85 Popular Fitness Topics with Top Ten Tips on Finding One for Research

econtentsol Published: April 4, 2022 14 min read

Our Top Fitness Topic Ideas For Bloggers

Fitness Topics

The constant need to come up with fresh ideas for your fitness blog can become daunting for many bloggers! The challenge is to come up with new ideas that require a lot of research which is time consuming in itself. The entire process of finding a topic and then researching about that topic can become quite arduous for bloggers. This is why we’ve decided to help you out with the initial part, of finding a good fitness topic, for your blog as well as for your research paper.

So, in this blog, we’ll not only share a list of topics that we’ve compiled to help you choose the most suitable ones for your blog, but will also discuss ways in which you can research new fitness topics.

How to Find an Interesting Fitness Topic?

Researching is an art in itself, one that is crucial for writers, yet it’s common for bloggers to experience burnout because of this constant need to post well-researched content. This is where our article writing services come handy, as our well-researched, versatile content is known to breathe fresh air into our client’s blog.

To learn some tips and strategies on how we come up with new fitness topics, there are a few ways from which you can draw inspiration.

Join Health and Fitness Forums

Health and Fitness forums are good places to take inspiration from. A lot of like-minded people visit these forums so it’s likely that interacting with them and participating in discussions would help you come up with a good fitness topic idea. 

Mostly these forums have a Q/A section. You can visit this section to scan through the plenitude of these threads to get an idea about the most popular and interesting queries. If you come across something that you haven’t covered on your blog, use that query and turn it into a blog post.

Interact with Fellow Gym-goers

Being sociable can help you learn from the struggles of others. Interact with fellow gym-goers to help them out with their queries, or to learn from their experiences. As writing from your own experience can become limiting, you should document others’ success stories, with or without revealing their identity, depending on whether they give their consent or not.

We all have our own unique ways of dealing with an issue, so you can interview your fellow gym-goers and share their experiences about a particular topic, which can be quite insightful for your readers.

Take Inspiration from Your Readers

Blogs usually have commenting enabled on their website. If you get comments under your blog posts, you should read them out for inspiration. Sometimes readers ask pretty straightforward questions in the comments section, however, some queries can be answered at length with well-researched information.

You should seize the opportunity of using unique queries as a basis for new blog posts. In the long run, your active response to your reader’s queries in the form of insightful articles would attract more and more user base.

Take Inspiration from Famous Bloggers

To be at something we always need idols to look up to, so it’s crucial to follow the most famous bloggers of your market niche and learn from their blogging habits. Have a look at how they come up with new topics, what makes them so famous and reputable?

Asking these questions would help you give a similar direction to your blog, so follow the footsteps of your peers to massively improve your content. However, don’t forget that you can be inspired, yet remain unique!

Use SEO Tools

Using tools such as answer the public, google trends, for looking up trending fitness topics can help you discover new fitness topics.

Answer the public is particularly good at showing trending questions based on any given topic. This can help you decide what things to cover in a particular topic, or what topic to choose altogether.

Google Trends, being Google’s official tool, is another good source that is very accurate at showing you insightful details regarding any given topic.

Social Media Platforms and Trending Hashtags

Apart from the usual sources, social media is a great place to find trending fitness topics. Platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are great for this because they have features that allow users to search for posts with specific hashtags.

You can use these hashtags to your advantage and research about different trending fitness topics on social media. This would give you a comprehensive view of what people are talking about in the fitness industry at the moment.

Keep an Eye on Press Releases

Keeping an eye on press releases is a must for university level students who are pursuing a career in fitness. If you’re looking for fitness research topics, then subscribing to websites that frequently publish press releases on health and fitness can become a great source to help you generate new ideas from new discoveries and events.

Most Popular Health and Fitness Topics to Write About:

Fitness blogs have several sub categories and each of them have some of the most popularly searched questions, let’s have a look at some of these blog post ideas.

