Best Content Pillar Examples to Drive Your Own Marketing Strategy

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Table of Content

1. Know How Content Pillars Should be Created By Analyzing Key Examples
2. What is Content Pillar?
3. What is a Content Pillar Strategy?
4. Best Content Pillar Examples to Learn From
5. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
6. Final Words

Know How Content Pillars Should be Created By Analyzing Key Examples

Marketing has become an important tool for companies to grab customers and find success in the market. It always plays a vital role in defining your company’s strategy and how it should move forward in the market. However, to make the marketing campaigns work, you always need to create unique content that can engage customers. Nowadays, content creators are using pillars to define a centralized piece of content in an intuitive manner. These content pillars are then linked with other short form articles that are primarily created to support them. So, being a marketing professional, you must need to look at different content pillar examples to learn this technique, as it provides various types of engagement benefits.

To create a content pillar, you must need to create a strategy first. It can be understood as the prerequisite requirement for it. Without creating a strategy, there is simple no point of writing a pillar content. The reason is that content strategy helps you to define an overall pathway for content development. It not only includes pillar content, but also short form articles that will be created to support them. This is why a strategy should be first created before formulating any content pillar to avoid any confusion or loopholes in the plan.

Being a beginner, you would not have much idea how a content pillar strategy should be built. This problem can be resolved by looking at different content pillar examples available on the web. It is a nice technique to learn several things, and offer article writing services to the clients that can produce quality results. In this blog, we will enlist some of the best content pillar examples to let you understand the benefit of them. So, scroll down and read this blog in detail to get a complete idea about content pillar strategy.

What is Content Pillar?

Content pillar

When we hear the term content pillar, we automatically perceive the idea of some kind of cornerstone content. This is a broad definition of content pillar that needs to draw down into more simple terms. For starters, content pillar is a type of long-form content that is created to define a centralized idea of any specific topic. It includes bulk of ideas and informative content that helps readers to understand the perspective of given topic. This pillar is often created in a long-form style, so that maximum points can be covered inside a single content piece.

Generally, long blogs or articles are used as a content pillar by marketers. They are specially created and structured in a manner that helps readers to understand everything. The ideal length of these content pillars should be at least around 3000 words. This is minimum and it can scale up more if further details are required in the content. As seen recently, people are creating content pillars of more than 5000 words regularly. Their articles are very detailed, and they create them with an objective to match the market standards precisely.

Content pillars are always created once, because it includes everything related to a content marketing strategy. Though several updates can be regularly done in this article, but it should not be overhauled by writing new topics. If you’ll try to rewrite a content pillar, then you would’ve to do changes in its short-form articles as well. This will certainly be a big task, which is why overhauling of a content pillar is not considered a good idea.

What is a Content Pillar Strategy?

Content pillar strategy

A content pillar strategy refers to a complete plan in which devise how a pillar content should be written and afterwards its supporting articles. As defined above, there is no point of writing a pillar content without having a strategy. It is necessary and should be planned at the earliest. Creating it is also not that difficult, as you only have to specify the primary keywords and secondary keywords in the strategy. The research for them however could be long, as you are advised to only pick those topics that can generate engagement with the targeted audience.

Generally, a content pillar strategy should have 10 to 20 secondary keywords. It depends on the marketers how much deep they want to go in their strategy. As per the SEO experts, more number of clusters are considered good for a content pillar. It provides better interlinking opportunity, and helps to define the overall topic in a more organized manner.

For social media, content ideation and creating a pillar strategy is very important. It is said that you should have supporting clusters of 1000 to 1200 words for each content pillar. These short blogs should be linked with the main article, and they can be interlinked as well to prepare a better structure. All of this comes through experience, which is why you need to analyze different content pillar examples every now and then.

Best Content Pillar Examples to Learn From

Content pillar examples

Being a beginner, you would not have much knowledge about content pillars. You might also not know how a content pillar should be created to achieve the desired marketing goals. To resolve this problem, it is best advised to build your understanding first. This can be done by looking into different content pillar examples that fits best with your marketing goals. It will help you to learn different points, and come up with a professional strategy that can generate quality results.

