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    Top 10 examples of Product Descriptions that Sell

    We live in a world that is rapidly advancing towards adding an ‘e’ to everything. Similarly, the new addition to this will be the e-commerce sector, which is trending nowadays. The e-commerce sector is growing at a fast pace, helping businesses generate higher sales and become more competitive.

    According to various statistics, in 2014, global annual online sales were around $1.3 billion. By 2018, the figure had doubled and is said to double further by 2021(Stone, 2019)!

    Hence, some businesses have been successful, while some still struggle due to technicalities and several other factors. One of the critical factors that can change any business’ game is practical, attractive, and concise product descriptions.

    Why are Product Descriptions essential?

    Product descriptions act as a backbone to converting views into sales. As consumers ourselves, we often read product descriptions very intently, hoping it ticks all our requirements. Other than that, we look for the edge factor that confirms our purchase! Therefore, businesses need to invest in experts who can pen down perfect product descriptions from a commercial perspective.

    Hiring writers for product description means hiring a salesperson who helps customers understand product features when in-store. The only difference here is that everything is digital and shopped online.

    Often, online businesses require good writers to keep the customers locked on their website. This is highly essential when the firm does not have a physical store, offering different products and services online. In such cases, only an expert Product Description Writer can ensure that the website copy and products are justified in writing.

    An adequate product description is your only chance to portray your convincing skills, while solving the customer queries.

    While writing product descriptions, try to focus on these factors:

    • Sensory description
    • Anticipating buyers pain
    • Limited jargon
    • Features and benefits
    • Ideal you
    • Telling a story
    • Brevity

    Here are ten examples of great product descriptions to showcase the writer’s commendable job.

    1. Everlane Fashions

    Everlane Fashions create eco-friendly, high-end heels and accessories. Hence, their prices are high, yet, one can say they have successfully built their spot in the market.

    Let’s look at Figure 1, which is a snapshot of Everlane’s All Day Heel’s product description. This description is super friendly, speaking directly to the consumer. The writer has summarized the vital information in smaller sentences and used the description section to be more appealing.

    Phrases like “All. Damn. Day” assures in a friendly tone that the brand relates and understands the customer needs. It entices the customers by telling them of its features (“elasticized back”) and the benefits (can be worn all day and “extra comfort”). Moreover, it not only tells the product’s composition but also informs how to protect and maintain it. Hence addressing a consumer’s concern too. Overall, the description is concise and gives out the essential information in the simplest way!

    1. AppSumo

    Everyone needs a product description writer even if the product is not physical. AppSumo’s online course description is a great example of the kind of finesse an expert product description writer can offer.

    Only an expert writer can use the ‘ideal you’ technique to tap into the customer’s natural human drive. The use of “you” and the realistic situation of failure help the brand communicate fluently with its customer. Someone who knows too many technicalities won’t be able to write this as effectively as someone who knows their way around words. Additionally, they have addressed every human’s need for money, finances, and growth. Despite being a sensitive matter, their description tells the customer that their course is the solution!

    1. Think Geek

    Another great example is Think Geek’s product descriptions. They catered to computer enthusiasts and geeks perfectly. In this way, their products would have been understandable by computer geeks. Yet, the descriptions had to be top-notch and catered to the “ideal you.”

    Let’s admit that this product description has caught our attention, encouraging us to buy the flashlight. The main reason is its conversational tone. Not only have they sold their product, but they have also sold an experience with phrases like “telling a zombie story around a campfire.” You can sense that an expert product description writer was hired since it is concise and manages to entice everyone. It is witty, sassy, and cool.

    1. Green and Black

    The chocolate industry may seem like it doesn’t need product descriptions because everyone loves chocolates. However, it does need it now and then. If you ever read the Green and Black’s product descriptions, you would understand why. The sellers have to captivate the readers into choosing their brand over others. G&B’s chocolate descriptions show that they are working with creative expert writers who have successfully made us crave G&B.

    Figure 4 is just one example from their website, that is simply exceptional. The writer uses sensory words like “crispy”, “smooth”, and “crushed”, making us imagine devouring those chocolates. Sensory words help readers imagine an experience. The vivid product descriptions on G&B’s website is an example of a product description that sells well. The descriptive words act as an additional selling tool that explains the product features professionally.

    1. Innocent Drinks

    Some products don’t need too much information, but something has to be there. It must be minimal and scannable. Innocent Drinks’ product descriptions may look very short, but they are easy to understand, and no buyer would ignore it.

