How to Write an Article: Best Tips to Know About

econtentsol Published: April 18, 2022 12 min read

Master the Art of Article Writing in 6 Easy Steps

Article writing is not as easy as people generally think. It not only requires good topic knowledge, but also a clear understanding of the tone in which the article should be written. Both of these factors play a major role in crafting an impactful content. As a writer, you need to pay attention on these points if you really want to offer quality article writing services to the clients. These tips can help you to know how to write an article that can grab people’s attention right from the first few lines.

Unfortunately, many budding writers do not pay attention on the basics of article writing. They think that an article could be written with just a random thought. This is certainly a very mistaken concept that derails the whole approach of a writer. It does not allow them to understand the true theme of an article, as what type of matter and tone it should include to address a given section of people.

It is therefore termed important to understand the basics of every topic before writing any article on them. It saves a lot of your time from writing any bad stuff that would look totally useless for the readers. In this blog, we will be discussing some core points about how to write an article that can offer meaningful points to any reader.

Let’s first understand the importance of articles in content marketing. It will let you know how they are strategically written to benefit the branding activities of any company.

Importance of Articles in Content Marketing

 Content marketing

We all know about the significance of content marketing, as how it helps to strengthen the marketing efforts of any organization. Today, businesses are focusing specially on content marketing to enhance their reach in the industry. It works very well when the whole marketing strategy is smartly devised with a combination of resourceful articles. This allows businesses to spread awareness and let the people know about their services purely by using an organic channel.

Most of the time, these businesses hire professional writers to do the job. They know that these writers can help them to write quality articles that can instantly grab people’s attention. Using a chain of articles, they devise a complete strategy to let the people know about the theme and core services of the company. This works fabulously well for them without spending any money or budget on the whole marketing campaign.      

How to Write an Article in 6 Easy Steps?

Tips for article writing

Writing an article can become a cumbersome job for many individuals. This usually happens due to their lack of knowledge in writing. It can really create a trouble for them while writing such types of articles or blogs. Not only that, but it can also obstruct them from writing good copies which is indeed a challenging task.

To avoid facing this problem, you need to follow some tips that can ease your writing work. Luckily, we have listed some of them in detail below, so that you can learn directly from them.

Select a Catchy Topic

Before starting to write anything, the first thing you need to do is to research the topics that are trending in the market. This is very important because it lets you choose those specific topics that are regularly being searched by the people. Their selection would also be dependent on your business background; as what type of services or products your company offers in the market.

Looking at the research analytics, it is said that only those articles get the people’s attention that cover trending topics. People like to read latest stuff about those things that are regularly being discussed in the industry. Whether it’s about finances or social media strategy, any topic you choose should be based on the current preferences of your target audience. It will help your article to get better reach and reading time, provided it has also covered the right context.

Dive into the Research Process

Article research

Once the topic is selected, you will then need to start the research process. This will take some time because you will need to look at different aspects of the topic in this phase. Its time duration is also dependent on the complexity of the topic, or how people have covered it by taking different views. This will help you to pick an idea about your take on the topic. It could either be short or long form based on the results of the research.

The best way to complete your research is by analyzing the context of four to five articles. This could be done by selecting those that are appearing on the first page of Google. These articles will give you a good summarized view of different types of copywriting and blog content. Then, it would be up to you to pick anyone of them depending on their relativity with your business.

Build a Table of Content

Creating a table of content is as important as making a pathway towards success. Well, that is a bit of synonym for article writing, but logically it means the same. A table of content gives you a complete outline about the article in advance. You will certainly know what type of headings will be in it and how they will be covered.

By creating a TOC, you can also plan out the writing work for each section accordingly. It simplifies your job in terms of managing time effectively. You can specify the time required for each heading, including the subs and their mini points as well. Meanwhile, having this TOC on the blog page also helps the readers to get a quick glance of all the main headings. They can rapidly navigate to their favorite points after looking at the TOC, provided they are smartly linked using the backend meta tags.

Start Writing the Article

Article writing on laptop

After completing the topic selection and research process, you will need to move towards the actual writing phase. This would take a good piece of time, because all of your findings collected in the research phase will come into play here. You will need to create a context based on those materials, allowing people to fully understand your research and message in the article.

