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    Copywriting is an interesting aspect of marketing where a good copy help companies achieve sales and loyalty from customers. While many companies are new to the concept of copywriting, it is fairly an old strategy of marketing to tap into customers’ desires and needs. While it may be a heavy investment for many companies, it is, without a doubt, an effective strategy. It is important to understand what your consumers are demanding for and help them identify that your product or service helps them satisfy this demand!

    An attractive copy brings approximately 8 times more traffic to the company’s website and thus increases the engagement rate (Grubbs, 2020). According to a research by Content Marketing Institute (Figure 1), high-quality content had been 85% of the reason for successful growth in the year 2016-2017 (Content Marketing Institute., 2017). Although it is almost 2021, it is obvious we have moved forward in the world of marketing and technology. Therefore, with so much access to media, consumers tend to crave for more. If quality content curation had been this effective in 2016, imagine how effective would it be now. If only, we expose consumers to a level of copy that knocks their subconscious desires and entices them. The copywriter aims to give all the necessary information about the product or service, its features, and how it is different from the rest.

    Website copywriting is integral for several industries especially for those where they need to help their consumers understand about the product or service. Web copy is not only about the graphics and the color theme, but more importantly, it also about the text that audiences will have to read. Crafting a good message that stands out with your goals and ambitions is a job that can only be done by a good web copywriter.

    Although not all industries need copywriting, it is most essential for businesses looking to expand on a wider level and those who need their audiences to understand the different types of products and services offered. Therefore, we will be highlighting 5 industries that need website copywriting the most.

    Healthcare Industry

    Health has always been a critical matter especially when people have to decide which hospital, doctor, or medicine is best for their purpose. Other than that, any company operating in the healthcare industry needs audiences’ constant attention in other instances as well such as blood donation, funding, or even campaign support. Perhaps, the only way to do that is to grab their attention by an attractive copy. More importantly, medical companies have to address the public in such a manner that they strike a balance between scientific information along with the general human element.  A long-term bond has to be created with the readers so they can gain trust and stay loyal towards your brand. Additionally, the healthcare industry needs web copywriting because of all the nitty-gritty details regarding medicine practices and law. Perhaps, reaching out to agencies that can link you to professional medical copywriters can improve conversion rates and ongoing success.

    One such example of a great copy is the NHS Blood donation campaign that gained ample attraction (see Figure 2). The copy gave out information alongside smart graphics and visual content. It is fair to say the copywriter had done a great job with the choice of words. The copy proved to be effective since it increased blood donors threefold; before the campaign, only 4% of the population donated blood (Write my site, 2015).

    Education sector

    In these modern times where education is given so much importance for every race, gender, and class, it is also an important time to market effectively. Since educational needs are highly focused, education institutes have increased. The education industry is a crowded place and thus evolves every day. A good copywriter is necessary for any educational institute so they can help solidify concepts and build a reputable, credible image in the industry. Therefore, a good web copywriter is something an education-based company should invest in because students and parents decide based on how well their website speaks about them.

    For example, the Khan Academy or the Coursera websites are an all-time favorite for so many students around the world. Perhaps, the reason being is that the main page is simple and to the point. It gives important information, holds the interest, and above all, the choice of words is just so motivating! Khan Academy’s main page is concise and amazingly written (see Figure 3).

    Finance Industry

    Audit firms, accountancy firms, financial advisors, and such companies need to hire web copywriters. Their website says everything. Therefore, a good web copywriter can not only help them attract their audience but also explain services without jargon and in the simplest way possible. Finance experts may be great at numbers but they need an expert copywriter to tell the story to their clients. Hiring a financial web copywriter can take your website to the next level by aligning goals, values, aims, skills, and objectives. Research by LinkedIn suggests that having a strong brand message across the organization is important and highly beneficial. It also found that brands that closely align with their talent with their consumers produce a five-year total growth in shareholder value of 36%. Copywriters can change the game (Gilliand, 2018).

    A good example of this a Forex website, WyseTrade lands the main page on an interesting title (Mastropierro, 2020). The title, ‘5 keys that will instantly improve your trading’ taps into the human desire to be a better trader. It is smartly written, concise, and makes the audience want to know more. Therefore, the finance industry needs a copywriter to spread the word effectively and, more importantly, in a way that everyone understands!

    Technology Industry

    While it is true that we are raising and giving birth to a generation that won’t find technological advances difficult, the industry still needs web copywriters. Perhaps, the main reason being technological features have to be explained in simplified terms. Making technical information digestible is the key to getting attention, sales, and even loyalty.During the current times, evidently, everyone is attracted to the latest upgrade or the newest product however everyone still craves to know more about it before investing in the product or idea. It is important to explain why the new technology helps them solve the problem or make life easier.

    One effective example of a copy in the tech industry is Mozilla Firefox’s website page (see Figure 4). The information is short and simple; it clarifies that they use the ‘code’ to assist the computer system. Even those who are not tech experts would get the use of Mozilla while at the same time it is targeted towards tech experts. (Toomes, 2017).

    Real Estate Industry

    Today, most people begin their search for realtors online. Therefore, a good website needs to give your audience ample information alongside being professional and personable as well. According to Houston-based Green Residential, approximately 33 percent of home hunters begin their research online (Freelance Writing Jobs , 2018). A good web copywriter will be able to make it compelling and informative. The website should be original and different from the others so that it stands out. It needs to have all the information about you and, obviously, your property offers. Hence, the originality will help audiences narrow down searches and reach out to you.

    A great example of a real estate website is Emaar’s website. It is the epitome of minimalism (see Figure 5). The copywriter caught us effectively with their authenticity and acclaimed credibility. Hiring a web copywriter can make you stand out from the others by identifying and highlighting your strongest points.

    Hence, to conclude, hiring a web copywriter is an investment that no industry would regret. It helps companies top up their game. Someone who can simplify information and reach out to the audience in a way that makes them want to satisfy their need or may introduce the ‘need’ for a certain product/service.