20 Engaging Opinion Writing Prompts for Great School Essays

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Learn About the Best Opinion Writing Prompts for High School Students

Many students aspire to become a writer from the start of their school days. The instinctive qualities to write on anything encourages them to take this ambition forward into a major career path. They solidify their writing techniques by writing essays in the secondary school. Using catchy opinion writing prompts, these students learn how to describe their thoughts in the form of essays and long form content. Those who have got good vocabulary, always take the center stage in essay writing right from their early childhood.

Meanwhile, some students also face difficulties while writing opinion pieces. Due to that, they rather prefer to take article writing services from the top professionals. Despite having the love for writing, they could not find that rhythm that can help them to write engaging essays. The reason is that these students often take a wrong approach to write opinion based articles. They do not precisely understand the real concept of opinion pieces, as why these essays are written and what type of points they must need to cover.

If you are also one of those students that is looking to learn about opinion writing prompts, this article would prove to be a perfect explainer for you. It will let you know about the prospects of these essays and how they should be written. Let’s first understand a bit more about opinion writing prompts below, so that you can write anything related to them with full confidence.

What are Opinion Essays?

Opinion essays

Many young individuals think that opinion essays are yet another a form of academic level content. They do not understand the intrinsic details of these pieces and tend to follow some bad writing examples. Due to having this misconception, they usually pick wrong opinion writing prompts to start with. It literally takes all of their writing efforts into vain, right from the start of the first heading.

To understand and write it clearly, you need to pay attention on few important points of essay writing. The opinion pieces are basically a form of essay that is written with a set of proven facts. Its term is also quite self-explanatory, defining the true theme of the content.

The opinion pieces are based on the research of an individual into a particular subject. The writer tries to explain his idea about the topic by piling up various arguments. This helps to make the article well researched as well as well answered. All the points discussed in the essay helps to convince the readers in a quite professional manner. It is therefore said to always write these opinion pieces with true ground facts, so that your intended point could be proven easily.  

How to Write an Opinion Piece?

How to write opinion essays

Writing an opinion piece based on some sort of research is not a difficult job. However, if you don’t have the knowledge about format or tone needed in the content, then it could become a cumbersome task at some point. It happens with many students that are not well versed with the idea of research based writing. Though they try to include their opinions in these articles, but their lack of backing from the facts makes them less interesting to read.

If you are also struggling to write an opinion piece that could perfectly demonstrate your thoughts, look at the tips given below. These few points will help you to create a stunning content that will grab everybody’s attention at the first glance. Let’s take a look at them in detail below.

Research Catchy Opinion Writing Prompts

The first thing that is termed important for writing opinion pieces is the research of the topic. It is the primary thing that will attract people’s attention towards your content. It should be kept in mind that people only like to read those essays that precisely narrate the story of the current trends. They want to read about sports, entertainment and all the other news that are trending in the market.

Hence, to get the attention of masses, you need to pick the opinion writing prompts based on the market news. There are many ways how you can find informative speech topics from the internet. You can easily search on the Google or could also know about them through social media channels. Both of these mediums will let you know what type of topics are being discussed by the people.

These opinion writing prompts covering the latest topics will make your content standout among the other students. It can help you to get better marks and build a strong impression in the class. Using the catchy essay topics, you can attract all the teachers’ attention, provided the context is also precisely covered in them.

Build a Perfect Context

As defined above, opinion pieces are all about defining any topic with your own thoughts. It helps the students to write and convey what they think about any particular matter. Teachers usually prefer these opinion pieces over other content materials. They want to see how students perceive things at the earlier age. It enables them to understand the psychic of any young boy or girl that is growing up in the society analyzing different things happening around.

Building a perfect context for the relevant story gives your opinion pieces a worth reading time. Anybody who is reading your essay, will determine the quality of the content after seeing the overall context. If it will be written vaguely, then it won’t get much attention. But, if the material is defined correctly including all the available facts, then it will certainly attract interest of the readers. 

For instance, you can build an engaging context related to your fitness topic by searching on the internet. It is a great tool to describe everything that is trending on top in the market. You can convert those thoughts into your own words, giving people a perfect glance about your personal take on the topic.

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Add Facts & Figures

It is quite important to add facts and figures in any type of opinion piece. The reason is that these figures help to solidify the authenticity of the content. People generally pay high attention towards those articles that are written with actual facts. It builds a sense of belief, allowing them to show full trust on the information given in the article.

