15 Famous Bloggers That Doesn’t Need Any Introduction


Learn the Art of Blogging from These Famous Bloggers

The rise of blogging has been exemplary in the online world. It has evolved quite rapidly in the last couple of decades. Today, bloggers are earning more as compared to the conventional in-house writers and journalists. The reason is that blogs are now becoming a go-to reading material over the web. People from around the world curiously follow famous bloggers to know about latest trends of fashion, technology, marketing and other fields.

Blogs are also becoming hugely important for marketing purposes. Many people take help from professional blog writing services to optimize their branding on the web. It helps them in the domain of SEO and get more recognition in the market.

The unique thing about blogging is that it doesn’t require any kind of educational degree and other prerequisites. All you need to have is a proper understanding of trends that are being loved by the people. This can help you understand the topics on which people are searching and why you need to write on them.

Still, if you don’t have much knowledge about blogging and its content style, try to follow the regular content work of some famous bloggers. This will give you a great idea about blogging and how it should be done to get a recognition in the online world.

Here are some of the famous bloggers in the world that are renowned due to the quality of their content. Let’s take a look at their profiles below.

15 Most Famous Bloggers in the World

Looking to follow some engaging blogs to get regular updates about tech, fashion, science and other fields? Here are the some of the famous bloggers you need to start following now.

Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk is one of those famous bloggers that doesn’t need any kind of introduction in the field of blogging. He has shown the true potential of blogging as how it can change fortunes in a real quick manner.

Today, Gary Vaynerchuk has become the chairmen of VaynerMedia that is a modern-day media and communication giant in US. It is highly advanced advertising agency that takes pride in serving Fortune 100 clients all over the world.

Gary started his video blogging career in mid 90s when he turned his father’s local liquor store into a very first online liquor store. Using the power of his creative online blogging, he turned a $3-million-dollar business into a $60-million-dollar company. This precisely shows the power of creative blogging, for all types of niches and businesses.

Noah Kagan

Noah Kagan

If you want to follow a blogger that is related from the marketing field, Noah Kagan should be your best source. He is the founder of different multi-million dollar businesses, and his blog is rated as the finest source of gaining content marketing knowledge.

The blogging style of Noah Kagan is really very informative as it lets you know about all the latest stuff happening in the industry. Many people have recommended his regular blogs as a great source of learning new things. So, if you want to raise the bar of your writing or email marketing, read the exclusive blogs of Noah Kagan today. It will help you to understand the rule of three and metrics that can make your marketing blog successful.

Famous Bloggers of SEO: Rand Fishkin

Rand Fishkin

Those youngsters who are looking to gain inspiration from freelance blogging can take a look at the journey of Rand Fishkin. He is college dropout who started writing blogs on the emergence of SEO way back in 2004. At that time, many people didn’t took him seriously as no one knew much about SEO. But, as the time evolved and SEO became a pillar of digital marketing, Rand’s name also got a huge recognition.

Today, many people know Rand Fishkin due to the arrival of Moz. It is rated as one of the top SEO tools in the world that can help you analyze variety of things. Over the years, Rand has worked tirelessly on Moz to make it a top SEO based analytical tool in the market.  If you are interested in SEO, Rand Fishkin is the best blogger you should start following today.

Collis Ta’eed

Collis Ta’eed

Many people know Collis Ta’eed as the CEO of Envato, but only few of them knows about his early blogging career. He started Netsetter in 2009 as a place to discuss about startups. With the passage of time, it started to grow slowly and steadily. It became a huge source to learn about latest happenings in the startup, showing its great potential in the blogging industry.

Later, Collis turned his attention towards building Envato. It is indeed one of those platforms that doesn’t need any kind of introduction. From graphic designers to developers, everyone knows the importance of Envato and how big it has become in the last few years. This also shows Collis’s commitment towards being creative, as Envato is one of his fine examples.

Darren Rowse

Darren Rowse

The earlier profile of Darren Rowse may not match with his current blogging credentials. He was a former minister with an interest in food, movies and photography. But later he changed his way dramatically towards becoming a blogger, and then rest is history.

Today, Darren Rowse is rated among the famous bloggers in the world due to his multiple blogging networks. This includes different platforms such as ProBlogger.net, b5media and more others. The journey of Darren Rowse towards becoming a blogger is a bit unique. But it shows perfectly how blogging can be done by anyone, provided he/she have the aspiration to do so.

Yaro Starak

Yaro Starak

The name of Yaro Starak is also quite popular in the blogging world. His blogs on business and entrepreneurship are second to none. That is the main reason why his blog has got a humungous traffic number. He is also known as a very good teacher who has the ability to guide youngsters towards a strong professional career.

Right now, the blog and podcast of Yaro Starak has got millions of subscribers. It allows him to earn a stunning amount of $25K/month which is definitely not a mean feat. Many people have taken inspiration from the way Yaro has established his blogging, right from zero to the sky high limits.

Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn

If you want to know about how to make strong passive income regularly, start following Pat Flynn today. He is the founder of passiveincome.com that is renowned highly in the world. It has got everything you need to learn about making passive income from the internet. Till to date, the blog has millions of subscribers from all over the world, specifically from the US and European region.

In a recent interview with Forbes, Pat Flynn described how he nurtured his blogging to become a 3-million-dollar business. He also described his various secrets that allowed him to transform his casual blogging into a professional money making business.

Joost de Valk

Joost de Valk

Joost de Valk is a popular name in the field of SEO and his blogs are highly popular among the people. He is the founder of Yoast SEO that is termed as one of the best on-page tools for WordPress websites. It has become a common SEO tool for all WordPress based websites, rightly because of its great analysis.

Earlier, Joost started his career as a general blogger but later he turned on his focus towards developing Yoast. That is the reason why many people still follow his popular personal blogs to know about the latest tips of SEO. He is really a talented individual who has got cave of knowledge related to best SEO practices.

