What is an Ad Copy & Why it is Used in Marketing?

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Learn How to Write a Catchy Advertisement Copy That Can Grab Customers Attention
What is an Ad Copy?
Purpose of Ad Copy
How to Create an Ad Copy?
Types of Advertisement Copy
Ad Copy Examples
Frequently Asked Questions
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Learn How to Write a Catchy Advertisement Copy That Can Grab Customers Attention

Every brand knows about the importance of marketing. It has become a crucial tool for their success in the industry. No business can survive long without using a smart marketing plan. The advertisements play a huge role in the success of any marketing campaign. It offers businesses a direct pathway to showcase their products/services to the customers. That is why creating a catchy advertisement copy is termed important for sales. Being a digital marketer, you must need to know what is an ad copy and how it is created using the right context.

Unfortunately, a lot of content marketers do not have the understanding about ad copy. They usually think of it as another random content that could be easily written using some casual tone. This is certainly a very bad practice that takes advertisement copy to no way near quality. It is the major reason why many advertisements fail to deliver that impactful punch. Their lack of sales quality doesn’t help to grab customers’ attention, no matter how long they are written with power words.

It is therefore advised to always pay attention on advertisement copy to make the right impact in market. It is the major thing that can attract customers, provided they are written with a strong context. In this article, we will discuss what is an ad copy and how it should be written to mark a solid impact in the minds of customers. Let’s first start understanding the basics of an advertisement copy below.

What is an Ad Copy?

What is an ad copy


Ad copies are normally used for marketing and branding purposes. They are created to showcase special product/service features, so that people can get attracted towards them. Not just print media, but advertisements are also now targeted on digital channels. This helps businesses to get huge traffic from all over the world. It not only increases their sales, but also gives their businesses a great boost to build a strong reputation on the internet.

The cornerstone content for advertisements are written with a special sales context. It is directed towards the conversion instincts of the people, so that they can potential customers of the company. This is the core reason why ad copies are usually written with a strong sales pitch. It not only helps in product branding, but also increases chances of conversion of the people.

Nowadays, companies hire professionals to write catchy ad copies. They know about the importance of these advertisements, as how it can help to boost their traffic and conversions. Many companies have used these advertisements to build a strong presence on the digital platform. They have created different ad copies with perfection, precisely to target their required audience. The content tone used for these copies is bit different from the conventional class. Below, we will learn more about it, so that you can also offer quality ad and web copywriting services to the clients.

Purpose of Ad Copy

Everything in marketing should be used with a purpose. From advertisements to simple brochures, the usage of every branding material should have a defined purpose. The ad copies are also written with a clear piece of marketing mindset. They are drafted not to just attract customers, but also to convert them for a longer period of time. This requires ad copies to be written with utmost creativity. Those advertisements that are not created smartly often faces premature failure in marketing. That is because their content lacks quality which eventually fails to deliver that impact to the customers.

The basic purpose of an advertisement copy is to increase conversion of the customers. The sales tone used in these copies directs people to take certain buying decisions quickly. A writer must need to ensure that the ad copies are created according to the branding theme of the company. If somehow, they are not created according to the theme, then they become less useful. It is therefore advised to create ad copies with a properly, so that they can meet the branding purpose effectively.

How to Create an Ad Copy?

Many people often ask how to write an advertisement copy that can instantly grab people’s attention. It is mainly asked by those writers that are new in the field and have no knowledge about ad copywriting skills. They can surely learn a lot from different ad copy examples available on the web. But, having some good tips in mind will also help them to understand its core idea as well.

If you are also one of them who wants to know what is an ad copy and how it should be created, take a look at the points given below. These few tips will help you to understand the concept of advertisement copywriting perfectly in a professional manner.

Decide the Content Tone

The first thing that is important in ad copywriting is the selection of content tone. It is the basic thing that defines the branding theme of the company in advertisements. Some people think that ad copies can be written with any type of content tone. This is certainly a wrong concept that only diminishes the quality of the advertisement copy. It becomes less attractive for the readers, which eventually hits hard on the conversion results of the advertisements.

Meanwhile, keep in mind that the content tone for every business is unique, hence you have to pick it wisely knowing the exact type of your business. You can take a little help in this regard by looking at the marketing tone of your competitors. This will give you a definite idea about the tone required and how to use it in your advertisement copy perfectly.

Pick the Format

After deciding the content tone, you need to pick the format for your advertisement copy. This is quite important because ad copies also require a professional content layout to create an impact. If you will write the ad copy randomly without any structure, it will definitely look weird for reading. This will portray a very bad image of the business which will also take your company’s branding reputation down as well.

