Top 7 SEO Article Writing Tips for Better Ranking

econtentsol Published: November 30, 2020 6 min read

Top 7 SEO Article Writing Tips for Better Ranking

The creation of digital content is increasing exponentially over time, with further increases expected, especially with digital content marketing. One can quickly get an idea about making the competition even more challenging for coming up with content that would take the lead.

So if writers want their articles to be seen and read. They need to have a higher ranking on Google, which is where SEO helps by bringing your content on top. SEO involves a set of techniques that help improve the ranking of your content on search engines.

Writing an SEO based article has become challenging over time, with various factors influencing it. Here we have listed the top 7 SEO article writing tips. It will surely help in the better ranking of your article.

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1. Write for the Target Audience

This is one of the essential SEO article writing tips but gets neglected almost all the time. The fundamental mistake made by many writers is not investing in research about the audience that they want to target. And what kind of content those people would be interested in reading.

This results in people not even clicking on your article’s link as it’s not what they want to read about. Several companies have been making the same mistake of writing without any research about their target audience.

It is better to develop an idea about what people would care or love to read about. Then coming up with a topic that would offer value.

2. Search and Use target keywords

Target keywords are searched most by the people, hence using them in your content will improve your content’s chances to appear in search results.

To make your article rank higher on Google, you need to conduct research of the target keywords relevant to your topic and use them in your article. Making use of keywords with high potential in your title can be useful.

This is one of the basic SEO practices. There are various software and tools available to help identify the top-ranking keywords and analyze the competitors’ content.

However, you have to be careful with the number of keywords used in your article. This would require you to maintain keyword density in your article. Overuse of keywords is called keyword stuffing that ultimately results in an article penalized by Google. Although there is no definite number, ideally, a keyword can appear once in 100 words.

3. A Powerful Headline

Being a good writer, you should never underestimate the power of a good headline. As this is the deciding factor for your readers to continue, it should be creative and catchy. Remember, even if you have written an article with valuable content, a poor headline will affect it negatively by not grabbing the attention of readers.

This would require writers to come up with a headline that creates curiosity among readers and attracts them. Make strategic use of the potential keywords and think about what people would be more interested in reading.

SEO Article Writing Tips

According to Conversion XL, certain kinds of headlines are preferred the most by readers and rank higher in search engines. Using numbers in headlines or offering a solution for readers, or highlighting a question answered through your article are some of the best ways to create headlines.

4. Quality over Quantity

Currently, it has become more like a race where writers and publishers are just flooding their platforms with content every day. No doubt maintaining a frequency of publishing articles or any content does help improve ranking, but this is where the quality of content is compromised.

Articles are a significant part of digital content marketing. This is also one of the reasons why the digital library is getting flooded with articles and blogs. With this increased publishing, it has become challenging for writers to create content that would be visible and not lost in that digital library.

Considering the mechanism of Google’s algorithm, it will prioritize content that contains a significant amount of relevant information or knowledge that creates value for the reader. With such content saturation, people are instead looking for unique or unique articles towards something different.

Writing quality content would also mean coming up with original content. It’s ok to take ideas from other content pieces and mention them as a source, but if you copy the content published already, this would affect your article’s ranking or even penalized. It’s called plagiarism.

5. Include Facts and Figures

Google algorithms would suggest or prioritize articles or blogs that have linked reliable sources for information. This helps in analyzing the quality of your content for the kind of information included.

This would require writers to fill their articles with words, conduct thorough research on the topic, and present an interesting argument with relevant facts and figures from reliable sources.

Here, one must consider updates in Google algorithm, namely Panda and Penguin, that evaluate your articles’ quality. According to this mechanism, Google will penalize spammers and improve articles or content with legitimate sources.

6. Maintaining Readability

Google does not reveal the exact mechanism of how it works or what parameters are considered. However, the overall readability of the content is one of those factors.

You might not realize it, but your article’s readability would be affecting its ranking as well. Now it has become a part of SEO practices as well. It is observed that the readability of an article or any content can affect its ranking in Google.

Various factors affect any content’s readability, like removing grammar and spelling mistakes, using easy words, using active voice, and reducing passive voice, making it short and concise.

Keeping the length of sentences and paragraphs short can help in improving the readability of your content.

7. Promote on Social Media

Social media platforms can be instrumental in promoting and increasing the reach of your content. Posting about the blog that you have written on social media would increase the number of links where your article would appear, hence improving your blog ranking.

Do you know that the blogs or articles that have an active comment section rank better on Google? By promoting your blog or articles on social media platforms, you are actually inviting people for discussion, which would help improve the Google ranking of your article.


When online publishing frequency has significantly increased in this digital age, it has become highly challenging to make your article appear higher on search engines. Various factors are influential. However, these SEO article writing tips mentioned in this article are essential.

To help improve ranking on Google, it is crucial to use target keywords while maintaining quality. In the pursuit of higher ranking, quality is often compromised without realizing until it’s too late. What you need is a reliable service that specializes in providing content that delivers results. While you focus on the brand, the service can focus on the content.