12 LinkedIn Summary Examples Everyone Should Learn From

econtentsol Published: July 1, 2021 19 min read

Learn How to Write a Great LinkedIn Summary to Impress Recruiters

LinkedIn is a famous social platform where people from around the world connect with each other. Reading through different LinkedIn summary examples, one can understand about the capabilities of a certain person. It helps us to know about the background & expertise of that person, precisely at a first glance.

All the top recruiters around the world always pay high attention towards this LinkedIn summary. It lets them know about the candidate’s profile at a first look. That is the major reason it is always recommended to keep your LinkedIn summary strong. It can allow you to get good attraction from the recruiters, provided you have given the right information.

To make your LinkedIn summary impactful, you need to keep in mind some important points. These points will help you to craft a great summary that can attract employers.

In this blog, we’ll take a look at those factors as well as some creative LinkedIn summary examples. But, before moving into it, let’s first understand the importance of this summary.

Why Building a LinkedIn Summary is Important?

We all know pretty well that recruiters use LinkedIn to find talented candidates. Therefore, if you are not good at writing your LinkedIn summary, take assistance from different LinkedIn writing services to do the job for you.

As per the latest stats shared by HubSpot, LinkedIn has now more than 700+ million users from around the world. This shows how big this platform has become specifically in terms of building a professional network.

Considering this, it can be easily said that LinkedIn helps you to connect with top professionals from around the globe. But to do that, you have to build up a profile that can look appealing and professional. 

This is necessary because people usually look at your profile before responding to any question. The better your profile will be, the more you’ll get responses from the people. 

How to Write a Strong LinkedIn Summary?

Here is how you can write a strong LinkedIn summary to get more attraction from the online recruiters. 

Open with Powerful Words

To make an impactful impression, you need to start your LinkedIn summary with strong words. It is quite necessary for all the people who want to attract and get hired by the companies. As suggested, the opening paragraph builds an impression about your profile and background.

This gives recruiters an initial information about your capabilities and field of action. You can learn the powerful words from various sources available on the web such as Sumo, Copyblogger and more others. 

Add Specific Keywords

It is also recommended to utilize specific keywords in your LinkedIn summary. These keywords should be focused on your skills and should be added in the first paragraph. Using them allows you to get appeared on the LinkedIn searches which increases your chances of hiring.

Depending upon the industry, you can use these keywords to uplift your profile. LinkedIn itself recommends using these keywords to make your profile search-friendly. 

Analyze Different LinkedIn Summary Examples to Define Mission

Now, you have to define your mission properly in the summary. This will include your objective and goals to achieve as a professional. You can take ideas on how to write a mission statement by looking at the profile of known personalities. This will help you to get clear about your current plans and what to achieve next in the coming future. 

Talk a Bit About Your Expertise

Next, you have to mention some of your core expertise in the summary. This will be very important because it will let the people know about your skills and capabilities. Whether you are a technician or a construction officer, try to define your expertise in strong catchy words.

Meanwhile, make sure to not just define just one skill. Try to mention different things that can make your profile impressive and thoughtful to get shortlisted.

Provide Some Data

It would be nice to express your skills by backing up with some data. This could be facts and figures depending upon your skills. You can mention the data smartly to let the people know how you have progressed in your career achieving strong numbers.

If you are an editor, try to highlight the number of books you have published. Similarly, if you are a designer, try to list the projects that you have completed over the years. 

Highlight Your Professional Interests

Next, mention some of your professional interests that can define your field objective. This could be your vision or something else that can describe your future plans. 

Most of the recruiters pay attention to these details to know about the level of your professional interests. If you have plans that can be aligned with the company goals, you will be shortlisted soon by the employer.

Add Contact Details and Conclude the LinkedIn Summary

Moving to the end, do not forget to add your contact details including phone number & email information. This section would be précised and will mention the contact details directly.

Afterwards, conclude your whole LinkedIn summary into precise words. Try to keep this section to-the-point and focused, giving the employer a perfect call to action message. 

