50+ Creative Blog Post Ideas for Writers & Authors

econtentsol Published: October 5, 2021 14 min read

Know About Various Blog Post Ideas to Inspire Your Readers

With the passage of time, blogging is becoming a highly lucrative field in the world. Many writers are taking up blogging as a professional career to earn a good sum of money. The opportunities in this field are quite huge as the blog post ideas for writers doesn’t just stop at any limit. This is one of the basic advantages of this field that has encouraged writers to seriously think about and make a career in it.

Today, blogging has not remained limited to any one subject. Instead, it has evolved into a much larger domain where you can find different blog post ideas for lifestyles, sports, fashion and more others. That is why the number of blogs on the internet has also risen more in the last couple of years. Different writers are now offering their own blog writing services to get benefit from this trend and attract traffic from the internet.

However, sometimes they run out of ideas while picking topics for their blogs. This can happen due to the lack of market knowledge and weak research. It can not only hamper their writing habit but also the creativity factor to find different trending topics.

Below, we will explain a variety of blog post ideas for writers that can get them a decent amount of traffic from the internet. But, before moving into it, let’s first understand how to find these topics by solidifying your research part.

Blog Post Ideas for Writers: Tips to Discover Engaging Topics

Blog Post Illustrations

Before starting any blog, you should always need to prepare a theme of your blogging. It works very well in terms of finalizing your blogging pathway and writing content in the future.

Unfortunately, the majority of bloggers often find this process difficult. They do not find many ideas to work with, making their overall blogging efforts go into vain.

If you are also facing a similar problem, here are some tips that could help you to discover new trending topics.

Start with a Subject

At first, you need to start with a subject to get ideas for blogging. You can search about your subject on Google to know the latest trends. This will give you different types of variations and topics on which people are currently writing. It is up to you to pick any of them that relates with your background and writing opportunities. Just try to make sure that the topic should be trendy and must be relatable with the user search.  

Ask Basic Questions

Another great way to find engaging topics is by asking the basic questions about any subject. You can use various types of funny words to ask these questions as well. We all know how powerful Google is, particularly in terms of extracting searches from all over the world. It has the capability to bring topics according to your search terms, giving you a good stack of answers.

As a writer, Google is your best choice to ask relevant questions. It will help you to find topics that fall in your category and writing background.

Use Topic Generators

If you are still facing difficulty to find engaging topics, go with the online topic generators. These tools are precisely made to provide automated topic answers based upon your research. They utilize specialized AI algorithms to answer your queries and offer results according to the requirements.

Meanwhile, you can always check the search status of those topics by looking into Google manually. This will let you know how other people are writing on those topics and what points they are covering in it.

Use BuzzSumo to Find Blog Post Ideas for Writers

BuzzSumo is yet another great tool to find engaging topics related to your subject. It comes with a free version as well as a paid version. The features in both of these offerings have wide differences. The paid version of BuzzSumo will help you to find topics in a much detailed manner.

You can know what other competitors are writing by using the creative features of BuzzSumo. It provides quality search results, letting you know about the latest topics and content written by other people.

Search Quora for Latest Trends

Quora is a renowned social platform where you can find a range of blog topics regularly. It is a popular site on which people from around the world share their views and ideas on particular topics. For instance, if you are looking to know about the latest news in fashion, go to Quora. It will let you know trending topics in the world of fashion, that too relating from different countries.

As a writer, it will also give you an opportunity to market your blog among the people. Once your profile gets a reputation, people will automatically know your blog. Therefore, it is a great site for writers that allows them to learn new blogging ideas and writing techniques regularly.

Take Help from Keyword Explorer

Many keyword explorer tools can also help you to extract new blog post ideas for writers. These tools are highly advanced and work perfectly according to your given searches. All you need to do is to just provide your relevant keywords and the rest depends on the tools.

As recommended by experts, Moz’s Keyword Explorer is one of the top online platforms where you can get a lot of results. It not only provides detailed analysis of your keyword, but also lets you know the trending topics related to them. This way you can get a great list of topics with it that would come handy in your blogging, on all types of subjects.

Read Competitor Blogs

It is also a nice idea to read your competitor blogs daily, especially when you are running out of ideas. It will help you to understand their writing style and way of picking topics. A lot of times, competitor research can solve your different types of problems. You can know what topics they are targeting and how the traffic is coming from them.

It will enable you to understand where you are lacking and how to rectify it quickly. Not just one, but you should follow different competitors regularly by subscribing to blog feed, so that your analytical research part can become broader.

50+ Blog Post Ideas for Writers

Blog Post Idea

If you are new to blogging and finding it hard to write on unique topics, these are some of the examples you need to look at. Using a proper research material and keyword analysis, you can write an engaging blog on one of these topics.

All of these examples are listed into different categories, allowing you to understand them easily. Here are some of the best topics on which you can write a detailed blog.

Blog Post Ideas About Nature

Many people love to read about natural things. This could include anything ranging from four seasons to the formation of rainbows and others. If you want to catch those readers’ attention, try to write something interesting with a rule of three on the following topics.

