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Unique Copywriting Portfolio Examples You Need to Learn From

Every writer wants to get a big name in the market. It is their instinctive desire that encourages them to work hard continuously in this field. But, besides just doing that, they must also need to understand the power of showcasing their work. Today, only those writing professionals are successful in the market that has strongly demonstrated their copywriting portfolio. It is the core thing that lets the people know about their skills, especially when they have just entered with a fresh identity in the market.

Building a strong portfolio is therefore recommended for all types of writers. It can be roughly termed as their business card that defines their credentials and services to the people. Those writers who are well versed in showcasing their work to the clients, always get more chances to get hired by them. It is quite obvious that businesses will prefer to take copywriting services from those professionals who are well known in the market. These writers can be certainly trusted to deliver any type of copywriting work rightly as per the given requirements.

In this article, we will discuss why creating a copywriting portfolio is important for writers. We will also look into the copywriting examples of popular writers, understanding their idea about portfolio illustration. This will help all the freshers and budding writers to know the real importance of making a portfolio. Let’s first start from the basics, understanding the fundamentals of copywriting portfolio.

What is a Copywriting Portfolio?

What is copywriting portfolio

A copywriting portfolio is a collection of all the copywriting work you have done for a range of clients. It works well for both writers as well as agencies that are looking to hire them. A writer gets the opportunity to let the market know about his different types of copywriting work through managing a portfolio. On the other hand, companies use these portfolios to look at their profiles and analyze the quality of their work.

Nowadays, every writer must need to prepare a strong marketing portfolio. They cannot get projects without having this document at their disposal. Not only conventionally, but they also need to have a copywriting portfolio for the digital channels as well. The reason is that most companies are searching for these writers over the internet. They regularly look into various marketplaces to find them, such as Fiver, Freelancer and more others.

Having your profile on one of these platforms gives you a great opportunity to get connected with potential clients. This could also result in getting long-term projects, enabling you to get hired by them on a permanent basis. All of this precisely depends on the quality of your copywriting portfolio. It certainly plays a vital role in encouraging the clients to take your copywriting services, provided you have properly demonstrated your work to them.  

Why Do Writers Need a Copywriting Portfolio?

As defined above, writers need to showcase their work to the clients in order to convince them. They cannot just go in front of them blankly without having anything to demonstrate. If they will do so, their chances of getting the project will become minimal and someone else will certainly step in to take that project.

By having a copywriting portfolio, they can showcase their work and expertise to the clients. It helps to illustrate what type of writing style they have and how it is different from others. Nowadays, every company wants to hire a writer after looking at his portfolio. They are not interested in knowing about his background, but what type of work he has done for the clients in the last few years.

The standards of modern profile marketing also require every writer to create a strong portfolio. It is necessary for them to highlight their work and get projects from clients. Not just for conventional promotion, but they also need it for digital channels as well. This includes promotion on marketplaces like Fiverr, Freelancer, and more others. These platforms are pretty good to demonstrate your copywriting portfolio, as they bring more chances for you to get connected with different clients globally.

Tips for Creating a Strong Copywriting Portfolio

Copywriter portfolio

Many writers want to showcase their profile strongly in the market. But, only a few of them precisely know how to create a strong portfolio that can engage clients. Luckily, they can get some good tips from this blog, as it has defined a few core points that will help them to build a solid copywriting portfolio.

Let’s take a look at them in detail below.

Define Your Brief Introduction

Starting off building a copywriting portfolio, you need to first pay attention on describing a bit about yourself. It will let the people know basic stuff about your profile, such as background, education, experienced and more. The length of this section will depend on the amount of work you have done in the market. It could be either just two/three lines or could comprise a whole paragraph as well.

Always try to make this section as impactful as it could be. Being a writer, your skills would be tested here as to how you would like to put up your profile in front of people. Their reaction or impression after looking at your profile will depend largely on the introduction written in the first paragraph. So, it is best recommended to make this section effective, so that people can show more interest in reading your portfolio till the end.

Highlight Your Writing Skills

Writing skills

After describing some good words about yourself in the introductory paragraph, it’s now time to highlight your core writing skills in the portfolio. This is yet another important section because it will define your skills briefly. A lot of people heavily pay attention to this section, as it lets them know about the expertise of any writer. This helps them to make better decision whether they should hire the writer or look for somebody else.

