How to List Certifications on Resume & Why They Matter for Your Career

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Take Your Career to the Next Level by Adding Certifications on Resume

It is essential for everyone to keep learning new things. This helps us to get new career opportunities in various stages of life. Being a professional, we must need to consider adding different certifications on resume. As several employers are searching for employees with hard skills on resume in this competitive modern world. Moreover, it allows us to get better recognition in the market.

The advancement in the tech sector has made it essential for us to improve our analytical skills. That is why the need for professional certifications has become even more important.

If you are looking to know how to write a resume while adding certifications, this blog is perfectly written for you. It will also define some of the best certifications in the market that can take your career to the next level. 

Let’s first understand the importance and need of these certifications in our professional growth. 

Why Professional Certification Matters?

Everyone wants to rise dramatically in their professional careers. It is a general aspiration in all of us, especially among the fresh grads. 

Many students take help from various resume writing services to build a CV. But, most of them often forget to learn proper skills that can instantly lead them to a job.

As a fresh grad, we must need to understand the demand for skills. Today, every company wants to hire those people that can add value to their business. They demand extraordinary skills that can bring innovation in their business. 

Some might think that it is an overestimated demand, while some will take it as an opportunity to grab. Those who think of it as a chance to grow move towards the certification path. It allows them to get distinguished from the rest and achieve something incredible in their careers.

Adding these certifications on resume enhances the credibility of our profile. It is something that offers an extra value to our resumes. Moreover, it engages the attention of employers and simplifies our chances of hiring. 

Types of Certifications

There are different types of professional certifications available. It depends on you to pick the right one among them based on your background. Here are some of the most popular certification types you need to know about.

CompTIA A+

This certification is regarded as the premium award for the tech professionals. People from around the world eagerly want to become a CompTIA A+ certified professional. However, it is not very simple.

The exam for CompTIA A+ is quite hard and requires a thorough knowledge of the IT industry. If you are looking to build a strong career in IT, this is the certification you must need to have in your resume. 


PMP stands for Project Management Certification. It is regarded as the number one certification program for project managers. It helps you to master the art of project management with proven practices. 

If you are keen to accelerate your career in the project management field, you must need to take this certification. It is recognized all around the world and is termed perfect for the project managers.


As an HR professional, you can take this certification to take your skills to new heights. This certification program is made for Human Resource professionals. It offers core insights that allow you to excel in the HR field rapidly.


NCLEX-RN is a license offered to nursing professionals. This certification program relates to the medical field. This means that if you belong from the nursing field, this certification will give your profile a great boost. Though, it is quite hard to pass but is very valuable in terms of providing a certified tag. 

How to List Certifications on Resume for Freshers? 

It is very important to know how to list your certifications on resume. Many people often commit mistakes while mentioning their certifications. As a result, they do not get the response they want even after portraying a strong profile.

If you also want to know how to list your certifications on resume, here are the points you need to remember.

  1. Create a separate ‘Certifications’ section in your profile.
  2. Write the certification name(s) in bold letters to highlight it properly.
  3. Mention the name of a certifying authority or website like HubSpot, Google etc.
  4. Add the date of obtaining certification. 
  5. Mention the location of certification if you have given the test physically.

This is regarded as the correct format of displaying your educational or other certifications. Generally, it should be highlighted right under your education on a resume. However, you can also list it under the experience section as per your own requirements. 

How to List LinkedIn Certifications on Resume

LinkedIn certifications provide your profile an additional value in front of the employers. You can find different types of courses on LinkedIn depending on your field and background. These certifications can prove to be very beneficial for the resume and overall hiring process.

Here are some few tips with which you can list your LinkedIn certifications on resume.

1.       Create a new Online Certifications Section in your resume.

2.       Add your LinkedIn certifications with bold letters in that section.

3.       Mention about those certifications in one or two lines to give the employer a quick know how.

4.       Try to add the LinkedIn logo at the start of every certification.

5.       Mention the year in which you have completed that certification on LinkedIn.

Listing Skills and Certifications on Resume Examples

Here are some basic examples of how you can list your certifications on resume.