  1. How hiking can make your summer vacations beautiful
  2. Why gardening with tulips should be your favorite hobby
  3. How rainbows form after raining
  4. Advantages of jogging daily in the early morning
  5. How to enjoy spring season with traveling plans every year
  6. Key benefits of winter season for every athlete
  7. How does sunshine affect your mood
  8. Why people love rainy season more than other
  9. Where should I plan my next trip in the summer season
  10. Importance of gardening in your homes regularly

Blog Post Ideas About Lifestyle

Lifestyle blogs are read by millions of people in the world. It is something that sits in all of us, no matter how old or young we are. That is why reading blogs related to lifestyle is a common thing among us. Here are some catchy lifestyle topics that can give your blog good attention from the readers.

  1. Why doing regular yoga is important to achieve a healthy lifestyle
  2. Five ambitious goals every individual must achieve in life
  3. The importance of staying positive in your life
  4. How to reduce negativity and bring positive vibes in your life
  5. Ten crucial steps you need to take to stay happy forever
  6. A perfect guide to make your lifestyle unique from others
  7. Best ways to keep a balance in your professional and social lives
  8. How to make others happy with your particular actions
  9. Six unique ways to change your old lifestyle today
  10. A detailed guide how positivity changed my negative lifestyle
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Blog Post Ideas for Beginners

When you are starting as a beginner, blogging does seem a difficult job. It can happen due to lack of ideas or knowledge about the field. Either way, you need to prepare yourself quickly to know about all the stuff that is important for the readers. Because blogging is certainly becoming a difficult field day by day, and you have to learn tons of things regularly to stay competitive.

Here are some blogging ideas that you can use as a beginner to attract a decent amount of traffic.

  1. How to plan studies and work together
  2. What are the best ways to teach a dog
  3. Five key points to master Microsoft Office
  4. How to become a copywriter with no experience
  5. How to plan summer trip with close friends
  6. Ten best vacation spots in Hawaii you should visit every year
  7. Importance of learning multiple languages
  8. How to get good grades in school
  9. Three important tips you need to remember while jogging regularly
  10. How to organize your bookshelf perfectly
  11. Ten best television series you should watch this summer

Unique Blog Post Ideas for Writers

Sometimes, writing on unique topics can also give your blog tons of traffic every day. Many bloggers also curate topics with a unique title to get readers’ attention. If you are also looking to make your blogs unique among others, here are some topics you should focus on.

  1. How medical science is changing after the pandemic
  2. The rising importance of artificial intelligence in the tech world
  3. Five tips to master graphic designing completely
  4. Best softwares to check plagiarism in documents
  5. 5 Tips to become a skilled freelance copywriter
  6. How IoT is becoming important in the tech industry
  7. Five tips that can help you to stay away from coronavirus
  8. Why digital marketing is becoming important for businesses
  9. How to make your business identity standout among others
  10. Key benefits of learning data structures as a computer science student
  11. How to create an ecommerce store in 5 easy steps

Personal Development Blog Post Ideas

Nowadays, many bloggers are also writing about personal development. It has become a hot topic in the market as many youngsters want to know about its specific tips. If you are also planning to write on it, here are some creative topics you should explore.

  1. Seven tips to style up perfectly for the college
  2. How to master public speaking skills
  3. 5 tips to prepare perfectly for a job interview
  4. Why mastering english language skills is important for young graduates
  5. How daily exercise can help your body to look great
  6. Bring perfection in your casual styling with 5 outfits

Unique Blog Ideas for Students About Books & Reading

Being a student, you have a great chance to spare out some time and start your own blog. There are a number of topics on which you can write a variety of articles regularly. Some of them are given below. 

  1. How reading can enhance your vocabulary
  2. Five best books to read about graphic designing
  3. Why you should adapt continuous book reading habit
  4. Best online eBooks to master copywriting skills
  5. Six points to know about the basics of book writing and proofreading
  6. Ten artifact books you should read this winter

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Final Words

Being a blogger, you need to prepare yourself to work on a variety of topics. This is important because it allows your blog to become versatile and get an edge among others. Today, a number of blogs like Lifehacker, Gizmodo and more others are focusing on the same blogging style. They have not limited their niche to just one category. From lifestyle to technology, you can find a variety of blogs on these sites.

So, if you also want to become a successful blogger, try out the above given topics. You can always change their titles as per your requirements but just remember to cover the core idea that can help attract readers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to find good blog post ideas?
Finding blog post ideas can become difficult sometimes. It requires you to research what is trending in the market deeply. You can use Google to know about these topics or could also read other blogs to find what people are searching.
What are the best blog post ideas for beginners?
As a beginner, you need to write on those topics that can relate directly with the readers. For instance, if you are a student then try to write on those topics that are read by youngsters. This will give your blog great traffic in a short period of time.
What is meant by high demand blog post topics?
Those topics that are trending heavily in the market are called high demand blog post topics. These types of topics can be found out by using Google or listening to the latest news. It will tell you what has come up new in the market and how to write on it.
How to find unique blog post topics?
Many bloggers always ask how to find unique blog post topics. This is necessary because it allows you to stand out from others. You can find out these topics by looking into popular tech and science blogs. It will give you plenty of ideas to write on quickly.
Define some examples of personal development blog post ideas?
As a writer, you can write on plenty of personal development blog topics. This includes routine lifestyle, fashion accessories, workout plans and more others.
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