Fitness Topic 1: Weight Loss Blogs Posts

fitness topic ideas

Maintaining the perfect height to weight ratio is a concern that is universal and relevant for both genders. With the consumption of processed food that is high in sugar, the amount of people who are overweight has drastically increased since the 20th century. Weight loss has always been a hot topic, even for those who can’t be categorized as fitness enthusiasts. To help you get started, we’ve found some of the most pertinent questions in this category for your blog:

  1. When Weight Loss Is a Concern?
  2. Weight Loss Exercises at Home
  3. Weight Loss Tips
  4. Will Weight Loss Help Knee Pain?
  5. Can Weight Loss Cause Hair Loss?
  6. Best Weight Loss Program
  7.  Best Weight Loss Diet
  8.  Can Weight Loss Cause Diarrhea?

Fitness Topic 2: Workout Blog Posts

Motivational Fitness Topics

Fitness enthusiasts are always looking for new and innovative exercises to switch up their routine. Workout blogs can thus attract a wide readership to your blogs as new workout techniques are often trending topics in the fitness niche. Here are some of the most popular topics that we were able to find:

  1. Best Workout Routine for Beginners
  2. Best Workout Tips for Women
  3. What Are the Best Workout Programs?
  4. Best Pre Workout Drinks for Men
  5. What Is Daisy Keech’s Ab Work?
  6. Ryse Pre Workout
  7. How to Be Consistent with Training
  8. Tips on Rowing Machine Workout
  9. What is Pomodoro Technique?
  10. Wrecked Pre Workout Review

Fitness Topic 3: Diet and Nutrition Blog Posts

Fitness content ideas

People are thankfully becoming more health conscious and aware of the pernicious effects of unhealthy eating habits, which is why they frequently look for dieting and wellness tips. Writing informative blog posts on these topics can be very valuable for your readership:

  1. Understanding the Nutrition Facts Label
  2. 5 Healthy Breakfast Ideas for People Who Are Short on Time
  3. Are Grapes Good for Dieting?
  4. Dieting tips for People Who Are Overweight
  5. Dieting vs Healthy eating
  6. Best Nutritionist YouTubers
  7. Best Nutritional supplements
  8. Eating Healthy on a Budget
  9. Best Fruits to Boost Vitamin B
  10.  Healthy Snacks for Work

Fitness Topic 4: Cardio Blog Posts

Cardiovascular health is a major concern for many, especially in today’s day and age when eating habits have worsened and led to an increased rate of cardiovascular diseases. This makes cardiovascular health a very relevant topic for fitness blogging.  Some of the most commonly discussed topics in this category are:

  1. Cardio Before or After Weights
  2. What is Low Impact Cardio?
  3. Benefits of Intermittent Fasting for Cardio
  4. Cardio Kickboxing Classes
  5. Best Foods for Boosting Cardiovascular Health
  6. What is the Best Time of Bay for Cardio?
  7. HIIT vs Traditional Cardio
  8. Are Elliptical Machines Good for Cardio?
  9. 3 Easy Cardio Exercises to Do at Home
  10. Are Treadmills Effective for Cardio?

Fitness Topic 5: Yoga Blog Posts

Fitness topics for Instagram

Yoga has long been a fascinating phenomenon for the world after it was popularized by India. It has a unique meditative style that makes it not only cater to physical but also mental health. Some of the benefits of yoga include a higher flexibility, increased muscle strength, boosted energy and cardiovascular health, enhanced focus and a well-maintained metabolism. Check out our list of fitness topics for yoga enthusiasts.

  1. Traditional Yoga Styles
  2. Best Face Yoga Exercises
  3. Is Yoga Good for Weight Loss
  4. Beginner Yoga Poses
  5. Best Yoga Mats
  6. Yoga Nidra for Sleep
  7. What is Vinyasa Yoga
  8. Can You Do Vinyasa Yoga Every day?
  9. What Country Pioneered Yoga?
  10. Famous Yoga Instructors

Fitness Topic 6: Area-Specific Fitness Blog Posts

The fitness niche is becoming more and more competitive. And trying to make your mark on a global level could be an extremely difficult task. One of the best ways to counter this is to start by creating a local readership. It’s highly likely that you’d be able to have success with your blog if you do this, even more so if there’s a shortage of good fitness content that is written in the context of the local services, products, and people in general.

  1. Top 5 Gyms in XYZ City
  2. Where to Find Original Sports Shoes?
  3. Top 3 Nutritionist in XYZ City
  4. Best Sportswear shop
  5. My favorite Sports Gear Shop
  6. Best Places to jog
  7. Best Swimming clubs in XYZ city
  8. Top MMA Instructors Near XYZ
  9. Top Sports Training Centers
  10. Schools with The Best Fitness Programs
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What Are Some of the Most Controversial Fitness Topics?