Advanced Business Management Certification

Canadian Business Institute, August 2020

Renewal Date: May 2023


Advanced Media Graphics Certification

Toronto Media Institute, September 2020

Renewal Date: May 2023

How to List Expired Certifications on Resume

It does not matter if your certification has expired. Your knowledge will still remain valuable for the employers. Here is how you can list an expired certification on your resume. 


Technical CRM Expert (Currently Inactive)

Horizon CRM Academy, March 2018

Expired on March 2021

Listing Certification in Progress on Resume

Being a student, you can also list down your current courses in the resume. Here is an example of how to do it. 


Basic Web Development Course (In Progress)

Meticulous Web Institute

Expected Date of Completion: October 2021

How to List Online Courses on Resume Examples

If you are enrolled in any online course, you can also list it in your resume. Here’s how you can do it easily.


Online Android Web Development (In Progress)

Kingston Web Studies Centre

Expected Date of Completion: November 2021 

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Top Certifications for Resume You Need to Know About

Looking to take your profile to the next level? Here are the best certifications programs you can do today.

Mention HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification

HubSpot has become a center of online studies for everyone. It is a platform where you can find tons of courses related to different industries. Some of them are free, while some are available with paid subscription. 

If you belong to a Marketing background, get enrolled in its popular HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification program today. It is a great course that lets you know about the fundamentals of inbound marketing

Many top experts around the world have highly rated this certification program. It offers clear insights about inbound marketing, both for beginners and experienced professionals.

Add WordPress Academy Certification on Resume

WordPress is one of the most used CMS platforms in the world. It offers various types of built-in plugins and themes to start website development. 

According to recent stats, the market share of WordPress based websites have skyrocketed in the last few years. Beating out the likes of Magento and Joomla, WordPress is still ruling the web world as the best CMS platform.

If you are a computer science professional and looking to learn WordPress, this free certification program is precisely made for you. It is a 30-day certification program designed to amplify your skills in WordPress. It will help you to know about the basics of the platform and how to build different types of websites with it. 

Add AWS Certifications on Resume

Cloud technology is increasing rapidly in the world. It has simplified the process of data storage and has provided multiple new ways of fast information processing.

As a professional, building a career in it seems to be highly beneficial. This AWS Certification program allows you to gain the insights of Amazon Web Services. It is an official free certification program from Amazon, built to educate aspiring cloud engineers. 

Getting this certification will enhance your profile credibility. It will give your resume a certified name that will increase your chances of hiring.  

Master Google Analytics

Google Analytics Academy is yet another great platform to learn all about Google Analytics. It offers free courses for all types of students. Ranging from beginners to power users, this portal provides great learning courses for all the Analytics lovers.

If you are also looking to excel your career in it, try taking different certification courses from here. It will help you to get more recognition from the employers. Furthermore, it will allow your profile to get listed among the advanced tech professionals.

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Many people often lack behind in the industry due to having limited skills. Some of them often complain about not finding enough opportunities. While some argue with the growing level of competition in the market. 

These people must know the fact that the world is quickly evolving and bringing new challenges every day. To overcome them, they have to enhance their skills using various types of certifications. These programs are made to optimize their profile skills, so that they can edge out others in the market.

Adding these certifications on resume helps to increase profile value. It is therefore advised to get them as soon as you can. This will help your resume to gain employers confidence and get better chances of hiring.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why do you need certifications for resume?
Professional certifications allow your profile to standout from others. It helps to add an extra value in your resume to impress different types of employers.
2. What certifications pay the most?
This basically depends on your field and background. Generally, technical certifications like CCNA, CRM Courses and others are recommended more by the companies.
3. Where to include certifications on resume?
You can include certifications on resume under the education section. This will help the employers to know completely about your skills and educational background.
4. Name some of the best websites to get online certification?
There are many online certification courses available on the web. Some of the best websites that offer those certifications include HubSpot, Amazon AWS and more others.
5. Why should I attach my certificates to the resume?
You need to attach your certificates to the resume to showcase your proven skills. It will let the recruiter know that you have studied and passed the test for a relevant skill.
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