Below, we have defined some of the best content pillar examples that will help you to learn the basics of this strategy. Let’s take a look at them one by one below.

HubSpot’s Instagram Marketing Guide

If you are looking for a content pillar example that can define the whole journey of a marketing campaign, look no more than the Instagram marketing guide of HubSpot. We all are quite well-versed with this company’s name, as HubSpot is rated as the No #1 portal to find everything related to education. From digital marketing to content writing, you can find all types of courses on this website. It is basically a hub for digital education that is loved and recommended by people around the world.

Speaking about the content pillar page of HubSpot, it is precisely created with everything in place. From jump navigation to catchy blog intro, the pillar has setup everything with perfection. As a user, when you will visit on this pillar content, you will be automatically drawn to its other associated blogs and articles. The art of writing content should also be given credit here, because it has connected every cluster with the pillar smartly.

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Mailchimp’s Detailed Glossary

Mailchimp is a renowned email marketing software that is used by digital marketers in various parts of the world. It is a powerful tool that automates email sending process, allowing you to stay hassle-free while monitoring their status. It can be easily integrated with any system, which is what administrators like the most about it. The company specially pays attention to content marketing related to the importance of emails, and its content pillar examples are simply worth to watch and learn from.

If you will visit the glossary pages of Mailchimp, you will analyze a very beautifully crafted pillar content linked with all the clusters. It is written so smartly that you will feel all the interlinking coming natural within the content. This is what makes Mailchimp a great example for content pillar, as it provides a good walkthrough how content pillar should be properly written.

Notion’s Product Launch Checklist

Notion is a reputed software development agency that provides all types of digital solutions to the clients. From web development to app development, the company has got expertise in everything, which is why it is trusted heavily by the clients. The content marketing team in the company is also quite experienced, as seeing their content pillar approach rightly defines this fact. It is created with a product-led content approach that is indeed an amazing way to write long-form content.

The quality of this content approach is that every cluster in the pillar offers at least one solution of the state problem. This means that these clusters are created very smartly to answer different queries in separate blog pieces. It is certainly very good because every problem is unique, hence the solution to it is also defined separately in particular company blogs. If you are a software company that is looking to create a pillar content, we bet this is one of the best strategies you could use in content marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a content pillar?
A content pillar is a long form content that is created to cover a broad aspect of any topic. It includes links to different clusters that allow readers to know about other related problems.
What is an ideal length of a content pillar?
The ideal length of a content pillar is roughly around 3000 to 4000 words. It can increase more depending on the complexity of topic, and how deep you want to go to discuss any important subject.
How to create a content pillar strategy?
To create a content pillar strategy, you must need to first prioritize a main keyword and then secondary keywords related to them. Then, you have to devise a prewriting strategy to cover them one by one, so that a content pillar can be completed timely.
Which content pillar examples are best to consider?
You can find different types of content pillar examples available on the web. The best ones among them should have defined a complete pillar strategy, so try to find them keeping this key point in mind.
Why the content pillar strategy of HubSpot is worth to follow?
The content pillar strategy of HubSpot is really nice. It has created a specific content pillar with the name “Instagram Marketing Guide” that gives a complete walkthrough into the marketing spectrum of Instagram. It has smartly included all the clusters in the content, making it a complete piece to read and follow.

Final Words

That brings us to the end of this article in which we have discussed about content pillar examples in detail. It is certainly an important topic that should be understood by every content and digital marketer. Today, content is considered king in marketing, hence its development should always be done using a creative set of approach. The content pillar strategy is one of those techniques that provides a strong impetus to the marketing endeavors. It is a long-form content that smartly combines links to give users a navigational pathway to read other clusters.

In this blog, we have listed some of the best content pillar examples that could help you to learn this technique perfectly. It will allow you to understand how a pillar should be made keeping all the short-form blogs in mind. Meanwhile, if you are looking for a content agency that can help you to create detailed content pillars for marketing campaigns, get in touch with us today. Our experts have good knowledge about everything, as we have helped number of clients in achieving success through quality content.

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