriting Examples & Strategies Needed to Produce Quality Content

Content writing is one of those jobs that requires a clear set of strategies from the very beginning. Without having any plan, you cannot create a great content. Whether it’s about copywriting or blogging, you must need to build some sort of prewriting strategies to become successful in this job. These strategies also change according to the requirements of the content. As a writer that offers article writing services, you should be smart enough to devise these strategies, as all of your content performance and quality are dependent on their execution.

According to the top content experts, prewriting strategies always helps in creating every type of content. It provides you a complete pathway for writing, no matter how long or complicated the topic is. A lot of writers often complain that their writing journey has become difficult due to having numerous confusions in the job. It mostly happens when these writers do not bother to follow any preplanned working strategy. As a result, they always remain stuck in that muddle where anything about writing looks difficult to them.

If you are also one of them that is looking for a great strategy to create quality content, read this article in detail. It has defined some good tips how you can also create a targeted pathway to write different types of content pieces. Let’s first understand a bit more about these prewriting strategies, as why they are important and what type of part they play in creating an engaging content.

The Importance of Prewriting Strategies

Importance of prewriting strategy

Being a writer, it is not that hard to understand the importance of a targeted writing strategy. It is the core thing that lets you understand about the working theme of any content. By creating an inclusive writing strategy, you can plan about the whole content journey in a much decisive manner. It not only streamlines the work, but also simplifies various complicated tasks for the writers.

When you are working on any client’s project, you would certainly need a strategy to complete all the tasks at the given time. The reason is that these tasks are deadline focused; hence they must be completed on time to keep the work on track. Having a clear strategy in place will give you the opportunity to understand the content requirements easily. It will help you to break down different sections precisely, so that you can concentrate on each of them at the given time.

Meanwhile, keep this in mind that your content strategy will also depend on the complexity of the project. The pace and phases involved in the prewriting strategies are directly related to the requirements of your project. It you have been awarded a lengthy assignment, then the pointers of your strategy will change. It will be devised according to the demands of the content, as well as its targeted audience.

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Types of Prewriting Strategies Every Writer Should Know About

As defined above, prewriting strategies differ according to the nature of the content assignment. However, some of their points remain same across all formats. These points could be termed universal as they look essential for all types of copywriting style.

If you don’t have much knowledge about them, take a look at some of the tips given below. It will let you know about the core factors that are said equivalent for every content project. Let’s discuss them in detail below.


Before starting any content project, the first thing that matters the most for any writer is the collection of the information. It plays a vital role in formulating the whole structure of the content. Every paragraph, heading and bullet points will be dependent on the information you would collect in this phase. This research process could certainly stretch to multiple hours, as you will need to dig deep in every available resource to gather quality content information.

The competitor research will certainly play a big role in this process. As a content owner, it is your responsibility to identify the type of content being trending in the market. This could be done by looking into the examples of your competitors. It will let you know what others are writing and how you could compete with them by going one notch higher.

Data Clustering

Data clustering

Data clustering is an important process that makes sure to gather all the valuable information about the content in a single place. The primary purpose of clustering is to look inside the data with a more focused eye. It lets you know various types of things in a more detailed manner, such as the requirement of content tone, word count, visuals and more others.

Meanwhile, clustering also helps you to identify the relationship between different types of information gathered in the first phase. It provides a more vigilant view about the facts, so that you can see the content in a much bigger picture. It will also help to distinguish those facts that are not needed in the content. That is how clustering makes you mindful about those things that are unwanted or could be used at only few places in the content.


After extracting the relevant data from the cluster, it is now time to build an outline for your article. This could also be called Table of Content (TOC), as it will highlight the major headings and bullet points needed to be used in the content. Preparing this type of outline will give you a clear idea how to write an article covering all the major headings. This will save your time and will also let you focus properly on the content.

All the top writing experts recommend to prepare an outline before writing any type of content. Whether it is a web copy or an article, a well prepared outline will always help you to pace the content efficiently. It will streamline the content production, provided you have fully understood the context of the TOC prior to writing. To make this work better, it is advised to create an outline on a separate sheet or document, so that you can follow and keep track of the work by looking at it regularly.


