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    Why Should I Hire a Professional Resume Writer?

    Searching for a new job has become an exhausting and expensive process. From dressing up for interviews to commuting costs, networking event fee, etc. Every step requires you to invest. If it has been a while that you are struggling to land your desired job, it’s time to invest in hiring a professional resume writer.

    A well crafted resume written by a professional writer can help you in getting selected by recruiters. As a writer, they know how to effectively quote your skills and experience that will draw the attention of hiring managers.

    During this process, they will uncover the value that you have delivered to your previous employers. They will not only effectively narrate your career story, but will also make your resume more attractive to recruiters. But one might wonder, why should I hire one instead of crafting my resume myself?

    Following are compelling reasons why you should consider hiring a professional resume writer rather than doing it yourself.

    Writing is Not your Strenght

    Writing is just not as easy as it seems. You need to have the ability to express or draw a picture of what’s in your mind with words. Even if you think you are good at expressing and communicating but then again writing it down needs more than that.

    When you hire a professional writer for your resume you will notice the difference. They know how to market your skills effectively using the right words. So if you are having difficulty in efficiently demonstrating your experience in your resume. You should definitely hire a professional writer.

    You Aren’t Sure What to Include

    As you know that constructing an impressive resume is a stressful and time-consuming process. What makes it worse is your uncertainty regarding what to add to your resume and what to omit. For instance, what do recruiters care most about?

    How much detail should I add to my work experience? How far does my employment history go? These are the questions that will be adeptly handled by resume writing professionals.

    They will expertly highlight such information keeping in mind what recruiters look for in a candidate.

    You Don’t Know How to Highlight your Achievements

    You’ve had three promotions in the last five years or have increased the revenues of your last company by 50%. If you are unaware of how to effectively highlight such unique accomplishments in your resume, then you are literally downplaying your achievements.

    On the contrary, you might sound like you are bragging about your success if you haven’t written your achievements professionally. In any case, you should let your resume writer do it for you. A professional writer will help you highlight those achievements in a professional manner.

    Your Resume is Not Optimized

    You might be applying for several jobs lately but haven’t heard back from hiring managers. This is because your resume is being rejected before it reaches the hiring manager. The reason lies in the automated process known as Applicant Tracking System (ATS), which is responsible for filtering out resumes.

    It is estimated that around 75% of resumes are automatically rejected by this system upon initial screening. This system works by funneling out resumes concerning relevant keywords. If your resume is not optimized properly, then it won’t even pass the initial screening.

    A good resume writer will make sure your resume does not get lost in the black hole and reaches recruiters.

    You are Less Qualified or Have Large Gaps During Employment

    Your situation might be unique—you might have huge gaps between employments or maybe you have switched your career path altogether. There might be a situation where you’re underqualified for a particular job.

    This is where your resume writer can perform miracles. Resume writers will craft your resume in a way that it will stand out even if you are less qualified or have large gaps. Even if you have recently changed your career, your resume writer will pitch your transferable skills to a new company/industry.

    Your Resume is Outdated

    Just like fashion or music changes with time, you need to update your resume as well. Nowadays recruiters are more drawn towards resumes that are professional yet stylish.

    If you don’t know how to make your resume look elegant and stylish, hiring a professional writer will help get the job done. They will help you designing a resume that matches the current trends in such a professional manner, will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on recruiters.

    Your Resume will Narrate a Cohesive Story

    Professional resume writers are either former recruiters, human resource professionals or have worked with them. This experience gives them valuable insight and experience to figure out exactly what the ins and outs are and what companies look for in potential candidates.

    They will edit your resume to portray your career story cohesively making it more compelling rather than a factual history of your career. They will develop an in-depth understanding of your career history and goals.

    Want to Save Time and Money

    According to a research by one recruitment agency Randstad, it takes around five months for an individual to land their first job. There are many job-seekers who spend countless hours to fine-tune their profile after extensive research.

    A pro will immediately know what to do. They will trim your resume according to industry standards which will save you plenty of time and effort.

    Want to Entice Recruiters

    Recruiters are often on the lookout for the ideal candidate for the job. A professional writer will assess hiring managers’ biggest problems and present your skills and capabilities in the best way possible, as the right candidate.

    They will ensure that your resume is not just visually attractive but will also deliver core messages you want to convey to the recruiters. Once this is done, you’d be an interview away from landing your next job.

    Summing it Up

    Its quite evident now that hiring a professional resume writer is crucial especially if you do not want to get stuck in the never-ending cycle of job hunting. And there is no doubt that searching for a job is a complete process where you have to invest to get your dream job.

    If you’re struggling to gain an edge over other candidates, talk to us for your professional resume. We’ve got your back.