Adding these figures in the opinion writing prompts also showcases your vast research on the topic. As a young boy or girl, it becomes a highly commendable action when you add such figures in the articles after looking briefly into the internet. It encourages teachers to show interest in your content and give it full marks all the time.

Also, keep this in mind that adding just the numerical data as facts is not a necessary thing in essays. You can add any type of information in the articles that are relevant to your topic. It could be any news or quote as well depending on the subject. Just make sure to confirm their authenticity, so that no one can question the legitimacy of your work later.

Keep the Tone Conversational

To make your opinion writing prompts engaging for the readers, try to always use a conversational tone in the content. It helps everyone to get a bit of interactive feel after reading the opinion pieces. In fact, this practice is not just recommended for opinion writing, but you can use it to create any type of content. Whether you are writing web copies or email newsletters, a conversational tone will always help to make your content engaging for the readers.

If you do not have much knowledge about using conversational tone in the content, look at the different tutorials given on the internet. These short lessons will let you know how to use the words that can generate interaction with the people. Furthermore, it will also give you a brief knowledge about tone styling, as how different types of people should be addressed using specific ways.

Popular Opinion Writing Prompts for 5th Grade Students

Child writing story

Opinion pieces could be written on any topic depending on the interest of the person. However, it is recommended to follow those topics that are trending in the world. This allows the essays to get better reach and recognition from the respective teachers.

Here are some important opinion writing prompt for kids that can get people’s attention quickly. These topics will help them to cover every industry, so that their opinion pieces can look diversified. Let’s take a look at them below.

  1. Which sport do you love and why does it draws your attention?
  2. What is the importance of getting higher education in today’s world?
  3. How sports activities can recharge your dull personality?
  4. Which places are rated best for holiday vacations?
  5. What makes sports so important for personality growth?
  6. How IT industry is transforming a new future for the world?
  7. Which is the best sport in US for making a long term career?
  8. How to train yourself as a professional athlete?
  9. What is the importance of social media?
  10. Why concentrating on education is important for youngsters?

Opinion Writing Prompts for Middle School

High school essay writing

It is best recommended for the students to learn about opinion writing when they are studying in middle school. This institution allows them to break free and convey their thoughts via essays in a diligent manner. The teachers in the school are always there to help these students in picking the right topic. They let them know how to write engaging essays using powerful words that can everyone’s attention quickly.

If you are also a middle school student that is looking forward to write an interactive essay given in the weekly assignment, try some of the topics specified in the list below.

  1. What is healthy lifestyle and how to adapt it?
  2. How to enhance your deep learning skills?
  3. Why balancing the sports and studies is important for children?
  4. How a normal routine diet helps to up bring a healthy lifestyle?
  5. What is the importance of charity in our society?
  6. How education helps us to become a better person?
  7. Do aliens exist? Why they have not shown conclusively to the world?
  8. How to celebrate the XMAS holidays with a great movie marathon?
  9. Which book inspired you the most about the history of the world?
  10. Why our society need to eradicate the fragile element of racism?

Final Words

That brings us to the end of this blog in which we have discussed about opinion writing prompts in detail. This is a very important topic for the high school students because they are often tasked to write essays on various kinds of subjects. Having the knowledge of opinion writing, they can certainly write anything with perfection. It gives them a great opportunity to express their thoughts on trending topics, perfectly in a sophisticated manner.

This article has discussed different types of opinion writing prompts that could help students to get started with essay writing quickly. These topics are quite easy, as well as fits perfect to cover the latest trends going on in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is an opinion piece?
Opinion piece is a specific form of essay that is written by the high school students to cover any trending topic. It basically describes the writer’s opinion about any subject that is being regularly discussed in the society.
2. What topics are included in an opinion piece?
An opinion piece can be written on any topic, there are no constraints in it. But, just make sure to pick those matters that are commonly discussed by the people, as it gives your essays better readership.
3. How to write an opinion piece?
To write an opinion piece, you have to first focus on the central point of the subject. This will give you good ideas how to cover any topic and its related points perfectly.
4. What should be the length of an opinion piece?
The length of an opinion piece depends on the depth of the topic. You should know the total length of words required to cover any topic. It could either be 1000 words or more than it depending on the complexity of the subject.
5. Why opinion writing prompts for kids is important?
Opinion pieces can help kids to learn about writing at an early age. It lets them know how to express their opinion in words using the right context and factual figures.
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