How to Write a Blog Intro in 6 Easy Steps?

econtentsol Published: April 22, 2022 13 min read

Take a Look at Different Blog Introduction Examples to Learn the Art Perfectly

Writing a blog introduction often becomes a difficult task for the writers. It usually happens with those individuals who are new to this field. They basically do not understand the requirements of the given topic which eventually hampers their thought process while starting the blog. This problem can literally linger on for a long period of time no matter how hard one could try. The best way to come out from this is to know how to write a blog intro in a professional manner. It will let you know the art of building the context at the beginning of an article, so that every reader can show interest in it.

According to the famous bloggers, the article introduction should be highly catchy and straight to the point. If you will not keep it that way, it is anticipated that readers will quickly loose interest and bounce out from your blog. It will take all of your efforts into vain, no matter how much time and research you have given to it. This signifies how much important an introduction is for the blog, especially when it is written to address the masses.

In this article, we will understand the concept of writing a strong blog introduction. This will be a great lesson for beginners who really want to offer quality blog writing services to the clients. Let’s first understand the importance of a blog introduction, as how it builds a pathway for the context to follow in the content.

Why Writing a Catchy Blog Introduction is Important?

Importance of blog intro

The primary purpose of writing a content is to address the targeted customers. This the basic theory behind every write-up, including articles, blogs, press releases and more others. Without having this mindset, you content will never perform in the market, no matter how creatively it is written. It will not achieve the targeted reach, nor will get any attention from your customers in the market.

In order to make this work, you need to write a catchy headline and introduction that can instantly grab people’s attention. It is considered as the best technique to give your content a spectacular start. People generally show more interest towards those articles that start with the description of their problems. They feel more connected with these types of boilerplate examples, provided they have also been written nicely.

This shows the importance of writing a strong blog introduction. It has the power to attract eyeballs and hook people’s attention right till the end of the article. As a writer, you must need to know how to write a blog intro in a subtle manner. It will help to make your content engaging, allowing people to become fully linked to it.

How to Write a Blog Intro: Important Steps to Consider

How to write a blog intro

In order to write a strong blog introduction, you need to remember few important points. These little steps will let you know how to write a blog into for almost any article. It will lay a groundwork for you to understand the basics needed to create a solid context right at the beginning.

Let’s take a look at these points in detail below.

Address Your Reader’s Problem Instantly

It should be noted that blogs are a source of information that people generally read to get some answers. It is the primary purpose of many people who are coming to your blog from variety of mediums including search engine, social media and more.

But before answering them right away, you need to first put up some questions. These queries help to address their concerns and allows them to get more connected with the blog. Their attachment with the article instantly takes a great boost whenever they find any problem stated in the first few lines. It brings more curiosity in them to further read and know the answers of their problem quickly.

If you are good at asking questions, place them at the start of the blog. It is a great prewriting strategy to hook people’s attention instantly. It works certainly well to make their expectations with the article high, provided they have come on the blog with the right intent.

Add a Bit of Emotion

 Emotional writing

It is also considered a good practice to add a bit of emotion at the start of your blog. It is up to you what type of emotion it should be. A lot of people prefer to go with the words of excitement, as it helps to give their blog a vibrant start. The choice of words is indeed quite important in this regard. It describes the type of emotion in a perfect manner, allowing people to understand your true sentiment.

Many famous bloggers recommend this technique to make blogs engaging to read right from the start. Of course, each of one of them have their own ways to incorporate the emotion, but the overall message remains the same. If you are not sure how to add a flare of emotion in the article, look at the blogging examples of popular writers today. It will help you to learn the art of incorporating those words that can get the reader’s mind hooked towards your blog.

Boost their Hopes & Dreams

Another great way to get the reader’s attention is by using the words that can boost their hopes with your blog. We all know that people generally come to the blogs to find the solution of their problems. They certainly become more excited when their hopes are given a sense of boost at the start of the blogs. It is a great technique to encourage them, rightly by using inspirational words in the beginning of the articles.

You could do this by adding some sort of question in first few lines. This will instantly bring curiosity among the readers to know the answer. Then, you can give a little hint of hope how their problems could be resolved by reading the blog further below. It is a tried and tested technique to make the content of any blog engaging for the readers. Please keep in mind that do not describe everything at the start, as few things should be left to discuss in the middle or end of the article. This way you will force the readers to stay on the blog right till the end with their complete attention.