By looking at the modern standards, it is best recommended to highlight the skills in bullet points. It offers a very subtle look into your expertise, letting everyone know about the best part of your writing profile. If you are registered on platforms like Fiverr and Upwork, make sure to highlight them at the top of your page. This allows your profile to appear on top results whenever someone searches for these skills on the platform. It will provide better chances to get engagement and get hired by the clients quickly.

Discuss Your Experience

Now that you have defined the core skills in the above part, discuss some of your experience while working with different clients in the next section. It will help to make your copywriting portfolio strong in two ways. First, it will let the people know about your experience in the market. Secondly, it will give them a good overview about the type of clients you have worked with.

Many businesses prefer to hire those writers that are well experienced in the field. It gives them a sense of confirmation that a writer has worked in the industry for a particular period of time; hence he would be a good choice to go with. They further look into this by analyzing the type of work a writer has done for the clients. This makes them an additional node about the quality of the writer, easing their way to hire him/her for the job.

List Important Projects

 Important writing projects

To make your copywriting portfolio more assertive, add some of your important projects recently done in the list. This will provide a very vibrant look to your profile, letting everyone know about your latest projects. It would be ideal if you will add the live URL links in the list, as that will allow clients to directly see your work by visiting the given page or website. Just make sure to check the proper opening of these links, so that people should not face any type of inconvenience while visiting them.

You can always chop and change these links according to the priority of promotion. It totally depends on your own choice how you want to display the work to the targeted audience. Ideally, you should place the web copy work on the upper positions, as mostly businesses prefer this type of writing over others offered to them.

Web Copywriting

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Best Copywriting Portfolio Examples to Learn From

Being a beginner, you could face several difficulties in creating a copywriting portfolio by yourself. Hence, it is recommended to learn it by looking into the popular examples of copywriting portfolio. These few illustrations will help you to know how other have created their portfolio according to the current standards.

Let’s take a look at them below.

Davina Van Buren’s Website

Davina van buren website

If you are looking for a website that has been built with the right theme of a copywriting portfolio, this the perfect one. Davina’s website has got everything needed to impress any client. It is beautifully designed and written to demonstrate a perfect freelance identity of the respected writer. It has boldly highlighted all the core skills of Davina on the front page of the website. She is certainly a very talented individual having vast expertise of content writing. You can definitely learn a lot from this site if you are truly looking to build a portfolio that can grab everyone’s attention at the first glimpse.

Michal Eisikowitz’s LinkedIn Portfolio.

Michal eisikowitz portfolio

LinkedIn is termed to be a very important platform for freelancers. It allows famous bloggers like Michal Eisikowitz to get leads from the global clients. To do that, she uses a very clear and concise set of copywriting style that can encourage people to look into her profile. This is certainly an art because it requires selection of some specific words that can turn the heads at the first look.

If you are searching for a profile that can help to build your own profile on LinkedIn, look none other than this one. Michal’s copywriting style fits perfect for LinkedIn because of the tone and words she uses to define herself. It does not look overambitious nor it offers anything that sounds stupid. Instead, it showcases a very calibrated style of writing that perfectly defines her success as a freelancer and marketing consultant in the highly competitive market of New York, USA.

Final Words

That brings us to the end of this blog in which we have discussed some good tips about creating a strong copywriting portfolio. If you are a writer, then you must need to adapt these techniques properly. It will help you to create an amazing portfolio that will grab clients’ attention quickly. Having a portfolio allows to showcase your work appropriately to the people. It lets them know about your skills, as well as the total work experience in the market.

If you are looking for an agency that has got proven copywriting portfolio working with numerous clients, contact us today. We will help you to create engaging content required for web pages, emails, press releases, articles, blogs and more others.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a copywriting portfolio?
A copywriting portfolio lets you showcase the work professionally to the people. It is highly important for the writers, because it describes their expertise and skills to write different types of content.
How do I set up a copywriting portfolio?
To set up a copywriting portfolio, you need to keep few important things in mind. You need to pick up a theme that could look engaging to the eye. Then, you have to look at the tone that is used in the report, so that it could attract the clients instantly.
How to prepare a copywriting portfolio for a beginner?
As a beginner, you will not have much to show in your copywriting portfolio. However, you can add some of your academic projects in this list. It will let the clients know about your initial level expertise in writing.
What type of projects should be included in a copywriting portfolio?
You can add different types of copywriting projects in your portfolio. These could include content for web pages, newsletters, flyers and more others.
Why businesses want to see a copywriting portfolio?
Every business wants to make sure about the credibility of writers before hiring them for the job. They take this idea by looking at their portfolio, as it describes everything about their working profile.
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