    The information is precise and very informative. It has given enough knowledge about the features that are understandable by the reader. Additionally, it has a small visual element with the phrases “brightening up your breakfast”, making the reader crave it. Product descriptions like these are bound to get noticed. Nobody would miss out on these because of their simplicity and brevity.

    1. IKEA

    Other than IKEA’s concept and durability, their product descriptions do a great job of convincing the buyer to buy their products. By hiring a product description writer, they tell a story and address the reader’s concerns. In return, they successfully generate online sales. According to Business Insider, IKEA’s online sales account for 7% of its sales (Anna Ringstorm, 2019). Perhaps, other than the reputation itself, the product descriptions play an important part in convincing the reader.

    Figure 6 is a snapshot of IKEA’s children’s bed collection. The writer effectively senses a parent’s concern when it comes to buying beds for growing children. They have addressed the issue, and IKEA provided them beds as a solution! They did this most simply by explaining the product’s feature (“extendable beds”) and its benefit (“keep up with growing child”). The description has added everything they offer concisely. It doesn’t take the reader very long to scan and read the information. Above all, it answers every parents’ main concern, catching the reader there and then.

    1. Apple

    Apple works a lot on its products, but more than that, they make sure their product descriptions aren’t too technical. Hence, the only way we understand iPhones is because the experienced product description writers have made the technical information very simple and attractive. Niel Patel analyses how Apple’s copywriter love short sentences and analogies. Their copywriters and product description writers know how to sell with words (Duistermaat, 2019)!

    The headline used by the product description writer summarizes the information to follow. It tells the reader that the product has everything they need and follows to summarize the technical information. It addresses why consumer wants a great camera –to capture what they “see and love”. To do that, the consumer would want long battery life too. Hence, the description addresses each problem one by one, followed by the solution also.

    It entices the reader into buying it because iPhone 11 is the answer. The writer can resonate well with the reader on important concerns, addressing them before going further into the details.

    Apple’s writer loves a short sentence and uses the art of brevity to the maximum. The copy is attractive and engaging. It makes you want to buy the iPhone even if you already have a fully functioning iPhone.

    1. Weber Grill

    Weber Grill’s product description is another great example of addressing features and benefits while effectively selling the product. It targets the niche of BBQ lovers and also provides a solution to those who love barbequing but have small spaces.

    The description (see Figure 8) repetitively addresses the concern of small spaces and convenience. It assures that the products meet the consumer’s needs. Lastly, “Welcoming to the Weber family” is another phrase that taps into the buyers’ emotional needs and provides an abstract benefit. It may seem wordy, but it is pretty short and informative.

    1. Rituals

    Rituals’ product descriptions are another great example of descriptions that are appealing to the senses. The product description writer tells the information briefly and ends it with a simple call to action.

    The writer uses words like “purify” and “refresh”, subtly urging the reader to buy the product to fulfill these needs (see Figure 9). The writer expertly defines the blends in oils to create a sense of credibility and assurance as to authentic ingredients.

    The extra information helps the buyer trust the brand. It also gives enough information with a call to action. This creates a complete circle, leading the buyer back to the beginning of the paragraph which is the product’s pupose.

    1. Milkymaker

    Milkymaker’s lactation Cookies product description serves as another great example because of its encouraging and positive tone. The tone and approach taken by the product description writer have assured the buyer that their problem and concern is understood.

    The writer addresses the targeted consumers, assuring the buyer that the product is solely made for them. It holds on to a positive approach throughout, with words like “super milk-making”, and “perfect for emergency situations”.

    It also addresses the concern of the product being baby safe. More importantly, it gives out valuable information in bullet points, making it easy to read. Despite being scannable, the description is information-rich, providing consumption details, storage details, and how to achieve the ultimate result. Hence, a straight forward product description that fulfills the purpose.


    The ten examples of product descriptions are just a few well-written descriptions among many. Although, product descriptions are technical to write in terms of being informative and engaging. It is simply wise to hire an expert product description writer who can generate sales.

    When hiring a product description writer, look for someone who understands the product’s worth. An expert in the product’s general field will be able to deliver a perfect product description that strikes the right chords. Find someone who understands the mechanics while being able to play with words. This will help you in generating higher sales. Please know that investing in an expert product description writer is a decision you won’t regret.