If you do not have much knowledge about the formatting style of an advertisement copy, take a look at some of the examples given on the internet. We all know that Google is a very fine source to take help in this regard. It will give you plenty of sources to learn from, provided you do the researching properly. It is best recommended to take note of those examples that are related to any established brand, as that allows you to learn the best formatting style quickly.

Use Targeted Sales Pitch

Ad copies are generally written using a precise sales pitch. It is the basic ingredient of an advertisement copy that makes the conversion successful. This is the major reason why every writer cannot create ad copies perfectly. The specific trait of using sales pitch in an ad copy is not everyone’s cup of tea. It is only done by those people that are experienced in writing sales content according to the requirements of a company.

Meanwhile, keep in mind that the ad copies should not have an over-forced sales pitch in the content. Many people often do this mistake while creating advertisement copy for marketing campaigns. This is mostly done by the beginners who do not understand that over usage of sales pitch often irritates the targeted customers. People do not want to get forced to buy any product or service. They can be moved towards conversion by pitching a solid reason that looks natural to the mind. This type of advertisement copy always scores big in conversion, no matter how short or long they are written.

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Types of Advertisement Copy

It is also quite important to know different types of advertisement copies that are used in marketing. It will help you to shape up that specific narrative which is required to convert any customer towards the brand or product. Here are some of the popular types of ad copies you need to know about.

Argumentative Copy

Argumentative copy is focused on convincing customers to buy the products. These copies describe usefulness of the product, so that people can get attracted towards them. It lets the people know why they should buy a particular product leaving all other options in the market. It is often written in the long-form style to properly describe the context of the advertisement copy.

Narrative Copy

Narrative style is basically based on creating an emotional part in the advertisement copies. It is commonly used by many companies to attract customers by showing sentimental views. To do it perfectly, a writer must need to define a brand story perfectly in the advertisement copy. This helps to engage the audience better, allowing them to understand the whole story of the brand properly.

Ad Copy Examples

Many beginners often stay confused while writing content for ad copies. This mostly happens due to their lack of knowledge in the field. If you are also one of them who is not sure what is an ad copy or how to write it perfectly. You can get many ideas from these ad copy examples. Take a look at the examples given below.

Google Ad Copy Example

Google ad copy

Google ads have become a top choice of advertisers for marketing products/services on the internet. It offers great dividends if you will set the budget and targeting section perfectly in the Google Ad Console. It is undoubtedly one of the most effective methods to grab huge traffic from the search engine. Many brands prefer to advertise on Google because of its low level cost. This is what makes Google ads popular and convincing for all types of online businesses.

Facebook Ad Copy Example

Facebook ad copy

Facebook is not just a platform for social interaction. It has now become a great source of business activities as well due to the emergence of Facebook ads. These ads have allowed many businesses to advertise their products and services on Facebook. They know that millions of people regularly use Facebook to interact with their loved ones. This gives them an opportunity to target those people and make some of them as their potential leads.


Instagram ad copy

Just like Facebook, Instagram is also a top source of product advertisement. This platform has also grown rapidly in the last few years due to huge users’ engagement. Today, advertisers look at Instagram as a potential source to grab strong leads. Many fashion companies prefer Instagram over other platforms for product marketing. The ads displayed on Instagram are more attractive, as they are created perfectly according to the latest design trends.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ad copy?
An ad copy is a professional advertising copy that is written to grab customers’ attention. It is normally targeted towards product marketing, allowing businesses to showcase its special features and benefits in an advertisement.
How to write an ad copy?
An ad copy should be written after considering the branding theme of the company. It should be created on a format that professional for reading. Other than that, it should also have power words as they precisely help to engage customers’ attention.
What are the benefits of an ad copy?
There are many benefits of an ad copy. It helps to grab attention of the people, if written properly according to the standards. Furthermore, it also builds a professional reputation of the business in the online world, letting the people know about its products and services.
How to write a good ad copy for Google ads?
Google ads require a catchy ad copy to attract viewers’ attention. It should be written with the perfect usage of keywords, as it is also important to get higher rankings. Also, make sure to make your ad copy unique from others, as it builds more chances of ad clicking.
Name some of the best ad copy examples available on the internet?
You can find many ad copy examples available on the internet. However, there are some specific ones you need to learn from. Considering the popularity, you can take a look at the examples of McDonalds, UBER, Shopify and more others for learning purposes.

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Final Words

That brings us to the end of this article in which we have discussed about ad copy in detail. It is quite important for writers to know about the writing technique of an advertising copy. The reason is that most of the company nowadays search for those writers that have got skills in direct response copywriting. If you do not have much knowledge about them, this article would have been a good read for you. It has discussed some important points about ad copy, as how it should be written and what are its different types demanded by the businesses.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for an agency that can help you to prepare quality advertisement copy on regular basis, contact us now. We have got plenty of professional writers that are well experienced in creating different types of ad copies according to the client requirements.

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