Best LinkedIn Summary Examples for Job Seekers

Based on the designations, here are some of the best LinkedIn summary examples you need to know about.

LinkedIn Summary Examples for Project Manager

I have specialized in project management from the University of Colorado. With an experience of more than 10 years, I have required expertise to take any project towards success. I am passionate about working with talented individuals to increase my knowledge and expertise.

Some of my recent projects include:

  • Completed the ecommerce project of a Dutch company relating to the fashion industry.
  • Successfully completed the web development project of an American real estate company based in Houston, Texas.

I am pretty good at working with advanced project management methodologies such as Agile management, scrum planning and others. 

I am currently working in the New Horizon Pvt. Ltd. and actively looking for new opportunities in the Houston city. Feel free to ping me through email to know more about me.

LinkedIn Summary Examples for Marketing Director

I have done my masters in marketing from the University of Georgia. During the last 10 years, my expertise in marketing has led me to work with different top companies. 

I executed various types of marketing campaigns in the companies I’ve worked for. From Black Friday to New Year’s Eve strategy, I am well versed in planning and executing a range of campaigns.

I am also pretty good in managing the brand’s internal and external communication channels. This has allowed me to easily communicate with people wherever I’ve worked. My expertise also includes the improvement of public relations and brand awareness. 

I would be happy to get connected with a talented marketing professional. Moreover, I would be eager to join an organization where my marketing skills can improve a bit. 

Contact me at the mentioned email in my profile. I would be happy to discuss opportunities in top marketing agencies. 

LinkedIn Summary Examples for CSR Executive

Being working in the field for the last 5 years, I know how to build strong relations with the customers. The reason I am successful in the field is because I think like a customer. Most of the time, I try to analyze their pain points to come up with a better solution.

I’ve done my bachelors in marketing from Oklahoma University in 2014. My majors were public relations which is why I chose this field to explore new opportunities. I have learned a lot about how to interact with customers relating from different backgrounds. 

I truly believe that customers are the major asset of any company. They are the ones that allow you to build a positive recognition in the market. Knowing this, I have tried to mold my customer support instincts according to their aspirations.

My work experience is quite diverse and highlights different companies in the industry. I am always looking to build my expertise on new practices that could help customers to satisfy. 

To explore new horizons, I am always looking for new CSR positions in the city of Dallas. Feel free to contact me on the email given in this profile.

LinkedIn Summary for Accountant 

Having my master’s degree in accounts, I know how to analyze numbers with perfection. I have experience of more than 5 years in the accounting field, especially in the top firms. Working there, I have enhanced my skills to the top level, precisely by working with various talented teams. 

Currently I am working as a senior accountant in Stalemate Constructions Pvt. Ltd. My role in the organization is to regularly monitor and execute the transactions made to the company partners. 

  • Some of my key achievements working as an accountant includes:
  • Controlled the expenditure of a company by reducing additional costs of $50K.
  • Provided a complete plan of cost cutting for the current organization.
  • Eliminated the additional partners cost by introducing AI-based CRM. It helped my team to analyze the company expenditure using focused points. 

I am actively looking for opportunities in multinational organizations. You can contact me on the given email address or could also ping on my phone to discuss any exciting opportunity. 

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LinkedIn Summary for Web Developer

I am an experienced web developer having expertise in a range of technologies. Over the years, I have worked with different agencies for various types of projects. From ecommerce to dynamic web apps, I am pretty efficient in building all types of custom applications.

I graduated from the University of Houston in 2015. My majors were software engineering, which is why I started working in this field from my first academic year. Within just my first, I found my love for the code and started developing different types of websites. 

Some of my major projects includes the following:

  • Developed a fully functional web application for Unibold Technologies. The project was awarded as one of the best CRM systems by National Software Association Authority (NSAA). 
  • Developed an ecommerce website for the famous dutch fashion store named Sorento Fashion. 
  • Worked on the online portal of National Electricity Association (NEA). The project was successfully completed by our software team within 8 months.

