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    tips for writing a magazine article

    5 Tips for Writing a Magazine Article That Stands Out

    Writing an article for a magazine requires a skill set that may differ from other forms of writing. If you are just a beginner looking forward to writing a magazine article, this blog is for you.

    This blog will provide you six tips for writing a magazine article that would make the content more creative and engaging – apart from making it stand out from the crowd.

    If you didn’t have initial success writing magazine articles, then don’t lose hope. Read this blog to polish your writing skills.

    1. Select Niches in Which You Excel

    One of the first and foremost tips for writing a magazine article is to select a topic with which you’re familiar. You will need to count on your knowledge and experience apart from your writing skills to impress the editor.

    A magazine article, unlike a blog, requires in-depth research. Very often, you need to have proper knowledge about the topic. It helps a lot to draw facts and figures from different sources.

    So writing on a topic with which you’re familiar, helps you produce a high-quality magazine article. Hence, always select topics where your expertise lies.

    With a thorough grasp of the topic, you will communicate detailed information effectively, or you can say an authoritative manner. This is the style that editors look for in a magazine article.

    A good idea would be first to list down all the topics where you excel. You can then select from these topics. This way, you can have your piece of content published in a reputed magazine.

    Having previous knowledge on a topic allows you to plan and write an article better. It helps incorporate a constant writing flow backed with appropriate data throughout the content. Work smart, not hard!

    2. Conduct A Lot of Research

    The heading above asked you to select topics you excel in, but it does not necessarily mean that you forego research entirely.

    Research is essential for many reasons. Despite being an expert on the topic, the threat of missing out on critical information always looms large if you don’t conduct research.

    Information such as figures keeps changing with time. Even the data changes after a short time. So you need to find out if your information is updated. If not, research is the answer. Besides, research allows you to access useful and fresh information to write the latest articles.

    As far as tips for writing a magazine article go, try conducting a lot of research to make our articles informative and valuable. An article becomes valuable to your target audience if all the information sought is in one place.  

    Also, information, if sourced and referenced properly, has the power to build greater trust. It helps forge a relationship with readers that may materialize in the form of followers or positive comments. Not to forget that editors like referenced information, especially the ones from external sources.

    Not only select a topic where you excel but also conduct extensive research on the topic to develop an excellent article worth being published in a good magazine.

    3. Write On What Interests Your Audience

    Remember, you are not writing for yourself but for the readers. To impress readers and entice them read your content, you must give them the information they need.

    This is why such articles have a better chance of getting published in magazines. Editors look for articles that generate interests of the readers.

    So try finding more about your audience and what they would like to know. Writing gets a lot easier once the information is conveyed and identified effectively.

    Generating the interest of readers is also one of the many tips for writing a magazine article and a useful tool writers employ. It makes it easier to get an article get published in a magazine. So go after information that entices readers.

    Also, look for themes and aspects that have not been explored yet. If you can come across a different angle, the audience would like to read it out. The readers like to read about the information they never came across earlier, making them continue reading your article till the end. This is how you increase engagement.

    When you convey information to readers, try building an aura of suspense, which compels them to read the article till the end. Information that keeps pouring in continually has the power to achieve this effect. It makes readers want to continue reading your article.

    A last piece of advice when writing for your audience would be to stay away from generic content. Editors don’t like articles that tend to provide a lot of information that may be of little to no use to the audience. Focus on points that matter most.

    4. Refrain from giving Personal opinion(s)

    Never tell readers what you think. This implies you don’t give your personal opinion. Leave it to the readers to decide what they think of the matter.

    Unless you are a well-recognized expert who speaks authoritatively on the subject, don’t opine. Stick to writing the article as readers would not like to know what you think.

    Quoting personal opinion is also wrong as it promotes a feeling of bias, which affects the article’s credibility. Whenever you write an article, do it with a neutral stance. Stay away from commenting.

    If you want to provide an opinion, try quoting a real expert. This would be acceptable to everyone.

    5. Check The Style of the Magazine Where You Want Your Article Published

    Different magazines have different styles. You cannot expect all magazines to follow the same style. You will need to adapt your writing to match the writing style of that particular magazine.

    So carefully follow all the instructions that have been provided by that magazine regarding the subject and tone. Take special care to adopt the same approach as recommended by that magazine.

    A good suggestion would be to read articles published by the magazine to understand better what type of writing style they require. Once you have a clear idea of what the magazine looks explicitly for in an article, you can always stand up to their expectations.

    Summing It Up

    So if you’re planning about having your first article published in a magazine, read these tips and incorporate them into your writing. Understanding how to craft and compose a version of an article worthy of publication is essential.

    An essential way to success in the magazine industry is to have at least a few articles published under your name in reputed organizations. Once you get your article published, you can combine it with a similar topic that engages readers even more.

    The overall success depends on your creativity and leadership to guide the readers and keep them hooked to your writing. These tips for writing a magazine article will help you become an influential writer who can impress editors and readers.

    If you really want to take a career path for an influential writer, focus on topics you are well-versed with and conduct in-depth research. Extensive research gives you plenty of ideas to write about, making it easier for you to utilize creativity.

    Lead the magazine with an impact through better writing skills. Find your voice today for a magazine where you want your article published.