Describe Your Core Solution

Solution demonstration

Now that you have built the right context in the first few lines, it is time to describe your core solution in the blog. It is recommended to choose your words very wisely while describing this part as all of the upcoming sections and headings depends on it. A reader will get the impression whether he should continue reading the blog after looking at these lines. Their impact would be very vital, especially when you are trying to sell something to the customers.

It is not necessary to describe everything about the product or service in these few lines. You can leave some of them to get into discussion later in the blog. Just try to incorporate those things that make up the most of your solution. It could be features, pricing or anything that suits your branding and customer acquisition techniques. Being a writer, you are at the best place to know how to write a blog intro describing the best solution. Your knowledge about the services will play a big role here, only if you’ve understood them properly.

Explain the Benefits

Now, it would be nice to describe some of the more benefits to take things further in the article. You cannot just remain stuck at one place describing the nature of your solution. Instead, you have to move forward defining its further benefits, how it can help customers to overcome their problems in an efficient manner. This could be considered as an extension of the above part, as it is also focused on defining the core features and benefits of the products.

Normally, people find those blogs more interesting that precisely discuss some of the benefits at the earlier stage. It encourages them to go further and read the whole blog in detail. Meanwhile, the selection of tone and words also plays a big role in this type of direct response copywriting. Always try to keep both of them conversational, so that your blog could look interactive to them. If it won’t create any engagement, then most of the people will leave the article, no matter how much product benefits are discussed in it.

Make the Promise

Coming to the next part, try to engage your readers by making a promise to them. This would be based on the outcome of solution, as how it will help the people to resolve their problems perfectly. This type of blog introduction always works well in the market. Its capability to make people believe always plays a vital role in increasing the readership of the blog. They look at the context to understand the promise, as how it could be beneficial for them in terms of problem management.

The best way to make this claim stronger is by using the words that can show your authority on the informative speech topics. You can use some of these words to get that thing working.

  • I will show you how it’s done.
  • It is entirely possible!
  • It’s a lot easier than you actually think.   

These type of short bucket brigades works very well to make any claim solid. Not only in the introduction, but you can also use them smartly in the middle of the content to keep people’s attention intact. It basically reinforces your assertion, letting people know your command on the given subject.

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Blog Introduction Examples to Consider

Now that we have understood how to write a blog intro, let’s look into some examples to know more about its actual writing. The sample given below is taken from ahrefs explaining the true idea of highlighting a problem and then resolving it.

Similarly, like this, here is another example taken from the Neil Patel blog. It explains a proper way of asking a question and then offering a good view about the relevant solution.

Neil patel example

Both of these examples will help you to learn how to write a blog intro using a solid context. Their words are precisely chosen to connect the dots and allow readers to fully understand the central idea of the blog.  

Final Words

That concludes our entire article in which we have discussed how to write a blog intro for various types of topics. A lot of writers often stay confused thinking about this fact. They do not know what type of content should be written in the introduction and how to connect it with the actual topic. It basically requires a little bit of creative thinking to start off any blog and relate its context with the given subject.

This article has discussed some great tips and blog introduction examples to help beginners better understand the idea. However, if you are still struggling to write any blog introduction or whole article, then feel free to contact us today. We are an experienced writing agency that has good tremendous expertise in writing different types of articles as per the given requirements.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why writing a good introduction for blog is important?
A good blog introduction helps to build a great context for the whole article. It lets the people know what type of things will follow up in the article, as well as the solutions defined in it.
What should be the length of a good blog introduction?
A good blog introduction should be around 150-200 words max. It gives writers the freedom to define the central idea properly, so that people can easily understand its context.
Is it important to place a main keyword in the blog introduction?
Yes, according to the SEO point of view, it is highly important to place the primary keyword in the first 100 words of the blog. It gives article a better chance to get ranked on top of the search engine pages.
How to write a blog intro that can attract attention?
To write a catchy blog introduction, you need to build a context that can address the most burning questions of the people. This will help to engage as well as allow them to read the blog in detail till the end.
Name some of the good sources to learn blog intro examples?
There are many popular blogs where you can learn the art of writing quality intro. Ideally, you should look into the blog publications like Copypress, Copyblogger, Neil Patel and more others.
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