Neil Patel

Neil Patel

Neil Patel certainly do not need any kind of introduction. He is rated among the top professionals of SEO who knows everything about the latest tips and developments in the field. The story of Neil Patel is quite inspiring for everyone as he started in this field with a lone name. Today, he has got multiple ventures running successfully on the internet showcasing his hard work and intelligence.

The official blog of Neil Patel has millions of monthly traffic. The reason is that it is a great source of learning for many SEO professionals who want to stay updated with the latest stuff. Besides that, Neil Patel is also a founder of two very popular sites i.e. Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics.

Brian Clark

Brian Clark

The founder of Copyblogger Brian Clark also does not need any kind of introduction. He started in the field as an entrepreneur with an aim of helping people with different copywriting examples. As the time passed on, he optimized his skills and pathway to become a top name in the industry.

Today, many people recommend Brian Clark as the best source to learn professional copywriting. That is why Copyblogger is also rated highly in the market to master everything related to copywriting. If you are also looking to know how to become a copywriter having no experience, follow Brian Clark today.

Seth Godin

Seth Godin

Seth Godin is also listed among the famous bloggers in the world. He is a famous entrepreneur, marketer and speaker who is followed by millions in the world. Till to date, he has written countless books on marketing and advertising, making him a top author as well.

The official blog of Seth Godin has got variety of learning stuff for the aspiring individuals. From PDFs to eBooks, you can find a great range of learning material on his site. That is why it is rated as the best platform to gain good knowledge about latest marketing tips and tricks. All of these things are smartly written under the supervision of Seth, making them a real good learning material.

Harvey Levin

Harvey Levin

By profession, Harvin is an American lawyer but blogging is the real reason why he is so much famous in the market. Everyone knows about his famous blogging site that goes by the name TMZ. It is a leading blog that shares regular news about celebrities and their lifestyle.

Besides the digital media, Harvey is also a renowned personality on television. You might have seen him on different TV shows, appearing as a guest to talk on celebrity related matters. Considering this, it can be definitely said that Harvey utilized the popularity of his blog to become a brand himself.

Matt Marshall

Matt Marshall

VentureBeat is a popular site that offers latest news about technology. It was founded by Matt Marshall in 2006 as a personal blog. But, later it started to grow with the regular publication of tech content. The name of Matt Marshall is always associated behind its rise. He was the one that started it when no one had the belief in blogging. He worked hard tirelessly to take the name of VentureBeat to the top level, allowing it to become a renowned tech blogging giant. 

Michael Arrington

Michael Arrington

TechCrunch is also a popular site where you can find great amount of details about the latest tech trends. It was founded by Michael Arrington in June 2005 when the trend of blogging was not quite known. Michael worked precisely on the rising subject of technology to take this blog upward. He knew that tech blogging will start to boom in the coming time, only if it is written with the latest stuff.

Today, TechCrunch is counted among the top industry blogs as it regularly gets humungous amount of traffic every day. It shows the relentless hard work of Michael and his team on the editorial section of TechCrunch, making it a real example of success in the market.

Peter Cashmore

Peter Cashmore

Peter Cashmore is also a renowned name in the blogging world. At first, he started his career by writing about MySpace. He has written numerous blogs on MySpace, defining how it is an innovative social platform for all the users.

Today, Mashable can be said as the one of the biggest achievements of Peter in the field of blogging. This site has a global name and its success lies beneath the great mind of Peter. He started writing on Mashable quite a time ago, mainly on latest news. As the time passed on, this blog got a global attention due to its great content.

Right now, it is listed among the top 10 blogs in the world that are read most by the users. This shows the stunning blogging value of Peter and why he is so much popular among the budding bloggers.

Best Blogs to Read

If you want to learn blogging, you need to look at those blogs that are rated top in the market. Here are some of the best blogs that could help you to learn about blogging perfectly.

  1. TechCrunch
  2. Mashable
  3. Search Engine Journal
  4. The Next Web (TNW)
  5. Engadget
  6. Gizmodo
  7. Gawker
  8. Lifehacker

Final Words

Blogging has become a highly lucrative field, especially in the last couple of years. It has the potential to broadcast your voice all over the world, provided you choose the right content. To become a good blogger, you need to pick the right subject as well as inspiration. You need to look at the work of established bloggers to know how they are covering variety of things.

Considering this list, you can know about different famous bloggers that are known in the world. They have worked tirelessly hard over the last few years to make a name for themselves. These guys are pretty special when it comes to blogging, which is why their names are also rated among the top in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1- Why is blogging becoming popular in the world?

The trend of online readership is encouraging writers to come on the web. They are focusing on how to tap traffic from the internet by writing quality blogs. That is why blogging is becoming popular and interesting for all the writers.

2- How many types of blogging are there?

Nowadays, you can find different types of bloggers on the internet. This is a very vast field because every writer relates from different background. Some prefer to write on tech, while go for the science topics.

3- Who are the top food bloggers?

Food blogging is also becoming a top trend in the online world. Considering the love for foods, people prefer to read these blogs to know about food recipes. Some of the top food bloggers include Brooke Bass, Erin Neil, Deb Perelman and more others.

4- Name some of the famous bloggers in US?

There are a number of famous bloggers found in every city of United States. Some of the popular among them includes Olivia Palermo, Jason Kottke, Sheryl Luke and more others.

5- How to become a quality blogger?

To become a good blogger, you need to learn how to write on trending topics. It requires your writing to be very creative, so that you can engage audience perfectly.

6- Name some of the famous female bloggers in the market?

There are plenty of female bloggers working around. Some of the top names among them includes Nyasha Mavu, Tif Fannin, Grace Bonney and more others.

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