There are always topics in the fitness industry that will cause some amount of controversy. People have strong opinions on these subjects, so it can be a great idea to write about them on your blog. Some of the most commonly discussed ones are:

  1. Diet Soda is Much Better than Regular Soda
  2. Running on a Treadmill is Bad for Your Knees
  3. Intermittent Fasting versus Calorie Restriction
  4. Post Workout vs Pre Workout
  5. Carbs are Bad for Your Health
  6. Weight Training During Puberty Prevents Height Growth
  7. Abs are Mainly Made in the Kitchen
  8. Exercising on an Empty Stomach
  9. Machines vs Free Weights
  10. Is Non-vegetarian Food Really Bad for Health?

How to Choose a Fitness Research Topic for a Research Paper?

If you’re a student who is taking up a course in fitness or nutrition, then you may have to do a research paper on a particular topic at some point. In order to make this process easier for you, we’ve put together a list of tips that will help you choose a good research topic:

  1. Choose a topic that is relevant to your course
  2. Choose a topic that you are interested in
  3. Choose a topic that has many sources of information available
  4. Avoid choosing a topic that is too broad
  5. Avoid choosing a topic that is too narrow
  6. Choose a research question to focus your paper on
  7. Make sure that your research question is answerable
  8. Make sure that you have enough information to write a good paper on the topic
  9. Plan your paper before you start writing it
  10. Revise and edit your paper once you’re finished writing it

By following the above instructions, and making sure to check all the above recommendations for a good topic, you’ll be able to write a research paper without coming across unforeseen problems that are commonly encountered by students because of choosing a wrong topic.

Fitness Topics for High School Students:

Fitness topics for high school students could be anything from the benefits of a healthy diet to the importance of exercise. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. The Importance of Fitness for Teenagers
  2. The Benefits of Regular Fitness Activities at School
  3. The Best Exercises and Activities for Young People
  4. How to Make Healthy Food Choices
  5. Growing Rate of Teenage Obesity and What Can Be Done to Address It
  6. Importance of Staying Hydrated
  7. Teenage Mental Health and The Role of Fitness
  8. Benefits of Strength Training for Young People
  9. The Impact of Technology On Teenage Fitness Levels
  10. How to Make a Fitness Plan?

Fitness topics for University Level Research paper:

In case you’re about to attempt at writing a university level research paper, we hope our tips on finding topics for your fitness research paper have helped, yet if you’re still looking for some inspiration then check out our list of fitness topics that might help you in choosing one for your university research paper.

  1. Detailed study on the insulin levels of bodybuilders
  2. An In-Depth Analysis of Our Body’s Reaction to Energy Drinks
  3. A study on the Biomechanical Aspects of Trigger Finger
  4. Effects of Exercise on Pre-Frontal Cortex
  5. The Negative Impact of HIIT on Your body

It’s important to remember that by choosing a good topic, you can get a good head start for your research paper. Just make sure to follow our guidelines, and always remember to plan your paper before you start writing it, so that you know what you need to include.


What do you talk about in fitness?
There are a range of topics you can talk about in fitness, from dieting and nutrition, to exercise benefits and health tips in general, you have the freedom to talk about a gazillion topics.
What are the most common questions about fitness?
Most common questions about fitness are regarding weight loss, cardiovascular health, muscle growth, eating habits, exercise techniques, etc.
What is fitness topic?
Any topic that addresses the health and fitness needs of our mind and body can be categorized as a fitness topic.
How do I make exercise a habit?
You can make exercise a habit by going easy on your mission to get going at it. The harder you go on yourself, the more likely it is for you to feel burnout. The best way is to start slowly and gradually maintaining consistency and then moving on to increasing the intensity and time of your exercise. Also, look for friends who can tag along with you on exercise sessions to make it a fun experience, you can also download apps like Pokémon go which can motivate you to go out and have fun.


Health and Fitness is a vast and complex topic that can be explored in many different ways. We hope that the different topics we have listed above will give you a good starting point and will help you break free from the frustration of going through a writer’s block.

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