I am currently looking for new opportunities in the field. Not only Houston, but I will be willing to work in different cities with the top IT organizations. Do contact me on the given email address to discuss any opportunity related to my field.

LinkedIn Summary for Real Estate Manager

Working in the real estate industry, I have acquired vast knowledge about all types of properties. I have worked with the top firms listed in the National Real Estate Association (NREA). This has given me a top-notch knowledge about the field and how to smartly work in it.

Over the years, I have specialized in dealing with realtors on a range of properties. I have primarily worked in Florida and have finalized many property deals related to the high-end residential sector. 

Besides the residential sector, I am also actively working in the commercial area with different top realtors. This has given me a fine knowledge about both the real estate areas. My clients precisely describe my dedication in the work and how I achieved excellence in it.

In the future, I would be willing to work with top companies in the state of Florida. My aim is to become a top real estate agent that can provide property solutions for all sectors.

If you have any opportunity to discuss, please feel free to contact me at the given information. I would be happy to join hands with the top real estate companies in Florida.

LinkedIn Summary for Sales Manager 

I have been working as a sales manager in Multicorn Industries for the last 3 years. I have done my bachelors in Economics from the University of Michigan in 2014. Being a professional sales manager, I know how to channel clients towards conversion by showing what they want.

Working in Multicorn Industries, I learned how to work with clients that belong from the tech sector. Prior to this job, I have served as a lead sales person in Bixtrex Pvt. Ltd. My team successfully achieved various targets of sales during the fourth quarter of 2019. This was one of my big achievements that led me to analyze how to engage traffic during the end of year.

I am still eager to work with sales professionals in the city of Chicago. You can contact me for any aspiring opportunity in the domain of manager at my given email address.

Looking forward to working with top minds in the industry soon.  

LinkedIn Summary Examples for Students

I am currently studying in the University of Michigan and my majors include software engineering. I have gained command of different programming languages such as C++, Java, Python and more.

I have also completed several academic projects in the last couple of years. Some of the top among them include:

  • A web portal developed for a sales company. It provides ease in management of online transactions of all their related clients.
  • An online ticket sales system developed for a local cinema. It offers complete management of tickets on your fingertips. 
  • A dynamic website for a construction company, built with advanced web technologies. 

I am looking forward to working as an internee in the top software firms of Michigan. Besides internship, I am also open to work as a part-time software developer in any IT firm.

Do contact me on the given email address. I am eagerly looking to learn more in this field by working with the best software companies. 

LinkedIn Summary Examples for Engineering Students

I am currently studying electrical engineering at the University of Milan. My aim is to become a top electrical engineer in this field. My academic results are very great and I am looking to work with top companies in the city of Millan.

During my two years of academics, I have completed numerous projects in electrical engineering. My recent project was to build a lightning detector on the bread board. It was a very critical project and was awarded the best detector demonstration during the expo of electrical projects. 

Besides that, I have also built other projects during the last two years. Some of the top among them include:

  • AMP detector with advanced lightning signals on breadboard.
  • LED circuit designed with on/off buttons on breadboard. 
  • Connection of two breadboards with an analog circuit. 

I am pretty confident that my skills will be enhanced more after working with the top companies. Whether it would be an internship or a part-time job, I would be happy to work with the known electrical firms in the city of Millan.

Please read more about my projects in the bullets given below. Also, contact me on the given address to know more about my skills and academic background.

LinkedIn Summary Examples for Freshers

I have just completed my bachelors in marketing from the University of Colorado. Due to my great academic results, my university chose me for the internship at Unicorn technologies. I have worked there as an internee for 4 months and learned a lot of things.

Now, I am looking forward to exploring more opportunities. I am willing to work with top marketing agencies in Colorado. I believe that marketing is a field that offers diverse ways to attract customers. 