 Freewriting strategy

Though many of writers do not offer weigh to this concept, but freewriting is still a great way to express anything that comes to your mind at the first glance. It provides a good opportunity to know your instincts about the topic quickly. This way you can easily anticipate what should be written in the content according to the given context and requirements. Freewriting suits perfectly well for articles and blogs. That is because both of these content types are long-form, requiring a good sense of writing.

If you are bit confused how an article or blog should be started, freewriting can help you to get some ideas quickly. All you need to do is to just follow your natural instincts while writing on the topic. You can put down any type of idea or information that comes to your mind at the first place. If you think it’s good to go, carry on, otherwise you can also revert back to some other thing as well. Just make sure that it’s relevant to the topic, so that you can make a logical sense about it.


Looping is also a type of freewriting, but just differs in terms of being looped several times. This means that this phase will require you to freewrite multiple times. It includes a session of 10-15 minutes for every freewriting part. Once you go through one session, you can again start from the beginning to write something new about the topic.

The main purpose of looping this into two or three sessions is to make sure what should be written in the actual content. A lot of times, writers remain confused about the prospects that should be discussed in the article. Giving your freewriting multiple loops resolves this problem, allowing you to identify the central point between each writing part. It gives a good view about your instinctive thought, and how it should be covered in the topic by discussing the given context.

Basic Questioning

 Basic questioning)

Any article or blog is written to answer some basic questions. It is the main purpose of writing that enables the writer to discuss the burning questions effectively in the content. The readers also pay attention to those articles that have given answers to their concerns. No one wants to read an article that is written vaguely, or is just drafted to cover some fluff writing words.

So, answering the most asked questions is also one of the important prewriting strategies you need to focus on. It allows to make your content engaging, because when you discuss the trending questions in your content, people do take note of it. They show interest in knowing about the solution, no matter how long the content is. Whether it is a web copy or some other form of content, you must need to discuss the questions that are commonly asked by the people. It legitimizes the intent of the content, so that it can become understandable for all.

Focus on Central Theme

In order to write a great content, you must need to focus and describe the central theme of the topic clearly. It is the core requirement of every content, no matter which category it belongs to. Focusing on central theme makes your content look to-the-point. This is a feature that makes any content favorable for the readers. They pay more attention on the articles that are written with an exact perspective covering the main details of the topic.

So, before starting any blog, web copy or other content piece, always make sure to build a strategy that can cover the central point perfectly. It will help to make your content engaging as well as also provide ease in ranking it on top of the SERPs.

Final Words

That takes us to the end of this article in which we have discussed some of the best prewriting strategies recommended by the famous bloggers. These strategies are important for every writer, especially the ones that are new to the writing field. It helps them to research, conceptualize and write every content piece with a stunning perfection. You can use them as a step by step process, or could also pick the most relevant among them depending on the nature of your content requirements.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for an agency that is experienced in offering quality article writing services, get in touch with us today. Our professionals will help you to create engaging articles, discussing all the core aspects of your company’s branding and services perfectly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do you need a strategy to write any content piece?
A preemptive strategy helps the writers to streamline the work effectively. It gives them a clear pathway to write content, perfectly according to the given SEO and branding requirements.
What is meant by prewriting strategies?
Prewriting strategies highlight those little tactics that writers tend to make before starting any content piece. It simplifies their overall work, allowing them to finish the content quickly without affecting quality.
How many types of prewriting strategies are used by the writers?
Nowadays, writers use different types of prewriting strategies for their work. It depends on the nature of their content how it should be written according to the given demands.
How to create an effective prewriting strategy for a company blog?
A company blog should be written with a clear branding strategy. To do that, you need to first identify the elements that would be most important in the article. Once gathered, try to create writing strategy around it that can portray the best company image.
What are the best prewriting strategies for elementary students?
Elementary students should always focus on writing content without having any grammatical mistake. Furthermore, they should also learn how to build a context in the article, as that will pre-emptively help them in the later stages.
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