If you are not sure how to incorporate these things into a blog, take a look at the articles of popular authors. This will let you know about their work, as how they approach to a particular topic covering various important tips and points respectively. It is best recommended to choose those authors that are related to your field. You can look at their personal blogs or could also search some of their guest posts on external sites.

Address Your Audience

To make your article worth reading, you must also need to add some points that can address the core concerns of audience. This makes the article highly interactive for readers, as they can see their pain points being discussed in it. They can engage better with these sort of blogs, especially when the context is defined according to them.

This trait is not just important for blogs, but it is equally very significant for others forms of content as well. For instance, web copies are precisely written in a manner to address the major queries of people. It helps them to get more response as well as encourage customers to buy products/services from the site. Similarly, newsletters and formal emails are also written with this same concept of direct response copywriting. It makes the content more engaging for people, allowing them to show more interest effectively.

Revise and Revisit Your Article

Once you have completed the first draft of the article, recheck it again to find out any persisting errors. This could help you to discover various types of mistakes, especially the typos and grammatical ones. These little things can literally derail the quality of your content and can make your entire articles less interesting for the readers.

If you want to maintain the quality of your work, always remember to check its quality at the end of the draft. This process would not take much time, as you will only have to skim through the content to find out any major loopholes. Many companies also hire additional editors to solidify this revision part. These editors are responsible to look into the articles from every aspect once they are completed. Whether it is a grammatical or typing mistake, these editors can find and rectify any mistake right at the first glance.

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Tips for Using Articles in Content Marketing

Writing and using article for content marketing requires a clear strategy. You cannot just randomly write or post anything for content marketing. It is a specialized job that requires different things to be in place before the finalization. If you do not know what those things are, follow the tips given below.

Target Rich Snippets

We all know that rich snippets are shown at the top of the search results, describing the brief view of an article. The keyword density and usage plays a major role in showing any article in the snippets. You can target these snippets by including popular keywords in your article. This will provide your article a better chance to get listed and shown on the top of Google SERPs effectively.

Add Interactive Photos and Videos

It is said that visuals always help to get better interaction from the people. Using them in the articles is certainly recommended to get more engagement from the readers. They should be used according to the theme and context of the article. It basically helps the users to understand the points more effectively. Whether it is in the form of an infographics or a video, people generally show more interest after looking at them wherever they are placed in the article.

Create Personas

Every writer must need to use a specific tone to address the readers. It helps to get better feedback and response from the people that is your target audience. This precisely solidifies your content marketing, allowing any article to get more reach in the industry. Furthermore, it creates a perfect pitch of your content that helps to target the desired people effectively.

Final Words

That concludes our whole blog in which we have discussed how to write an article in a perfect manner. Every professional writer must need to learn this art, as it allows them to create a better content. Using these tips, you can write different types of articles in a strong professional manner.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for an agency that could help you to write articles on different topics, get in touch with us today. We have got a professional team of writers ready to handle any type of content marketing job. We can help businesses to write creative articles that can increase their brand engagement on the internet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the basic purpose of writing an article?
Articles are written to cover any specific subject or topic associated with the latest trends. The basic aim of writing any article is to make sure the topic is properly described using all the points and factors relevant in the subject.
How articles help to optimize content marketing?
Articles are termed very helpful for content marketing. They allow companies to describe their perspective about any specific subject in a detailed manner. Furthermore, it also helps them to market their services using a proper content theme.
What should be the ideal length of an article?
The length of an article largely depends on the depth of the topic. Some of them can be covered within 1000 words, while some will require a detailed explanation ranging to more than 3000 words.
How to write an article that can grab people’s attention?
Article writing is easy if you have understood the basic principles of writing. Your content should always address the audience, so that they can feel relatable with it. Furthermore, it should use simple words that can be easily understood by the masses in the society.
How to rank articles on top of the search engine result pages?
Articles could be ranked on top of the SERPs by wisely using the keywords. Not only that, but the density and context should also be chosen smartly to make the articles search engine friendly.
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