I am pretty confident that I can enhance my skills by working with any top organization. Moreover, my fresh mind will be beneficial for them to know about the engagement of youth in the market.

I would be happy to join as a fresh marketing executive in the top rated firms in Colorado. I assure you that you will find me hardworking and a passionate employee for your company. Please contact me at the given email address in this profile. Looking to hear about great professional opportunities from you soon.

LinkedIn Summary Examples for Freelancer

Hey there, this is Daniel Alexander. I am a freelancer having experience of more than 5 years in the field. I have always found this freelancing field very comfortable for my style of work. Over the years, I’ve worked with clients from all over the world for a range of projects.

My expertise lies in different fields including graphic designing, web development and more others. I love to take on challenges and work with diverse technologies every day. Some of the best projects that I have done recently includes:

  • Designed a full custom logo for a French company.
  • Developed a static website for a local company here in Toronto. 
  • Built an ecommerce store for a Croatian company related to the fashion industry.

You can find my profile on both Fiverr and Freelancer.com. My clients have given a good review to my profile, stating it as a trusted source. 

If you are also looking to get professional web development services, contact me today. You can get in touch with me through my email address or my Fiverr profile. I would be happy to assist and work with you on different projects.

LinkedIn Summary for Cyber Security

I am working as a cyber-security manager in Active sols Pvt. Ltd. My expertise precisely lies in the cloud infrastructure. Utilizing the latest practices, I love to devise processes with a comprehensive lifecycle. 

Over the years, I have worked with different companies in the domain of cyber-security. My primary aim has always remained in the sphere of cloud technology. I have also worked as a security advisor for different companies. Some of my accomplishments are as follows. 

  • Predictive Intelligence for advanced data science work at Monosols technologies. 
  • Provided Cyber threat intelligence to multiple local companies in Colorado. 
  • Developed advanced analytics infrastructure based on cloud for Yeehaa.com. 
  • Built a Cloud based DevOps system for a multinational brand named Agilitics Pvt. Ltd. 
  • Developed a full proof cyber-security system based on machine learning for a local tech firm.

You can contact me at my email address to discuss the details about my cyber-security services. Furthermore, you can also read my weekly blogs on securitykid.com. I would be happy to assist aspiring organizations in the domain of cyber-security. 

Expertise: Cloud Computing, Data Center Development, Homeland Security, SaaS Products, Enterprise Software Development, Security Analysis, Thought Leadership, Internet of Things (IoT), CRM Development, Business Intelligence, Risk Management, Managed Security Services, Organization Development, Executive Management, Competitive Security Analysis. 


LinkedIn is a top platform where you can connect with different professionals from all around the world. Not only that, but it can also help you to impress recruiters and find your dream job easily. To do that, you must write a strong summary highlighting your skills and capabilities.

The above blog would have given you a good view on how to write a summary for your LinkedIn profile smartly. Considering these LinkedIn summary examples, you can write your own profile summary easily.

Meanwhile, if you aren’t good at writing them, you can always take assistance from any online LinkedIn summary generator. These portals also provide a good impactful summary as per your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why is a good LinkedIn summary important?
It is important to write a good LinkedIn summary because it provides a short view of your profile. Many times, people look into your summary to know about your skills and background as well.
2. How to write a LinkedIn summary for a fresh graduate?
If you are a fresh graduate, you need to properly highlight your skills in the LinkedIn summary. You can also list down some of your top academic projects to impress the recruiters. 
3. How to write a LinkedIn summary for software engineers?
It is quite easy to write a LinkedIn summary related to software engineering. You need to mention your skills as well as some certifications in the paragraph. You can also define some recent projects highlighting your work on different technologies.
4. Name some of the best LinkedIn summary generators?
You can find different LinkedIn summary generators on the internet such as LinkedIn Bio Generator, LinkedIn Makeover and more others.
5. What is a LinkedIn summary template?
A LinkedIn summary template is a general outline that helps you to write a professional bio quickly. You can find different types of such templates available on the web.
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